Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany has reprimanded MP Merkel

In the government of Angela Merkel, former German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel had a heated discussion with Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnik. All this is due to the criticism of the Ukrainian diplomat to President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

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Gabriel is a former SPD leader. He has served as vice chancellor, economy minister and foreign minister.

He told the weekly Der Spiegel that Melnik’s accusations against the German president were baseless.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s claim that he is expanding his network of contacts with Russian oligarchs is not true.

– Former MP Angela Merkel said.

He did not say a word about his political responsibility. “

Zigmar Gabriel’s words met with a decisive response from the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany.

Your actions made this savage attack on Ukraine possible. Shame

Melnik said that Gabriel was Angela Merkel’s deputy in the previous government and Minister of Economy.

After Frank-Walter Steinmeier was elected president, Sigmar Gabriel became head of diplomacy. He argued that when Germany gave up coal and nuclear energy, “cheap” Russian gas would be a great way to fill the gap.

While defending his colleague, Mr. Gabriel did not mention his political responsibility. Merry Christmas

– Andrij Melnyk emphasized.

Bild exposes the hypocrisy of the ruling SPD

Ukrainian ambassador to his country Andriy Melnik, who is fighting for his country, is often attacked by the SPD. At the same time, the party avoids commenting on its scandals, which should be a source of embarrassment for every Social Democrat. This is humiliation and hypocrisy, commented Paul Ronzheimer, deputy executive director of BILD, on Monday. He added that the actions of SPD-Chancellor Scholz’s party “could permanently undermine Germany’s credibility in the world.”

The cold hypocrisy of some SPD politicians is unbelievable! At a time when sirens are sounding again in Kiev, Lviv is under attack, and Mariupol is being demolished, Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnik is attacked by MP, Deputy Speaker of the Bundestag, member of the SPD leadership Aydan Ozoguz.

Ronzheimer writes.

Ozoguz expressed his dissatisfaction with the ambassador’s attitude on Twitter and wrote: “Unfortunately, the Ukrainian ambassador is increasingly attacking German politicians. He is not helping his people. ” Melnik was also criticized by former Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) for spreading “conspiracy theories”, including him.

Ironically, the ambassador, who is firmly responsible for downplaying the importance of Putin, North Stream 2 and the absence of sanctions against Russia, accuses the ambassador of “conspiracy theories.” SPD, this is infinitely vile!

“When Ambassador Melnik, who is fighting for his country, is attacked by the SPD every day, the party also avoids commenting on its scandals,” Ronzheimer said.

Former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (SPD), who has not yet parted ways with Russian companies and is still “filling his pockets with war criminals,” is no longer criticized by the SPD, and leading comrades have refused to mention his expulsion. from the party “.

Or would they like Gabriel and others to attack the ambassador?

Manuela Schwesig (SPD), Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, has been an active supporter of Russian Gazprom’s policy for years; In addition, there are still new explanations on this topic.

Not a word of criticism from the SPD, nothing

– BILD emphasizes.

Politicians from the SPD, Chancellor Scholz’s party, are still reluctant to agree to the transfer of heavy weapons to Ukraine and to accept an embargo on oil and gas.

They also do not want to be reminded of the catastrophic mistakes in their policy towards Russia

– Ronzheimer adds and asks what is the role of Chancellor Olaf Scholz and leading SPD politicians in all this.

Or could they like the attack of Gabriel and others on the ambassador? Didn’t they control their parties? Or do they consider it a good thing when only the Ukrainian ambassador is mentioned instead of war, gas pipeline and embargo?

Ronzheimer is surprised and comes to the following conclusion:

It is not enough for leading SPD politicians to say they are “wrong” about Putin. After all, they must confidently change their policies and rhetoric. Everything else is forever undermining Germany’s credibility in the world.

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