Parental control – the Internet. Learn how to block unwanted sites and keep your child online safe

Parental control over Internet access – a filter for inappropriate content

A smartphone for self-use is the daily life of small and young children. Almost every 10-year-old has his own phone, but due to the high volatility of the modern world, smartphones are in the hands of even 7-year-olds. On the one hand, babies have the opportunity to communicate with their peers or grandparents, on the other hand, they enter a world full of dangerous content. Parental control over Internet access is a kind of filter. Read more:

  • How to prepare a child to walk online?
  • Why limit certain content?
  • How can I check what my child is looking at on the internet?
  • Parental control – how does it work?
  • How can I block adult sites?

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YouTube Parental Controls – Check out your child’s digital world

How can I check what my child is looking at on the internet? Start with a conversation

Parents who think that parental supervision can be problematic should be calm. At first, it is worth simply talking to your child and conveying basic rules to him, for example:

  • Long hours on the Internet cause addiction, fatigue and irregularities of the day. In the case of babies, a simple message will work: the more time they spend on the Internet, the worse their mood will be and the less interested they will be in the game.
  • A joint time limit can also be a good idea: for example, one hour a day. The time lock can also be set in the settings on the device or within a special application, for example, Instagram.
  • It is also important to keep children away from strangers. Parents should be notified of any situation. Children who want to have their own messenger can create a sub-account for a parent. Then we have access to the history of conversations, and we can block, for example, people outside the family or the child’s immediate surroundings. We will also receive notifications about each new message. Details for Messenger Kids can be found here

What to do if the conversation is not enough?

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How can I check what my child is looking at on the internet? Three ways

  • You can read a lot about the hints themselves, for example, YouTube shows us more suggestions based on previously viewed content.
  • An effective and simple way would be to check your internet browser history.
  • There are also special programs on the market that send us reports about websites viewed by children.

Parental control – how does it work? Several options to choose from

Smartphone manufacturers themselves often meet the expectations of parents, offering a choice of parental controls in device settings. Android and iOS smartphones allow you to install special software to protect the youngest users.

  • Parental control switch on Android device
  • Parental controls for iOS device connection

Browsing sites in the browser

It is enough to install an application called BlockSite, this extension is not only a website blocker, but also an analysis of our browsing habits on the Internet.

It is also worth noting that most antiviruses have a website blocking function. These include AVAST, Kaspersky, ESET.

How can I block websites or other unwanted URLs for adults?

How can I block adult sites? After installing the BlockSite plugin, go to the tab: extensions (top browser bar) Then click the options button and enter the address of the specific site in the window that opens.

Parental Controls - Android.  Illustrative photoParental control – Android: how to use it and how to check what the child is looking at the phone?

Step-by-step porn blocker

Blocking pornography is a topic that does not need any credibility, pornography can ruin a child’s world and then turn into many problems.

  • Blocking pornography in Google search engine – SafeSearch mode must be enabled in search engine settings. This allows you to remove inappropriate content from the results: images, videos, websites with pornography. The mode works on any device we use the Google search engine.
  • To block websites for adults on iOS phones, in the content restriction area in the settings, then enter the website content option and select the option: block websites for adults or only allowed websites.

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