Apple Watch and blood alcohol concentration

The Apple Watch is one of the watches that is really worth buying in the market. The price may be very demanding and burdensome, but the buyer will be really happy. I must admit that Cupertino created this gadget in such a way that it has many features. I bought the Series 5 version and I’m very happy with it. In many cases, it really makes life easier, starting with the mechanism: “Hello Siri! Where is my iPhone?I use it almost compulsorily. Knowing Apple’s development potential, we can be sure that their smart timeline will continue to evolve. It is even happier that each subsequent series has more and more new features. Many of them even improve health. The 5th series even got an ECG, and the 6th series can detect panic attacks. While planning one of the new features, Apple had to spend a lot of time in our country, because I had the impression that this is a mechanism designed specifically for Poles.

Poles have many national characteristics. A lot is said about us in the world: we are business, we complain about everything and everyone, and we drink a lot of alcohol. In this discipline, we only record with the Russians. Therefore, it is difficult to say that the new feature offered by Apple will be of particular interest to our compatriots. To be honest, I was very interested in the information about this innovation. Apple has announced that smart watches will have a mechanism for measuring blood alcohol levels. Rumors of such a change have been circulating for a long time, but only now is it possible to find a solution. And all thanks to the appropriate sensors.

The Apple Watch has many excellent health-related gadgets that are widely understood.

It can monitor the work of the heart, help us in training, monitor the heartbeat, report falls, and so on. There are already many solutions. Two new features will be added to this list soon. While one of them is expected, the next is very surprising. All thanks to Rockley Photonics, a British startup that has been working with Apple for 2 years. The company is developing a special sensor capable of non-invasive measurement of blood alcohol and sugar levels. Although I have already heard about this type of sugar measuring device and got acquainted with our Polish project of this type, this is the first time I hear about alcohol.

Traditional measurement of sugar with a glucometer

The Apple Watch can have a sensor that can measure your alcohol and blood sugar levels.

According to the Internet, Apple is investing in the development of technology. They want systems that can measure alcohol and blood sugar levels. This mechanism can also measure blood pressure. The British company is proud that its sensor will be able to read these parameters with high accuracy. The most important thing is to take measurements without interfering with the body. The sensor is to use infrared light for measurement. The idea itself sounds amazing. To be honest, there is a need for such sensors in the market. Those who measure their blood sugar levels will be especially helpful. Currently, all this procedure is demanding and unpleasant. Diabetics have to argue several dozen times a day. It is painful, inconvenient and laborious. This can be dangerous if your meter’s cartridges are empty.

An Apple Watch with a proper sensor would be a really nice and interesting solution.

Such a gadget can make life easier for many people. To be honest, if Apple introduced such a sensor to the watch, it would be a small revolution. Diabetics would probably be grateful if they didn’t argue one finger at a time. A blood alcohol test would also be helpful for many people. Lovers of riding in the car, especially after drinking alcohol. Maybe even the application should have a special message when the allowable amount of blood alcohol is exceeded. Thanks to such a gadget, Cupertino’s smartwatch can then be turned into a comprehensive device for measuring the most important health parameters. This will strengthen its position in the market as a magnate for such solutions.

Apple Watch, sensor
Sensor sample

Tim Cook recently promised that the Apple Watch will make such measurements.

It seems that we are getting closer to fulfilling this promise. To be honest, even if I have a 5th series, if a model with such accessories comes out, I will run to the store without anything. It is a gadget worth keeping at home. Andrew Rickman, head of Rockley Photonics, says they will be ready to commercialize the sensors next year. It looks like the Series 7 won’t get that functionality yet, but it may appear in the Series 8. Currently, the Apple smartwatch can monitor heart rate and blood oxygenation and perform heart echoes. It’s like competition. It’s worth doing something that will make Apple unique. There has been no revolution for a long time, so maybe it’s time for a revolution.

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