“The trust that has developed over the years has been shattered in a matter of seconds,” he said. Even if my neighbor was innocent, a dog would hang on me. ”- Real life

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It was noon on Saturday. At about 1 pm, I returned home with my shopping. When I put them on the sidewalk, I saw our neighbor on the third floor. The old man stood and looked at me with a strange expression on his face.

“Good morning,” I said.

– You have nothing to say to me? Mr. Stanislaw asked.

“I don’t know …” I was surprised.

– We are talking about the car, ma’am! He waved his hand to check the car. – You also have scratches! Yesterday your car was parked next to ours, today you and I have a mark. I think that’s enough. It did not rub itself!

– Mother of God, I do not remember anything. I’m sorry, Mr. Neighbor …

– Sorry, not enough.

Mr. Stanislaw was irritated and self-assured, and I was utterly surprised, so I felt guilty. I usually travel with little ones and play children’s hits that can distract them. So it was clear to me that I had missed such a small collision. I did not hear or feel that I was holding my neighbor’s car.

“Don’t worry,” I said. – We will go to you immediately, we will write a certificate that I am at fault, you will cover the damage with insurance. There will be no problem.

– How will it not be a problem !? For you, I think. There is a problem for me! He roared. “Is that so?” is it good We see each other in the cage every day, we say “hello”, now you call this number? Is this beautiful? Good?

– What? – I tried to enter the word.

– You got in my car and then ran away. You thought you could get rid of it! How can this be !? Sit still and hope you can’t get it ?!

– But I tell you that I did not pay attention. If I hit, it was a coincidence, I did not hide anything from you.

– Well, well, I already know people like you. Babies can’t ride, but if one of them does something, they don’t know that they can’t do it!

What did he expect from me?

That was enough. I rolled over on my heels, took off my shoes, and went home, ignoring his conversation. I did not intend to listen to any more texts. After all, I wanted to solve the problem, I was ready to sign the statement. What else was waiting for me? Should I kneel and apologize?

My anger grew even more, for until now he had seemed like an understanding, sympathetic, and kind neighbor. He even helped! This helped to carry the food, and the children took it by the hand and carried it up the stairs.

The girls called him “Beautiful Grandpa”. Our children, whom he often visited and liked to talk to, had grandchildren at that age. He even broke up with me once and told me about his problems with his youngest son, who had been living with Mr. Stanislav for two years.

“What’s the matter, Goshka?” Hey, honey, come on, my husband asked when he got home, trembling visibly.

I was angry, but I told my husband everything that had happened. He was more interested in each word. He looked at the matter a little coldly.

“Maybe he rubbed us,” said my husband, and I slapped my forehead, too, because I didn’t want to believe that anyone was nervous. Damage your neighbor’s car first, then try to convince him that he is guilty! Nonsense!

But Krzysiek convinced me that the world is full of people who will do it, and our neighbor could be one of them. His kindness and sympathy so far proved nothing.

“The true nature of human beings is revealed only in conflicts, accept my word,” Krzysiek said.

What happened surprised us all

I knew he was right, but I still couldn’t believe it. But the truth soon came to light. Mr. Stanislav did not come to me that day to sign the declaration. My wife and I waited for him until the evening, but he did not come.

We decided that we would not meet him because he had not beaten us, and we would wait until tomorrow. We hoped that then it would cool down and the conversation would be a little more pleasant. Indeed, he came to us on Sunday morning. Her husband opened the door – he was tough, ready to talk to men. But the neighbor surprised him.

– Good morning, do you have a wife? He asked. – Please don’t worry. I just wanted to apologize to him and talk again, because there was a mistake with this blow …

– What’s wrong? I asked as I left the room.

– Because yesterday evening it became clear that my son hit your car … If I knew … You understand.

– When did this happen?

– The next day. He took my car without asking when I went to the field by bicycle. He hurried to put them on the ground and tied them to the hooks. I’m sorry, it happened … Of course, I will pay for the damage … The neighbor smiled shyly.

– I also apologized to you yesterday, but apparently I had nothing to do with it. Do you remember how he reacted? How did you shout and insult me? – I asked.

– I remember and I am very sorry.

– I accept your apology, of course, but let the neighbor remember the lesson. Next time, you need to measure your words better. Everything would be managed differently. You still challenge me with “babies behind the wheel.” Shame, such a mature person … It was not what I expected.

I did not hesitate to rebuke him for all his malice. I asked him how it was that we had lived in harmony for several years, helping each other with small things, and then suddenly he lost faith in me.

My questions and comments quickly angered him, so my husband had to intervene again. He offered to go to his neighbor’s house, and he will soon come to him with a statement of guilt published on the Internet.

“But you went over to him,” Krzysiek said as he closed the door behind his neighbor.

– Because he hurt me!

– He apologized. You could let him go now.

– Yesterday I also apologized. And what? He lifted me up like a bald mare. We know a lot and he was interested in Józia! You have to trust your neighbors a little! A little understanding.

“Well, now you try to understand him,” he said with a smile.

– I will try, but I do not promise anything.

And it didn’t work. To this day, I hold a grudge against this gentleman. We keep saying, “Good morning,” but I don’t want to smile or joke. I think he felt it and is no longer trying to sell me. I can’t help but quickly irritate myself to accuse completely innocent people.

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