How brands use NFT for promotion

Karina Ananicz

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NFT, or a non-fungible token, is a collectible digital asset that has value in the form of a cryptocurrency and a form of art or culture. Like art, NFT is seen as a value-saving investment. The individual tab contains additional information – art or music in JPG, MP3, video, GIF, etc. Unlike the standard coin in the Bitcoin blockchain, NFT is unique and cannot be replaced by a similar coin (hence the term “indefinite”). It is additional information encoded in a label that ensures that NFT copies never reach the same value as the original.

Why create NFT?

Corporate giants have already realized the great potential of NFT. For example, the head of the cryptocurrency department is Visa, who claims that NFT will play an important role in the future of retail, social media, entertainment and widely understood trade. NFTs can be very valuable in the short term. The popularity of NFT is growing rapidly, and for good reason. Learn the main reasons why brands decide to promote through NFT.

A unique experience – The NFT world is first and foremost an opportunity to explore new communities and the brand’s chance to introduce new experiences to potential consumers. Creating NFT is a way to surprise your audience, your unique service, and your fun interaction with brands.

Hypnosis and advertising on the Internet – It’s not just the company’s revenue from NFT that makes tokens so attractive. The issue of oil is also a way for brands to create interest in themselves, especially in international markets. For example, selling NFT can increase corporate social media traffic by up to 25% during a sale, as exemplified by the ABG event discussed later in this article.

Prestige – Every brand wants to give consumers something they want to cherish and value. In addition, each of us would like to be proud of our rare, preferably very small assets. This is the essence of NFT.

Earnings on each subsequent transaction with NFT One of the remarkable features of NFT is that you participate in all future sales. And as the recognition of your NFTs grows over time, you make money with each subsequent trade, even if you resell NFT a long time ago.

If you want your digital products to be sold, especially at a high price, you need to stand out and show people why they want your creation. Distribute information and make it easier for others to access your tokens. The NFT market is full of an incredible number of sellers, which makes it a highly competitive environment. A brand that wants to attract attention must develop an effective action plan and learn what to include in it.

How to promote?

First, decide on which platform you want to release your tokens. The most common platform is OpenSee, but of course the choice is much bigger. Alternatives include Metamask, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, Foundation and others. Then think about the form in which you want the sale to take place – you may want to close the deal immediately at a certain price or prefer the one who offers the highest price to win.

The next step will be to create an attractive subpage on your website. This will be the basis for future activities, as the transition to the token offer, for example, from OpenSee, must be visible on the website and on the company’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Information on the availability of tokens should be provided in all groups dedicated to NFT as part of the above portals. Of course, the NFT community can be found on many other platforms, and the following is an overview of the most important ones:

  • Reddit, Discord and Telegram – channels that boast a significant number of users from crypto communities. If contacting other NFT developers, buyers and enthusiasts is one of your priorities, be sure to be active on these platforms;
  • Clubhouse – NFT and Cryptocurrencies are the main theme of the Clubhouse. This is definitely a place to connect with the NFT community, give interviews and listen to expert advice;
  • Steemit – A community that uses STEEM cryptocurrency to reward users for creating and publishing content. Browse Steemit to get contacts and send information about your NFT enemy;
  • is a platform for discovering new NFT projects. offers a wide range of information about NFT collections and, in particular, the uniqueness of the collection, as its name suggests, which makes it an excellent place to quote from NFT. At, you will learn about upcoming NFT issues, the cost of the planned decline, and how virtual creativity is promoted on social media. This is a very popular site for buyers to search for “Collection Gems”;
  • – Another platform to inform you about upcoming discounts and sort them by uniqueness and uniqueness.

After announcing your tokens issue online, make sure you contact potential buyers. It would be a great idea to organize an AMA session or ask me any question, then other members of the community can ask you different questions about the issue. Ask me everything sessions are very popular in the technological and cryptographic space. This is a great way to connect with your audience and raise awareness about NFT projects. Clubhouse, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook and Discord are the perfect tools for organizing AMA sessions.

In addition, act in advance. Write information about your broadcast in the popular and generally available NFT calendar at least 10 days before the scheduled broadcast. Remember that experienced buyers are eager to use this useful tool – all their future problems come together.

Bet on a free promotion to earn some advertising even before the scheduled broadcast. Gifts in the form of tokens, which are part of the upcoming collection, are a popular experience in the NFT community. You can give both collectible tokens and their physical forms. Artists usually organize gifts according to this scenario: everyone who wants to participate should follow the artist on Instagram / Twitter, tag a friend in the comments, share Instagram posts or retweet them, and so on. has been discovered by more and more people.

Promoting NFT’s work is not devoid of reference to activities during standard marketing presentations, so don’t be afraid to seek support from influencers with an effective range. Perhaps the salary for the influncer will be one of the most valuable tokens or a transfer in cryptocurrency. In addition to the standard activities, order a PR article about your tokens falling, and finally pay attention to the placement of this information in the search engine.

Market examples

Not only does the above-mentioned Visa appreciate the potential of NFT. Currently, Playboy is releasing exclusive photos as part of the “Art of Gender and Sexuality” series. The authors of the photos will be artists selected in the competition. Recruitment for the first NFT period began on September 1, and in November the winners’ works were presented at the NFT.NYC conference.

The fashion industry also focuses on unique consumer experiences. Authentic Brand Group has created NFT based on the image of the legendary boxer as the owner of the right to dispose of the image of the famous boxer Muhammad Ali. Mohammad’s collection consists of four parts: “Float”, “Sting”, “GOAT” and “Wings”, respectively. The first part of the collection includes boxing shoes worn by Ali (sold for $ 499 per token). The second edition, limited to 500 tokens, includes a rocking pair of boxing gloves signed by Mohammad Ali ($ 1,000 per token). The third part of the collection, limited to 100 tokens, shows different stages of Ali’s life (one token costs $ 5,000). The last part of the collection is inspired by Ali’s famous quote “A man without imagination, without wings” (the final price is determined by auction). In addition, one of the NFTs was equipped with a pair of physical boxing gloves signed by Muhammad Ali.

Each new technology is a chance to show the brand again. The sooner an innovative solution is implemented, the better. As a rule, we remember the first and fresh on the market. Don’t be afraid to buy a new tool, keep an eye on technological innovations and always be one step ahead of your competitors.

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