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NEUCA Group is the leader in the Polish market of wholesale pharmaceutical products and the second largest company in Europe. a network of clinical research centers with access to innovations therapy, develops its activities using digital technologies. The company builds modern analytical solutions based on the services of the Microsoft Azure information platform. Against the backdrop of digital change and the further development of the organization, the NEUCA GO ITiZD Academy program, which trains specialists in cloud computing and data analytics, was launched.

Digital assets are the foundation of innovation-based business

For more than thirty years, NEUCA Group has established and developed a network of healthcare activities to meet the needs of pharmacists, manufacturers and patients. Dynamic growth has led to great analytical needs that go far beyond ensuring operational performance.

NEUCA understands the value of data and thus the potential that arises from its analysis, and has therefore chosen the strategic direction of building a modern platform that sets the standard and trends for working with data in such a large-scale organization.

The company was the first in Europe to use Azure Synapse Analytics as the basis for an analytical solution with the help of its partner TIDK.

In the project, we used a number of Azure cloud technology stack services, including Azure Synapse Analytics or Azure Data Factory and Power BI, which form the basis of the entire solution. A modern warehouse-based analytics platform collects data from a variety of sources and turns it into a coherent and valuable collection of data for business analytics. Thanks to the integrated approach, Azure Synapse Analytics allows you to add various functions quickly and efficiently at any time. We have supported the entire process with the Data Management Service to ensure that the organization manages data properly and securely. – Lukas Qrala from TIDK

Optimized business and cost efficiency

The establishment of a modern analytical platform has paved the way for the NEUCA Group to move towards an organization based on a data-driven paradigm. The company understands the importance of acquiring knowledge in the context of operational efficiency and customer relationships. The solution, developed in collaboration with TIDK’s partner, has improved the monitoring of many business parameters, such as sales results and customer satisfaction levels. The new analytics platform allows Neuca to meet a wide range of data analysis needs, expand potential application scenarios with advanced analytics, and extend elements of machine learning or artificial intelligence. The ability to assess market potential, forecast sales, or plan inventory levels has helped the company gain a decisive position as a leader in the pharmaceutical wholesale market.

The use of technology also allows the company to compete effectively with other companies. In the future, NEUCA Group plans to develop a current solution, thus in other areas of activity, including logistics and clinical research centers.

“The analytical system used in NEUCA Group has found a special application in sales. We currently use analytics for sales forecasting, monthly and annual planning, and current reports and calculations by Representatives and Telemarketers. With its help, we also monitor market share and support employees in achieving the organization’s goals or achieving the company’s operational and strategic goals. In addition, the Microsoft Power BI tool allows you to present information in a modern, interactive form and obtain the information you need to make business decisions. Sales and pharmaceutical representatives working directly with Neuca Group’s customers have access to the latest information every day anywhere in Poland, which greatly simplifies the work and increases business efficiency. – The director of the NEUCA Group said.

Invest in the powers of the future

The company’s consistent development and digital transformation technologies have made teams from almost all departments an important element in their day-to-day work. It is especially important for a company to ensure that all employees have the necessary skills to use the solutions used in their day-to-day work. Due to the decision to implement a modern analytical platform, the company pays special attention to highly qualified IT and Data Management specialists. Faced with the growing incompetence gap facing companies across Europe, the NEUCA Group has decided to invest in the future of people who want to be trained in the use of cloud computing. For this purpose, a special training program has been created for students and graduates of sciences, which is to educate young people in the field of working with solutions.

“NEUCA GO ITiZD Academy is a source of talent for us in the early stages of their professional careers. The goal is to support potential young people, students, or people who want to learn how to use cloud computing in analytics and business immediately after graduation. Academy participants take part in an intensive nine-month course, after which they have the opportunity to join the structures of our company. Thanks to this, we meet the needs of qualified IT and Information Management specialists very accurately. ” Renata Bratkowska, Director of Data Management at NEUCA Group, said.

Innovation bears fruit

NEUCA Group is recognized as the largest pharmaceutical wholesaler in Poland in the healthcare market. It is a trusted resource partner that accounts for 25 percent of affiliate programs. is an independent pharmacy, as well as a major manufacturer of medicines, supplements and cosmetics under the brand Synoptis. The company also has a network of clinics offering basic medical services. The organization is also active in the field of clinical trials and creates the second largest independent research network in Europe. The company ia in telemedicine or e-commerce solutions in the healthcare industry. Today, digital solutions support companies and employees in their day-to-day operations and business goals. Microsoft Azure, an analytics platform based on public cloud services, is also responsible for the company’s success in this area.

The journey of one of NEUCA Group’s sole drug wholesalers to one of Poland’s largest pharmaceutical companies would not have been possible without the technologies that support it. The applied digital solutions allowed the company to optimize its operations, increase cost efficiency and make better business decisions. Thanks to this, NEUCA Group can now be called one of the most innovative companies in its industry.

“We are increasingly saying that information is the oil that drives the modern economy,” he said. And this is the most accurate observation. The NEUCA Group is a great example of how awareness of digital assets and openness to innovation allows you to improve your offer and optimize processes, thereby expanding your wings and succeeding. The Polish Digital Valley was created by organizations such as the NEUCA Group, which, although not from a technological environment, uses technology to better develop and compete in markets, not just local ones. This scenario is confirmed by the recent Digital Future Index, developed by Microsoft, which shows that companies implementing digital solutions have stimulated the economic and social development of all economies, ”he said. Robert Gajda, board member of the Polish branch of Microsoft.

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