Technology and phones without any secrets. Meet the Orange Guide

Technology block for everyone

Looking for an interesting blog about technologies written in an accessible language? Would you like some tips on how to use the Internet efficiently and safely? Or are you interested in technological innovations? visit the website

The Orange Guide includes, among others, numerous general articles and practical tips on the Internet, such as:

  • effective home network and problem solving related to its operation,
  • selection of internet services according to needs,
  • cyber security (for example, protection of personal data, network and device security, protection against malware and rules of safe use of the network),
  • use the internet for work, education and entertainment,
  • efficient use of various types of software and technology,
  • wired and wireless data transmission technologies (Including FTTH, 4G LTE and 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth),
  • History of the Internet in Poland and around the world.

A blog about phones and technology full of reviews, tips and interests

In the Orange Guide, you can find a lot of smartphone-related content, for example:

  • review and testing of various phone models from well-known manufacturers,
  • announcements of premieres, device specifications, as well as technical and software technological innovations,
  • Advice on what to look for when choosing a smartphone depending on your needs,
  • articles about phones and devices of different brands,
  • List of the best smartphones at a certain price, for special tasks (for example, photos, movies and series, games) or with specific features (eg durability, high capacity battery, performance),
  • tips on how to care for your smartphone,
  • advice on the operation of equipment and various applications,
  • texts on the principles of operation of various components in phones,
  • information about the infrastructure and coverage of the mobile network, as well as services that improve the use of the phone,
  • advice on smartphone accessories.

The Orange Technology blog also has articles on other electronic devices. In the operator’s manual you will find useful information about smart watches and tapes, audio equipment and TVs, modems and routers, laptops, tablets and game consoles, and even drones and electric scooters.

Not only technological innovations, but also multimedia entertainment

This is the Orange Operator’s instruction a blog about both technology and multimedia – especially movies and series. So you will get information about the news on the premieres of streaming services and cinemas, and you will find a list of the most interesting headlines of different types.

There is no shortage of content related to computer games, especially major genres and cult productions. Also Orange’s textbook Lots of interesting information about sports, including coverage of sporting events.

Information about the operator’s offer in the Orange Guide

Of course, the Orange Guide It is not only a general technology block, but also a place where you can find detailed information about the operator’s offer. This includes fiber-optic and mobile internet, TV and Orange Love packages, mobile subscriptions, Orange Flex and prepaid offers, as well as numerous additional services (for example, in cybersecurity).

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