My only internet option in the forest was broken …

According to my colleague, “everyone has access to the Internet.” As you can see: not necessarily, because there are still spots on our map that do not have access to the network. Or places are finally connected with happiness, but – according to recent events – in short. What did I learn for myself …

An attractive house in the woods, where until recently there was no net chance

Unfortunately, my parents’ garden house is located in a valley surrounded by forest and lake. It is the lowest of all the surrounding houses, and many years ago my parents planted trees around it, now as tall as low-rise blocks of flats. To make a phone call, you have to climb a hill a few tens of meters away, and it is not always possible to connect and understand the interlocutor. There is no question of even receiving SMS in the house. I tested all mobile operators and various antenna devices. All in vain. Over time, we have become accustomed to falling into a pit without a phone and a network at this point. We have abandoned the search for solutions.

Light in the Internet tunnel

After a while we decided to deal with the subject again. Initially, the T-Mobile router was on the move. It didn’t work. Then we bought an external antenna for him and hung it from the roof. He also did not see any of the two nearby BTS.

This turned out to be the last resort then only recently operated in Poland TooWay satellite internet. After checking the place, I signed a contract and bought the necessary equipment. The set includes a plate, transponder, plate hanger, modem with wifi router, 20 meters of coaxial cable, power supply and instructions. For the first time, we hung a plate on the cottage, but we could not join because the trees blocked the satellite. It only worked after hanging the plate on the gazebo. After launching the modem in setup mode, the carrier began to signal, indicating that we were close. After the dish was placed correctly towards the KA Sat satellite, the transponder finally started making a single sound, so it worked!

And the internet is still cut off in the valley

A few months later, the Internet suddenly stopped working. Everything was in order on the equipment, but he stopped searching for the satellite. When turned on, the system went through three stages of communication smoothly, the last of which returned to the beginning. Over and over again. The wine fell to the height of a tall spruce, which was more or less on the plate-satellite line. The tree was cut down a lot and the problem remains. And only after contacting the supplier did it become clear that they, too, registered a hardware failure at home. A properly functioning transponder was immediately sent to us. After a while, we were happy to see the network return.

War failure

But happiness did not last long. On the day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the modem’s LED stopped flashing again. And according to the media, not only tens of thousands of users like me have an Internet connection, but also, among others, 5800 German wind turbines. I was informed by e-mail that – according to the official statement of the satellite owner and network provider Viasat – “the cause of the failure is not clear, but we can assure you that we are working with our partners from Viasat in 2012. This problem has been solved. hours to make. ” Unfortunately, 10 days later, it was announced that there were “signs of a possible cyber incident” in connection with Russia’s intervention in Ukraine. A day later, it became clear that the problem could not be solved remotely, and that the software of tens of thousands of modems used with a fake update had to be removed and replaced. In the meantime, I tried to log in to my account – to no avail. On March 18, I received a message asking me to confirm the address to send the working device. And silence. And we came to the end of March. If this plate was my only internet source, I would be upset if I worked from home. The smarter ones have replaced the broken modems with others and are still using the network. Unfortunately, I did not think about having such equipment in case of failure …

If not tooWay, then what will happen?

Thousands of satellite internet users are now looking for a more stable solution. Developed by SpaceX and Elon Musk, Starlink is undoubtedly the most affordable solution because it builds itself practically. In addition, it uses its own satellites and modems, so the attack on Tooway did not affect Mask’s customers. Thanks to the independence of the solution, Starlink can support Ukraine’s access to the network almost immediately. And everything is fine, but the price is excellent. And there is still no other way to access the network in the forest valley. Therefore, I am waiting for the development of TooWay situation with my current supplier. Unfortunately, I am doomed to this solution.

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