“It wasn’t until Darek’s betrayal and divorce that we became really passionate. My past did it with the little ones. ”- Real life

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We divorced with a blow, childcare, the amount of child support and the struggle for everything we earn. I took revenge and hit under the belt. I used to hate acquaintances, but now I realize that a betrayed woman is capable of anything. But everything passes, anger burns, wounds heal. When I went to therapy due to long-term stress and my ex-husband left a young lover, my pain stopped.

He wagged his tail and did not return to me, did not ask for mercy. He, like me, calmed down and, unlike me, agreed with his second wife, who was moderately beautiful but temperamental. I prefer weaving and healthy food to the illusory storms of the heart.

– You are 46 years old, it is a great age for a woman! said the friends. – You are free, children have grown up and you can regulate your life at any time. If you don’t want a boyfriend permanent, o to bring someone to bed, otherwise you will forget what sex is.

– I already forgot or not … It was a boring, forced marriage service, fortunately I don’t need to show it anymore.

The girls took it as a joke, not knowing how true my words were.

I do not know who lost his head first

I met Darek during my studies. He was my first boy. I quickly became pregnant for the first time, and then another one – a great excuse for my night regimen. Over the years, we have become very good friends. In fact, I shouldn’t have been surprised that he found someone else, but it hurt when he was pressed against the wall, he talked about him as if he had never talked about me. He described his efforts and fantasies to win his sympathy.

And again, he was at my fingertips! I waited for the kisses, the caresses, at least I dreamed of a spontaneous night that would exceed the limit of haste.

I did not believe after the betrayal that I might like someone. But life hates emptiness … A few weeks after I met the girls, I met Dominic. The dentist I found after my doctor moved. It turned out that the boy is much younger than me, but like me, he is interested in painting. After the first meeting in the office we collided during the vernissage one of the local artists and we met after talking all evening.

I don’t know which of us lost our first head, but they quickly released the brakes. After dinner and a walk, Dominic took me home, I wanted to brush my cheek, I said goodbye, I was on his lips.

– And good! – When I announced that I was in love with each other, the girls praised me.

Less than half a year later, we set a wedding date, and then we sold our house and built a common nest. My distrust of men was like a soap bubble. Dominic tried hard to make me feel like a goddess in bed. I could not complain … Still, I couldn’t help but notice that my ex-husband had separated from the twins in front of our house. Until I tremble. “It’s understandable that you’re upset,” I explained to myself the unexpected redness on my face.

– What are you doing here ?! – We both asked at the same time according to the order.

-I live – we answered in unison.

– I live here, what do you do here?

– I live too! He pointed to the building back to back. “We got it,” he hesitated. – No. we say we will be neighbors ?! But the story! By the way, you look very beautiful after this wedding. I’m sorry I didn’t come to the wedding …

– Because I did not invite you! I laughed. – You are like me.

“Yes, it was stupid …” he muttered.

– Come on! It was, it’s gone, – I said, touched his arm and … I froze.

My past looked better than ever, but I didn’t expect to feel such tough muscles under a large floor! Arms, body … Embarrassed, I withdrew my hand. When my past suddenly approached, I began to rebuke myself for behaving like a schoolboy:

– You look like a phenomenon, I’m jealous he bastard. I didn’t expect you to bloom either! He sighed.

I was silent. I was shocked by the unexpected confession, shouted goodbye and ran home. I wanted to calm down – I cooled my face with ice water and went to the bathroom.

– Remember, he deceived you! He is vile, and you have a beautiful boy whose past does not come to his feet, – I rebuked him.

Same afternoon We met each other on the way back from shopping. And we probably didn’t tear our clothes just because our spouses were with us.

– You should visit us. Maybe tomorrow? – The ex-wife smiled and Dominic, unaware of anything, echoed her.

Somehow I went through this dinner and the next dinner we had to have a rematch. I tried to run away from my ex-husband, but he ignored the conventions. While I was preparing a vegan dessert, he followed me to the kitchen, offering to help.

“He’s probably second to none as its author,” he muttered in my ear. “Don’t pretend to be cold,” he added, and my legs softened.

I could not resist

I felt the hair on my whole body … – not to say: boring – bedroom.

– This place has never seen such a thing! As we breathed side by side, he screamed with delight. – You are as warm and passionate as a lion …

I would not have thought that my past was so passionate and delicate lover … He did it with young women and worked on the quality of recent plans. Two minutes after her first kiss, when I had a hard time understanding that we were having sex, she didn’t climb to the top like before! That afternoon we managed to create two more numbers and as if nothing had happened (everyone at home) with our partners for dinner.

Then I could not get out of my regret by lying next to Dominic, that I hurt him and lied to him, just like my past. After all, she made me attractive to men! However, I was not it is impossible to end this romance.

– Betrayal? What are you talking about – My past forgave me when I tried to remove him from my next meeting. – But we were married. We know each other like bald horses, it’s not a trick! He explained.

Although I do not believe a word of it, I couldn’t get him awayWhen he tore my shirts and clothes and pulled out my increasingly casual shorts with his teeth, he tore off the bras I had carefully hidden from my husband, sucked my ears and bit my hips. I felt like a sex bomb that no man could resist.

I tried to be even more passionate to stifle my remorse and reward Dominic for his unfaithfulness. But I was no longer young, and having fun with two boys cost me dearly. In addition, I had responsibilities: work, home, friends.

Betrayal began to seize me. I was horrified when I heard something about my ex-wife, and I decided to end the relationship. It definitely happened very far. What is he dreaming ?!

– I love you! He sobbed helplessly. – It’s not just about the bed, although I must admit that I have never had such sex before.

– Sex is not sex, we must separate. I do not want to offend like any other. I love Dominic, I like his wife. We must be adults I decided to slam the door in his face.

I did not see my husband at home because I was busy. After a month of waiting for lunch and dinner, I saw that his work filled him life. He apologized to many patients, but who treats his teeth at night for God’s sake ?!

One day I couldn’t stand it and decided to take him to his office for lunch. I almost died when I saw what my current girlfriend was doing with my ex-husband in the dentist’s chair!

I walked away before both of them they had already reached a word. I came to myself in the middle of the house. I understood that I have no right to shoot scenes of jealousy for Dominic. I decided to talk to her quietly about the divorce, thinking that we would never be able to hold on to each other again. We both jumped to the side very quickly.

My past. He was sitting on the stairs of our house. With his unshaven, sleepless eyes, he no longer looked like Adonis.

“Honey,” he whispered, handing me the largest bouquet of roses I’ve ever seen. – I apologize for the betrayal and separation over the years, but do not leave me. I can not stand another day without you. I still do not know how I lived. I love you and I don’t want to be with anyone else. My wife is not at home yet, but I will tell you when I return that whether you accept me or reject me, I leave.

I could not refuse such an offer. As I hugged him, I thought of only one thing; Will she be a good third husband as her lover?

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