T-Mobile threw the funnel. There are no hooks, it makes sense in 5G

T-Mobile has introduced an unlimited internet offer
You will never have to worry about running out of data to use on T-Mobile. The Magent operator has presented the offer we have been waiting for for years: real unlimited, no speed limit, no “funnel” and accessible to everyone. He also presented a new strategy to win the hearts of customers.

Download as much as you want on T-Mobile

The new T-Mobile offer for individual customers will be available to all stakeholders from January 20, 2022. It can be used by both new customers and those who already have a magenta operator number. Transfer for the latter is as simple as possible – you can call the customer service center or change everything yourself in the My T-Mobile mobile application.

The new offer looks very attractive. T-Mobile has developed two tariffs for data download limit and non-funnel, as well as unlimited for voice calls, SMS and MMS. They look like this:

New T-Mobile offer

The first issue

Next numbers



65 PLN

45 PLN

Up to 30 Mb / s

data transmission,
voice calls,
Introduction to 5G

85 PLN

65 PLN


The cheaper option has a speed limit, but you can transmit data 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and there will never be a moment when you have to pay something extra or activate another limit. More expensive tariff allows you to use the internet at full speed whenever you wantas permitted by existing conditions. This will not be allowed. In September, T-Mobile Polska announced that it already has 2,840 base stations that support 5G data transmission. Every fourth pole lives within their reach. And so 5G makes sense!

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The new tariffs will be changed in the T-Mobile price list Subscriptions with M and L “sizes”.. Benefits also include discounts on devices (200 PLN and 300 PLN, respectively) and Free Entertainment service (for 6 and 12 months, respectively). There will still be restrictions on cheaper S and XS tariffs, however You can use 5G network in S tariff (as in higher tariffs). Everything is given in the table below. T-Mobile has also developed appetizing promotions for devices to launch a new offer.

Tariff XS S (5G) M (5G) L (5G)
Discounted monthly subscription 45 PLN 55 PLN 65 PLN 85 PLN
Another mobile subscription with a discount 25 PLN 35 PLN 45 PLN 65 PLN
Calls, SMS and MMS Unlimited
Internet on the phone 8 GB 40 GB There is no data limit
Speed ​​up to 30 Mb / s
There is no data limit
There is no speed limit
Hardware discount Up to 100 PLN Up to 200 PLN Up to 300 PLN
Free entertainment for PLN 0 6 months 12 months

Will the network stop if customers rush to download without restrictions? T-Mobile Polska is confident and there are reasons for that. The network of the magic operator received 5 Best in Test certificates (checking the quality of voice calls and data transmission in the country). It is also worth remembering that T-Mobile does not start from scratch. After all, the offer already includes the widest range of unlimited optical fiber in Poland, unlimited entertainment and unlimited mobile internet for the home. Unlimited internet on the phone is another step to create the feeling that T-Mobile does not restrict anyone. The fact that the icing on the cake anyone can take advantage of the new offer, even if they are still bound by another contract. For your convenience, we offer the terms of the offer in parts, with and without devices.

T-Mobile is developing a new plan

During the announcement of the new tariff, T-Mobile announced changes in other areas of activity, and Andreas Maierhofer, CEO of T-Mobile Polska, showed a new direction of development. Magent operator intends to become a customer service master. In times of uncertainty, we will always be able to rely on the services of this operator. T-Mobile chose this direction for a reason. We do not know what the future holds, and at the same time we rely on technology as never before.

Between the end of 2019 and 2021, the volume of data transmitted increased by 65%. In the second half of 2021 alone, the amount of data sent by popular distance learning and business programs increased by 350%. 50% of the data sent is video transmission. Of course, T-Mobile listens to the needs of customers, and we have never needed so much Internet without restrictions and surprises. It seems that we pay little attention to long-term plans, we do not expect a reward in 10-15 years. What is happening now is important.

Many things in life surprise us, and lately the world has been surprising everyone at once. So much so that no one knows what awaits us in the near future. Will we go to school, work, family or vacation? According to research, this uncertainty is the worst for young people. 64% of Poles aged 16-26 are worried about their future after the pandemic, and 69% are worried about their professional careers. More than half of Poles have completely changed their value system. In a group of people aged 16-35 social relations and the desire to live in the forefrontunusual and extreme, and also learn new skills. 92% of respondents want it.

T-Mobile’s new strategy is based on three pillars: Connect, Care and Grow. The first, of course, is communication, that is, connecting people using the best technical solutions. Secondly, I think the most important thing for us is care. T-Mobile will not only meet the needs of customers and employees – the operator will take care of social development and the environment. The third column is, of course, growth. It cannot do business without it, so the operator intends to expand its customer base, build new business relationships and, of course, will not stop expanding its network.

The material partner is T-Mobile Polska.

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