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A new bus network will be launched in Dobra on May 1. This is the result of residents’ appeals and public consultations conducted by the Dobra Commune Office.

Each line will be connected to Szczecin’s tram lines at one of the transfer points:

Deep (lines 221 and 227),

Krzekowo (lines 222, 225 and 227),

Wernyhory (lines 222, 225 and 227),

Gumieńce (lines 223, 224 and 226).

Line 221: Głębokie – Sławoszewo (former line 121). Its route will run from the Głębokie bus and tram terminal (stops of tram lines 9 and 12 and bus lines 51, 103 and 106) to Sławoszewo via Kupczyka, Wołczkowo, Dobra and Grzepnica streets. There will no longer be shortened courses for Grzepnitsa. On weekdays, buses will run every 30 minutes during peak hours and every 60 minutes during weekends. There will be a frequency every 60-120 minutes on weekends.

Line 222: Kościno – Łukasińskiego Ogrody – Mierzyn Szkoła (formerly line 122) – Line 222 buses will run from the Kochchino terminal to Szkolna Street in Bezrzejze on the existing 122 line. However, their route will not end in Bezsesec. It will go through Modra and Koralova streets to Krzekovo, where it will be possible to cross tram lines 5 and 7. The route will continue along Klonovitsa and Vernixori streets (connected by lines 5, 7, 53, 60, 75 and 80), then along Łukasińskiego street to the terminal “Łukasińskiego Ogrody”. During school days, some courses will be extended from Nasienna Street in Mierzyn to the Mierzyn Szkoła terminal. Buses will run every 60 minutes all days of the week.

Line 223: Gumieńce – Dobra Rondo – Stolec (former line 123) – the start of the route will be at the bus and tram terminal “Gumieńce”, which connects tram lines 8 and 10, as well as bus lines 88 and 244. Buses will go. To the roundabouts in Lubieszyn via Mierzyn, Skarbimierzyce and Dołuje. On the roundabout, cars will turn back and continue along Graniczna Street to the circle in Dobra. There will be a new part of the route – public transport will be provided to Dobra Sportowa ulu, where new stops will be created: ‘Dobra Sportowa’ by order – ul. Szczecińska, by order at the intersection with ‘Dobra Konwaliowa’ – at the intersection with ul Konwaliowa. Buses will run from Sportowa Street to Buka, from where the route will continue in the same way as the existing line 123 – to Stolec. Buses will run every 60 minutes on all days of the week, but on weekdays during non-peak hours and on weekends each other course will run on the shortened Gumieńce – Dobra Rondo route (thus reaching Stolec every 120 minutes). In addition, some courses will be conducted in the Lubieszyn market.

Line 224: Gumieńce – Mierzyn Pod Lipami (formerly line 124) Its route will not change – from the “Gumieńce” bend (connected to lines 8, 10, 88 and 244) they will move through Welecka and Długa streets in Mierzyn to Os. Lipamide. The return will take place along Zeusa, Lubieszyńska and Welecka streets. Buses will run every 30 minutes during peak hours on weekdays, and every 60 minutes on non-peak hours and on weekends.

Line 225: Klonowica Zajezdnia – Dobra Osiedle (former line 105) – Its route passes from the bus stop “Klonowica Zajezdnia” along the streets Wernyhory and Żołnierska (return to Klonowica Street), then passes through Szeroka, Modra, Koralowa, WDobraze, Dobraze and Dobraze. At the Krzekowo bus stop, you can take tram lines 5 and 7, and at the Klonowica Zajezdnia bus stop, you can take the 53, 60, 75 and 80 bus lines.

Line 226: Gumieńce – Lubieszyn Rondo – Lubieszyn Granica (former line 108) – Its route will not change and will continue through the “Gumieńce” curve (connected to lines 8, 10, 88 and 244) through Mierzyn, Skarbimierzyce and DołdoLuje. The loop has been extended to the Lubieszyn Granica circuit. In addition, some buses will arrive at the Lubieszyn market.

Line 227: Głębokie – Łukasińskiego Ogrody – Mierzyn Szkoła (former line 74) – will provide residents of Dobra commune with additional communication with the crossing “Głębokie” (tram lines 9 and 12 and bus lines 51, 1063 and). Buses from Gubokie will run from Kupczyka and Wołczkowo streets (Słoneczna Street) to Bezrzecze, and then along the existing route 74 to the terminal “Łukasińskiego Ogrody”. In Krzekovo it will be possible to switch to tram lines 5 and 7, and at the Klonowica Zajezdnia bus stop to bus lines 53, 60, 75 and 80. The selected courses will be extended on Nasienna Street in Mierzin. The term “Mierzyn Szkoła”. Buses will run every 60 minutes all days of the week.

Line 535: Klonowica Zajezdnia – Stolec – The route of the line will be partially changed – buses will no longer serve Dobra Osiedle stops. Instead, they will be routed to Sportowa Street in Dobra. Along with line 223, new stops will be launched: Dobra Sportowa, Dobra Konwaliowa and Łęgi Zachodnia. The number of courses will not change.

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