“Conversations with friends”: based on Sally Rooney’s novel with an official release date

“Talking to friends” Sally Rooney

After the great success of the series “Normal People”, another novel by the Irish author was adapted Sally Rooney. The work based on the book will be displayed “Conversations with friends”. The series will debut on May 15 on the Hulu platform and on BBC Three. The position will also appear on HBO Max with a delay.

Like the famous “Normal People” – four Emmy nominations and seven BAFTA nominations – “Conversations with Friends” will also talk about love, as well as relationship problems, dilemmas and crises. The series will feature the intricate relationship between the famous journalist and actor Melissa and Nick’s wealthy marriage and Francis and his friend (and ex-girlfriend) Bobby.

Francis is twenty-one years old. He is a student and an inexperienced writer, characterized by the bright, cold-blooded mind of an observer. When Francis and Nick suddenly approach each other, the emotional hero has to face his weaknesses.

In the lead roles we will see Alison Oliver (France), Joe Alvin (Nick), Sasha Lane (Bobby) and Cemima Kirke (Melissa). Oscar-nominated film “Peace” is directed by Lenny Abrahamson. The official trailer announcing the series has hit the network.

Lincoln lawyer Michael Connelly

We got acquainted with the official trailer and premiere date of the series made by Netflix Lincoln Lawyerbased on best-selling novels Michael Connelly. The first season will debut on the platform in less than a month – on May 13.

The main character Mickey Haller will play Manuel Garcia-Rulfo. Other roles include Neve Campbell, Becki Newton, Jazz Raycole and Christopher Gorham. The creator of the show is the author and executive producer of the project David E. Kelley.

Mickey Haller is not part of the Los Angeles law elite. His office is in the back seat of Lincoln. Haller takes over the company after his former partner is killed. It begins with a high-profile murder trial. “Mickey discovered that the biggest problem Lincoln solved in the back seat could be more than he thought,” the show said in a statement.

The Connelly series was filmed in 2011. The protagonist is Matthew McConaughey.

“The Witch”, Andrzej Sapkovsky

Work is underway on the third season of The Witcher. Two weeks ago We announced that Netflix production has moved to the next stage. The first photo from the set, as well as a few sentences about the next part of the series were spread on social networks. As reported, Ciri will go to Aretuza, where she will be trained by Yennefer, who hopes to learn more about the unused forces hiding in the girl. Instead, they will find themselves in the middle of a conflict full of corrupt politics, dark magic, and evil.

Netflix said that the third part of the series is based on the series Andrzej Sapkowski The audience will get acquainted with four new heroes.

Robbie Amell, best known for producers such as “Download” and “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City,” will play Gallatin, a native warrior who commanded an army of Scoia tael rebels fighting on the Nilfgaard side. Loyalty to his people will lead him to confront Francesca for power.

Adopted by Brokilon driads, the fierce and talented hunter Milwa will be played by Menger Zhang, the star of “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.” Adapted to live on a merciless continent, Milva combines effective archery skills with exceptional survival.

Hugh Skinner was given the role of King Vizimir’s playboy and younger brother Radovid, who suddenly found himself in the structures of Redadan’s intelligence (“Mamma Mia: Here We Start Again!”). The hero is known for his beauty and love of drunken parties, but also admires his views on the political scene.

Mistle, played by Christelle Elvin from the movie “Half Bad”, is a member of a group of expelled minors who take the rich to give to themselves, and sometimes to the poor. The turning point of the tough, skeptical street girl will be a chance meeting, after which nothing will be the same.

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