“I gave up my hobbies because I am a mother. I miss my children when they go on vacation “- Real life

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– Mom, Ewka took my corrector! Yagoda’s scream woke me up.

“I didn’t take it, and it’s not just yours!”

– Oh, it’s mine!

– Girls, please! I breathed under the blanket.

As soon as Max heard my voice, he jumped on the sheet and began to lick my face.

It was early in the morning and I was tired

I slept well after midnight last night, as I was ironing the children’s clothes for the holiday trip and checking to see if they had bought everything. ID cards – yes. Cosmetics – packaged. Underwear and shoes – everything. The girls went to a volleyball camp, and Piotr went to the first summer camps by the sea. However, my husband and I planned to visit my mother-in-law. I went to the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone. I poured the coffee into the cup and my work phone rang. The manager called.

“To take? Don’t you take?” I took.

After a while, I did not have good news for my husband …

– You know, Bogdan … The manager called me and called me on vacation. Ewelina is ill, I have to replace her at work.

– Are you kidding? After all, I told my mother that we would be.

– Well, I know … But what can I do? Why don’t you go without me – Although I knew he would not like this idea, I offered.


– Why not? The mother will be happy that after all these years she will have her own son. You will see.

From his expression, I understood how difficult it was for him to digest this information. But he had no choice. I packed my suitcase and said goodbye to him.

– Say hello to my mother. Tell him I’m sorry, we won’t be able to see you.

– Of course…

-Thank my dear.

There are so many dreams that I don’t have time for them

When my work phone started shaking again, Bogdan took the suitcase and left.

“What this time?” I heard the manager’s voice again on the receipt.

– You know what, Basia, the alarm has been canceled. Ewelina said she would work from home. Not so bad with him. It’s … have fun on vacation and see you next week.

I wanted to shout for Bogda to wait, but something stopped me. The thought of having a full week of free time without washing, ironing, or cooking prevented me from following him. For the last ten years, I have not been alone for a day – I am always at the police station, ready to listen to my family’s confessions, complaints and regrets, to resolve endless conflicts. I baked cakes, bandaged wounds and healed broken hearts. I repaired toys, helped with homework, and removed plasticine from pillows. I was immediately engaged in the impossible and miracles for a certain period of time. And now it was just a unique opportunity to relax. After taking the girls to the train station, putting Peter on the bus, and returning to the empty apartment, I felt for the first time as a homeless teenager.

I wanted to shout for joy

There were no children, no husband, no dog, because at the last moment I put her in Bogda’s car, realizing that she was a little exhausted in her mother’s yard and that it would be good for her. Remorse tormented me for another moment.

Maybe call your husband and tell him the truth? I could have reached him by train, ”I struggled with my thoughts.

But in the end, the desire to be free prevailed, and I decided not to suffer any more.

“I deserve a rest,” I decided.

I didn’t know where to start … A bath with a glass of champagne in my hand? To visit a hairdresser who has not seen me for a year? Are you watching a series or a girl show? Are you reading a book I’ve been waiting for a month? Or will I paint my nails? The number of choices was too much, I felt like a child in a candy store. Finally, I took a piece of paper and wrote down a list of things I had wanted to do for a long time.

“So I’ll make good use of the time I’m given,” I said.

I started shopping

I’m not talking about buying leeks, potatoes and chicken for broth. No no! I went to buy clothes! When I entered the shops, I wanted to shout with joy that I was looking for clothes for myself, not for single girls. I secretly hoped that immediately I would have ladies who would serve me as the heroine of “Beautiful Woman”. Unfortunately, life is not a movie and I am not Julia Roberts, I am a Polish Mother! So I had to choose the right clothes. I found an elegant black blouse with a small glitter around the neckline.

“Maybe I’ll go somewhere tonight?” – I’m coming.

When I got home, I called Ela with a drink.

– Are you crazy? – A friend reacted.

“Come on?” We can have fun sometimes, can’t we?

“Besides, I’m straight to my elbows.” I have no time.

Well, hard, no, no, I thought. I will stay at home, eat ice cream and watch “Beautiful Woman”. It will also be fun. No one is trying to seize the remote control, no one complains that I watched this movie a hundred times. I saw! And what? I sat on the couch, burned the DVD, and … fell asleep before the movie was over. For some reason, I didn’t find it very appealing, even though I didn’t have to fight for it.

The next day I went for a massage. I have always imagined the greatest rest. There is a woman with an expression of happiness on her face, and massage has changed her life. I entered the living room. The young physiotherapist greeted me with a smile.

– Please undress and lie down.

She turned on soothing music, but I couldn’t help but think she was young, delicate, and beautiful, and I had curls here and there. The chirping of the birds did not bother me at all. On the contrary. It was pretty annoying. The massage was pleasant at first, but after a while every touch of it tickled me, so I started to spin.

“Oh …” the masseur said in an instant. – It has become a widow’s imagination. You need to be careful not to push your head too far while walking.

It was a lot

Enduring the tickling touch, I lay down for a moment and thanked him.

“But … I’m not done yet.”

– Yes … I know, but I remembered that it was time to meet. Unfortunately, I have to go now.

– Well, it’s hard – he went to the box office, clicked several times. – One hundred zlotys.

It was the most expensive tickle of my life. Feeling bad, I went outside. Widow’s hump! And so am I. I looked in the shop window. Where is that hump? I can not see. I decided to build a spa at home. I soaked my feet in warm water and painted my nails. The evening dragged on mercilessly. I started reading the book, but for some reason I couldn’t get into it. I wonder how Yagoda and Eva love the camp? I wrote an SMS but they did not answer. They’re probably going crazy with the group somewhere. What about Piotru? I dialed his phone number. Immediately lifted.

– Mom, I miss you! I don’t like this place …

– Why? – I immediately felt that I wanted to go to him.

– I prefer to be at home with you.

– Peter, but you are always with us. Enjoy the trip, play with the kids. Do you still have money?

– I have. Although I don’t know if it’s enough for me, because ice cream is very tasty here. I thought that if I took two every day, it would be enough for me. But I wanted to buy a card for my grandmother and amber for you.

– Darling – I almost cried on the phone.

I’m tired of this rest!

When will they finally return? The following days became more and more difficult. I missed the girls, Peter and Bogdan. I read all the newspapers, went to the museum and gallery. But the only thing I still thought about were my children and my husband.

“I’m so bored,” I laughed to myself, counting the days until they returned.

On Sunday, everything was cleaned up to a high gloss, and I had a two-course dinner and strawberry paste for my loved ones. I almost cried with happiness when Bogdan approached the block and Max got out of the car excitedly. We went to the station together to bring the children. The girls were dark and happy. They could not stop talking. Peter hugged me.

“It’s for you, mother,” he said, pulling amber out of his pocket.

“Peter, would you save on ice cream?” I laughed.

– No … I found him on the beach!

But I missed them. It was the longest week of my life. I decided not to complain about them again. It was wonderful to see that screaming herd return home.

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