Do you pay a lot of money for the phone? Cheap network offers worth knowing!

How much do you pay for the phone per month? Do your payments seem too high? If you pay more than 30 PLN and don’t have a new phone or a really big internet package, you are definitely paying already! Similarly, for a subscription with a smartphone with more than 100 PLN per month. Here are some tips from cheap chains that will save you a lot!

The cheapest subscription without a phone

Looking for a cheap and unlimited subscription without a phone? Which operator offers the best tariff only with a SIM card? You will be flexible in this, because you can change it at any time. You will not find such an advantage in the subscriptions of the largest operators!

Plush ABO 15 GB

The most preferred Plush subscription is a subscription with unlimited + 20 GB of calls, SMS and MMS for 25 PLN per month. This is a good offer, but if you want to stay flexible, it is worth paying attention to the subscription without a long-term contract. The package offers 15 GB of transfer to get started, however web package grows in experience bonus! So, after 2 years, you save 20 GB per month. You will too contract for an indefinite period – You can subscribe to Plush at any time! Plus, you now get 100 GB extra data transfer with Plusha promotion! Note – offer time is limited.

As in the phone offer – more – Plush ABO 15 GB offers unlimited services in Poland and abroad (EU roaming). free social media (Use of popular internet programs does not affect your transfer).

Virgin Mobile 15 GB

Virgin Mobile also offers 15 GB transfer, but at a higher price of 30 PLN per month. Again, the contract is for an indefinite period. This time, internet transfer does not increase over time.

At this price you will receive unlimited voice and text calls, but unfortunately there will be no MMS messages. Virgin Mobile subscription There is also no free EU roaming and unlimited social media uploads that can boast of the previous Plush.

mobile phone 20 GB

The Nju mobile network has a package similar to the previous Plush. But it is a bit expensive – it costs 29 PLN per month, not 25. Similarly, it provides unlimited minutes, SMS and MMS to all networks, including EU roaming. However, there are still transfer more information!

20 GB for “Good morning” and nju mobile also has a habit of rewarding loyal customers. That’s it monthly transfer increases from 20 GB to 60 GB after 2 years! However, the coverage of nju is different (Orange vs Plus) and its unlimited subscription will not provide free use of internet applications such as Facebook or Messenger.

The cheapest subscription by phone

Which phone subscription is the cheapest and most profitable?

Plush ABO 20 GB

Plush ABO 20 GB subscription price does not include the phone, it is only 25 PLN per month. In this case, a 0% installment is also charged. Low fees are one thing, but Plush ABO also provides big contract terms: unlimited voice and text services (also in EU roaming!), great data package and free transfer to social media. It is difficult to find a more affordable offer over the phone! In a special presentation, Plush offers an additional 100 GB of transfer.

Actually, in fact The total amount of promissory notes rarely exceeds 100 PLN per monthand if so, in the case of the most expensive and newest smartphones. Most of the time, but it will be about 50 PLN! Compared to the competition, Plush is not only cheaper, but also offers many phone models for PLN 1.

Additional 4 GB

Another noteworthy operator is Plus, which has 35 PLN per month. Offers unlimited calls, SMS, MMS (also in EU roaming) and 4 GB internal transfer. The green operator also provides 5G connection!

Phones are also cheaper because Plus wants more of them less than a zloty to begin with. A separate fee for the equipment is added to the 35 PLN subscription and the contract is signed for a period of 24 months.

Plush ABO 30 GB

Plush offers cheap phone subscriptions up to 25 PLN. However, it may turn out that the smartphone of your dreams Plush ABO is offered by 20 GB at an extremely high starting fee. This may be the solution to the problem … Higher subscription Plush ABO 30 GB!

It just doesn’t provide more data transfer and In addition to 5Gstill individual smartphones will be offered at a lower starting fee. Monthly subscription only increases by 5 PLN (from 25 PLN to 30 PLN), but a lot depends on the monthly payment for the phone. On the scale of the whole deal, it’s a bit more expensive than a basic Plush subscription, but that’s not surprising – after all, here you get better terms with a 5G connection. However, the higher price is not so noticeable.

Half of the phone bills? CHECK

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