Menus and prices in the restaurant chain. Same or differences?

April 18, 2022, 4:30 p.m.

Aioli restaurant in Gdansk.

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No matter what city we are in, we always know what to expect inside – there are even chain restaurants that offer the same food in all their branches. These are not only large global corporations selling fast food, but also restaurants that serve delicious food from different cuisines of the world. Does the chain of stores actually provide the same service to all? And the same price? We check how the Tri-City branches of popular restaurants compare to the twins from other cities.

Tri-City restaurants

A narrow, charming street with a small tavern with an inconspicuous entrance – the best restaurants and cafes often hide in such places. It is known primarily to locals for its unusual interior, original character and, above all, a delicious menu based on local traditions and recipes.

Finding such a place is not so easy. But when we succeed, such a place can become our favorite point on the culinary map of the city or a wonderful memory of a holiday trip.

Culinary in Tri-City – reviews, reviews and new buildings

However, we do not always want to discover new places and try unfamiliar dishes. Sometimes we want to be sure of what awaits us in the buildings, regardless of the lack of time or preferences. Familiar interiors, proven menu, tried and tested flavors. Maybe we don’t want to rely on the chef’s experience and taste, or we will calm down after a tense day with a sense of stability and security. In this case, we are more likely to direct our steps to one of them restaurant chain. After all, if they succeed, then they have something to attract the crowd. There are many such places in Tri-City.

Some chain stores focus on creating the same places that are almost identical to each other, and even copy them. These are mainly fast food companies. There are some that operate under the same name, but are managed by different owners or are only allowed for small differences. What does the situation look like in the branches of such restaurants in Tri-City? Do we buy the same thing from customers in Warsaw while eating pasta from a famous chain store?

Tasting and culinary events in Tri-City

Bread and Wine There are two buildings in the center of Gdańsk, one of which is located here ul. Stągiewnaover the other Grain warehouse island. At first glance, you can see that the cards are the same. In each of them we will find the same dishes for the same price. The situation is different, but over time We will compare Gdansk restaurants with the restaurant branch in Torun. Although the menu is very similar, prices in Toru are significantly lower.

The first item on the main menu – gnocchi with spinach and dried tomatoes has a different price. We will pay for it in Gdansk 37.90 PLNand Torunda 33.90 PLN. If we compare the following dishes, you can see that almost all Toruń is cheaper by at least a few zlotys. The price of Margherita pizza is in the center of Gdansk 28.90 PLNand in the market square in Torun 25.90 PLN. Similarly with desserts, cream-brulee – 21.90 PLN In Tri-City, a 16.90 PLN in the neighboring voivodeship.

Let’s find out what the situation is in the buildings of the chain Thai Thai. They have two goals in Tri-City: in Sopot and in Qdansk. The restaurant also has its own building Poznan and In Warsaw. Although all four buildings are different from each other, they have a consistent, pleasant interior, decorated with light wood elements and dark colors. The menu is everywhere the sameabout the same prices. The menu includes starters, soups, fish, wok dishes, main dishes, noodles and rice dishes, as well as desserts and supplements.

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Pueblo in turn, is a chain of Texas-Mexican restaurants. Branches are located Qdansk, Gdynia and Escape, Torun is the youngest of them. All rooms are extremely colorful, decorated in warm colors and have a cozy atmosphere. It is even difficult to distinguish individual interiors in the hustle and bustle of colors, so the effect is consistent. You will find the same items on each unit card. These are anthocytos, ie starters, sticks – soups, salads, pesacados – fish, enchiladas and burritos, grilled steak menu or dishes for children. There are also vegan dishes. They are everywhere the same pricesthere are the same promotions.

mannequin is a network of pancakes that won the hearts of Poles. It all started inside Escapewhere the first buildings were built. Gradually more space has been created and the network is now being calculated 13 branchesand works well everywhere. We will visit Maneki in Tri-City Qdansk and in Gdynia.

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The idea of ​​the menu was simple – a large pancake occupies the entire plate, only the filling changes. You can see it at first glance The menu is not the same everywhere, is completely different everywhere. Some departments are larger than others. Prices are also different. For example, cheese pancakes at Opole cost money 10.5 PLN Bydgoszcz and Torunda 12 PLNIn Qdansk PLN 13and in Warsaw 13.5 PLN. Sweet pancakes with Oreo, Milka chocolate and mascara at Bydgoszcz price 18.5 PLN In Qdansk 20.5 PLNand in Warsaw PLN 21.

The previously mentioned networks have several or dozens of branches, but Tri-City also has representatives international giants. One of such places Hard Rock Cage. The first restaurant was established in 1971 in Hyde Park Corner, London, and today the chain has more than 180 branches around the world. The first place in Poland was opened in February 2007 at the Złote Tarasy in Warsaw. The Gdansk branch was opened in July 2014 in Djugi Targ. There are two more in our country: in Krakow and Wroclaw.


Cafes and teahouses

SopotBohaterów Monte Cassino 38/5

Although each of them is a bit different (only for musical souvenirs hanging on the walls), The prices of menus and meals are exactly the same all over Poland. It’s hard to find any major difference in the menu of classics of American cuisine: burgers, ribs, club sandwiches, mac & cheese, as well as salads, wings and desserts.

Aioli is the last chain restaurant we are currently looking at. In Warsaw (two buildings), Katowice and has branches In Qdansk. The menus are the same in all places, but the prices vary slightly. The card is very wide. In addition to the previously mentioned breakfast, we will eat tapas, burgers, pasta, pizza, salads, seafood, meat, vegetarian dishes and desserts. There are slight differences between food prices. In Katowice and Warsaw (ul. Chmielna) burgers nachos cost money 39.90 PLNWhile in Gdansk 41.90 PLN. Residents of Tricity will pay for chorizo ​​barbacoa pizza 38.90 PLNResidents of Warsaw and Katowice 36.90 PLN.

Which chain of stores do you think is worth visiting? Which of them is valid in the city? We look forward to recommendations in the comments.

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