Which mobile internet will be available in 2022? 5 tips

How to choose Mobile Internet? Mobile operators entice us with mobile link packages. For whom and in what case will the offer be the best solution? Which mobile internet will be optimal for us? How to choose it? We will try to answer these questions in the following guide.

Last updated: 02/16/2022.

What is Mobile Internet?

Mobile Internet is nothing else wireless internet connectionfor example, you can use on a tablet or laptop. Unlike traditional switching, no cabling is required. Currently, operators provide crossings In LTE technologytheoretically allows speeds of up to 300 Mbit / s. Its successor is the 5G network, which includes faster data transmission available in selected locations in Poland since the second and third quarters of 2020!

How to choose Mobile Internet?

When choosing a mobile Internet package, let’s not limit ourselves to the price and size of the GB transfer. Let’s also pay special attention:

1. What is the coverage of LTE network?

Most mobile Internet packages run on the infrastructure of Poland’s four largest mobile networks. These are, of course, in alphabetical order – Orange, Play, Plus and T-Mobile. The scale of each may vary in some parts of the country, especially in sparsely populated areas. The Play network still uses internal roaming, so it uses a range of its biggest competitors, but plans to cut them off completely in the future once it has built up its entire infrastructure.

Our advice: Only consider offers that have a strong and powerful impact in your area. If you are not sure which operator provides the best connection quality and stability, start with a few zlotys to compare ranges.

2. Package with device or SIM card only?

As with subscription voice offers, you have the option to purchase the device in wireless internet packages (at least from some operators). They are above all LTE modems and routersWhere to install your SIM card. Buying them from an operator eliminates the problem of buying them on the open market, and it will not be possible without a modem / router.

More advanced (and more expensive) offerings offer richer devices, e.g. tablets and even laptops. In some cases, you can even connect with gaming equipment, such as a high-speed computer dedicated to PC games. Contrary to appearances, the choice of a device in mobile Internet offers is quite large.

Our advice: everyone should answer the question of whether they need new equipment for subscription. There is a separate fee for this, which affects the amount of monthly bills. It is worth calculating its price at the operator and in the store to make sure you make the right choice. If you are not engaged in sales or other types of promotions, the offer of operators is usually more expensive. In addition, choosing an offer with equipment almost always means signing a long-term contract.

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3. What type of mobile internet contract?

And since we are talking about a contract, it is worth considering its type. Typically, annual or biennial packages are available, but smaller mobile networks (as well as the largest telecommunications sub-brands) offer. convenient vague suggestions. This means that you can cancel the contract at any time with one month’s notice! These are almost always just SIM offers. The exception is Plush, which offers a contract for an indefinite period (can be canceled), but the equipment must be paid in installments until the end of the agreed contract.

Our advice: for example, if you exclude an offer for a device because you have new and working equipment or because you prefer to buy it on the open market, target permanent contracts. Prepaid Internet, which works like a classic prepaid voice, can also be a good solution – if you don’t top up your account, you won’t be able to use the Internet. The amount of card recharge determines the reliability and size of the maximum GB transfer.

4. What is the range of Mobile Internet?

The most important parameters of the mobile offer on paper, of course, are the amount of transmission and data transfer speed. The point here is simple and clear, unlike the usual where you often have to test yourself – the more, the better.

Our advice: It is worth reading the details of the proposal. For some operators, such as plush or nju mobile, the internet package increases with age. Sometimes it is worth making a small transfer in the first few months to use a larger internet package after that. And without changing the offer price!

5. How much does mobile internet cost?

For many, the main option in the selection – and not only – mobile Internet. Experience shows that it is possible to order Attractive packages for about 20-30 PLN, but of course sometimes it’s worth paying extra (or vice versa) to get a little more transfer, connection speed, or a better range. Sometimes operators add so-called activation fees.

Our advice: Whether a given package is expensive or cheap depends on several factors. The offer for 70 PLN is clearly cheaper than the plan for 100 PLN per month, but if the latter has better parameters and / or offers an attractive device for the price, we will not call it an expensive offer. In addition, the quality of the offer does not depend linearly on its price – so it is worth comparing them in our mobile Internet comparison engine.

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