For me, this is the biggest fraud and forgery in the 21st century world of technology

Companies are taking Metaverse by storm, although it has not yet left the minds of the creators. Either I’m crazy or someone is a liar.

To this day, I remember sitting in my office and giving a live commentary for you on Metaverse announced by Mark Zuckerberg. When trying to talk about such an ambitious concept during the 1.5 hours of a conference, of course, you only need to focus on the biggest commonalities and basics to give people a vision of what you want to create without technical details. the stage has probably not been set yet. This, in turn, means that our current knowledge of the metaverse is as follows: no one knows exactly how this place will work and whether it will be created at all, especially what the main operations will look like in terms of financial transactions. . Why is it so important?

Well, because no one knows how Metaverse will work, but “companies are already going there.”

If you follow the latest activities of the largest companies, you can see that recently, as a husband, they published statements that can only be a laughing stock. It is, of course, a matter of “entering the metaverse.” “They did it,” he said. Emirates, McDonalds, Adidas and H&M. If it seems absurd to you, because how can you do something or enter an environment or technology that does not yet exist, then … so be it. If we read the statements and expressions carefully, we will see that all those who enter the metaverse mean the most “we are considering such an option” or “exploring potential opportunities”. It doesn’t sound that effective anymore, does it?

That is right. The sheep rush we’ve seen with Metaverse is a perfect example of how today’s technology has long since left the biggest companies trying to prevent their next Bitcoin, who don’t even understand what’s going on in the digital world. missed. My point is that the whole world, including the largest corporations, despised bitcoin until it became the perfect tool for speculation and people were willing to pay a lot of money for it. The price of Bitcoin has risen due to a lack of regulation, and many people spit in their jaws when they have the opportunity not to invest in it. Therefore, now every technological innovation, which is at least a shadow of the chances of repeating the cryptocurrency scenario, is storming from all sides, because everyone believes that sooner or later such an investment will pay off. It’s the same with NFT (it happens), it’s the same with Metaverse.

NFT can still stand it, but Metaverse is completely crazy

I am not a fan of cryptocurrencies, which I have repeatedly mentioned on Antyweb. However, there is no denying that if Bitcoin can play a role in transactions, it exists and can be given “some” value. NFT operates at a similar level – completely abstract signs (digital love, virtual body parts), so someone pays a lot of money and does not get a big one in return, but at least in this case, the victim of such a scam voluntarily agrees. , and you can’t ban anyone from smoking in the oven with your money. This, in turn, does not mean Metaverse, which is already a hot spot when it comes to cyber development, although it exists only in the minds of potential creators.

Mark Zuckerberg could not have imagined a better scenario. He doesn’t spend a single dollar, and the subject of his concept is discussed in the media 24/7, and the big brands who want to earn a few PR points without doing anything give Metaverse its current credibility. It is similar to the various initiatives that already need to take place in Metaverse. GW journalists boasted that they were interviewed on Metaverse. What if Metaverse doesn’t exist? Well, they did it in an ordinary VR that they had with us for years. However, it does not sound so secular, so it was announced that the newspaper has entered the Metaverse. Metaverse is as far back as it was when Mark Zuckerberg was first introduced, and nothing has changed in that context. The platform does not exist, and any declarations of activity or “verification” on it have little to do with the actual Facebook product.

Metaverse, NFT and 5G – the holy trinity of empty promises

During my PR career, I worked for several small technology clients. To this day, I remember how these small companies competed to ensure that everything would change completely in terms of the services they provided as soon as they entered the 5G market. 5G came in and … well, we can see the effects for ourselves. Yes, faster internet, higher bandwidth, separate frequency for IoT, but for us, the changes for end customers are insignificant. No company has been created that will be based on new capabilities, ie 5G. It’s the same with NFT – the great potential is reduced to an almost comical aspect. And finally Metaverse. I understand that people are interested in what the platform will look like. But now it is difficult to call what happened anything but fraud. Companies announce that they have “entered” Metaverse without the slightest idea of ​​what Metaverse will be, and have not made a decision on the subject, except that they want to do so. Despite the fact that no one has access to the creation of Facebook on the network, we have a number of actions “showing how it will be in Metaverse.” Finally, there are many articles that explain in detail the working principles of a creature that no one has seen.

These are promises that have no scope, and while it is known that there are more things like 5G or NFT, it is not known whether Metaverse will finally emerge. Yes, there were ads, but Facebook is currently under attack from all fronts. Losing its popularity at Tiktok, it is embroiled in a series of monopoly tests, and Apple’s new privacy policy cuts off much of its profits. Thus, the new Metaverse project can be a vabank game for him, that is, to be or not to be. However, this does not mean that the company will be able to develop it on the announced scale, and that the project will not be successful or that there will be better competition at this time. As I mentioned earlier, if we compare how much we know about Metaverse and how big the project is, it becomes clear that everything is still in its infancy. If the construction of the environment was nearing completion, be sure that Zuckerberg would be proud of it.

To summarize – Metaverse does not currently exist. Of course, this is a concept, and some work is probably underway, but it is not said that it will be completed or will not collapse immediately after its premiere, such as Google+. Meanwhile, the world of technology is knocking its feet off the ground, trying not to miss another bitcoin, and at the same time forgetting how dangerous it can be if a new universe is actually realized. Meanwhile, many people try to deceive themselves by knowing more about it than others.

Indeed, Zuckerberg could not have imagined better propaganda.

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