He persecuted and threatened the teenagers. Nysa is free

– This man knows where we live, was in front of our house, and then chased and threatened my young daughter and her friend! I was arrested and handed over to the police, and it turned out that I could be held responsible for violating his immunity. Meanwhile, she is free and can still be a threat to my daughter! – Mr. Sebastian from Nysa says with emotion.

He knows where we live
Although the traumatic events for Mr Sebastian’s 16-year-old daughter and her friend took place last Monday, the alarming signal had already occurred earlier. According to the parents of the 16-year-old girl, she fell ill about two weeks ago and was left alone at home. Then a man appeared in front of their house in Nysa. “She said she stood behind our fence for a few minutes and looked out the windows,” said her 16-year-old father. – The daughter then called her wife, because she was very scared. Moreover, the man put his hand on the gate and tried to open it from the inside. Fortunately, he failed.
It seems from the next thought of the teenager’s father that the girl took some pictures of him at that time. Their quality is not the best, but it allows you to identify it without any problems. Also, according to the father, the long stay of an unknown and strange man raised suspicions in the neighbor. – He is a retired policeman. Thanks to his skills, he knew how to talk to this man, and it turned out that this boy … was released from prison – his excited father continues.

Our interlocutor assures that neither his daughter nor his wife have seen this man before. – Unfortunately, – I regret today – we have moved to the so-called agenda for your normal activities. Nothing happened for two weeks. “If this person had come to our house at least once, the red light would have been on, but nothing happened,” he added.
The girl’s father says he only linked another fact after what happened last Monday. – I noticed that one of the rubbish bins in the box behind our fence was bent and the sole of his shoe was printed on it. It seems that someone is standing on it and wants to jump over the fence and reach our property. These are just my assumptions, but I can’t help but relate it to this person and what happened next, ”he added.
The daughter and friend of a Nysa resident, who intervened in our office on Monday afternoon, decided to go shopping in Kaufland after school. They passed through the blocks of the Nysa Południe estate. It was around 14:00 When he almost reached Viyaduk, he came out of the bushes – a man in front of the house. – My daughter recognized him immediately and, of course, was horrified. He and his friend quickened their pace, then began to run. When they saw this, they panicked. Her daughter later said that my friend ran away and shouted: “What do you want from us ?!”. And he replied: “Work …” – says the nervous father.

We asked the Poviat Police Department in Nysa to comment on the father’s allegations and answer questions about the case. Here is the position:
March 28 this year. The KPP duty officer in Nysa received 2 messages from the Emergency Notification Center. The first intervention involves two minors who have to take a picture against the will of a man. The second news was about a man who had to chase two young children. A KPP officer on duty at Nysa determined that both interventions involved the same participants and immediately sent a police patrol to the specified address. Police officers interrogated the participants on the spot. Based on their findings, they prepared an official note and informed the parties about the legal possibilities.
We can not answer the remaining questions. They refer to a specific person who violates their personal rights.
sergeant staff. Martha Kublin
Acting press secretary of the KPP in Nysa

What was he capable of?
According to another report, the girls separated while fleeing. Our interlocutor’s daughter ran to the Ecom building near Viyaduk, and her friend ran to the supermarket. The torturer ran after the other. At that moment, Mr. Sebastian’s daughter called her mother in horror. – The wife was in the city and immediately went to the place indicated by her daughter. Suddenly I knew what had happened. But I was far away. I didn’t care about anything – whether I had documents or even traffic rules. My wife and I always drove on the phone. I told her to get the girls in her car as soon as possible, to close the door, to move if the torturer attacked, and the man spoke.
Fortunately, Mr. Sebastian’s wife was able to get there on time, and his car became a haven for her daughter and a friend who ran after her in the supermarket. “As I approached, I saw this man standing about 10 meters away from the car as if nothing had happened,” Mr. Sebastian continued. – He was moving abnormally – he just stopped, then did not run. When I got out of the car while fleeing, I first checked to see if the girls were alive. They were already shaking and crying inside.
Mr Sebastian added that the man was walking away while he was checking on the girls. – I started looking for him – I walked in the garden near the neighboring restaurant. I thought he ran towards the rails and he … squatted on the other side. My wife had already called the police, and I twisted my arms, fell on my face, and strangled her, and she spoke with great excitement.
But this was not the end of emotions. – We waited for the police for 30, maybe 40 minutes. At that time, I heard from this person maybe 50 times that I said “… e … e”. I have every right to think that he is drunk for some reason – this is evidenced not only by his strength, but also by his behavior – he adds open feelings.

Mr Sebastian has great concerns about how the intervention was carried out by the two police officers who arrived at the scene. – In these huge nerves, after a few tens of minutes of wrestling with this guy, I cursed and said: “Take that pedophile.” Instead, in the first sentence, I heard a policeman say … “he scolds me for swearing.” At that time, they hit me in the face: I caught a boy, he is probably a recidivist, who knows where my family lives, he chases my young daughter and her friend, threatens them, I hear … reprimand! Then they said to the boy I preferred, “Please get up.” There was no question of handcuffs. I have white fire for this! However, there was no question as to whether the girls were injured. Then they came crying. I got the impression that the police had done something wrong – as if no one was chasing or threatening the minors – he says with great nervousness.

Guilty or victim?
Mr Sebastian asked for information on what would happen next, but could not get an answer, as he claimed. “Nothing happened for the next few tens of minutes – the attacker was standing next to potential victims and the police were calling somewhere …” he added.
Mr Sebastian, his wife, daughter and girlfriend went to the police station in Nice to report the crime. – We were sure that the police would bring this man in a police car. It turned out that a police car arrived, but without a man! Then the brakes left me! I shouted at the police, they took him to kindergarten ?! It was incomprehensible to me and my wife! – admits.
As Mr. Sebastian’s next words show, this was not the end of the surprises. – We sit in the waiting room and wait for the testimony, and then – comes in the same room … this guy! My nerves were already relaxed: “What is this ?! Torturer next to the victims! “I shouted. I came to the conclusion that he wanted to testify that he had been abducted by me! The peak of absurdity!
For us, this man is crazy – he sat next to us and showed his middle finger, his tongue. All this can be checked in the record. I protested that the torturer was in the same room with the victims. After all, this is an additional trauma for them … – he concludes.
Mr Sebastian added that when he testified, this time officials treated his family very professionally. – I made an appointment with the deputy commander of the Nysa police, because I could not let what happened during the intervention in my course. I have to study the further course of the issue in writing. One thing is for sure – He is empty! I may also be summoned for questioning as a suspect for “violating the integrity” of a boy who threatened and persecuted my daughter and her friend. I took my daughter to school this morning and waited for the door to close behind me. I don’t know, he doesn’t look at her because he is free. There are many cases when a child leaves school and does not return, goes for tutoring and does not return … – he added.
Mr. Sebastian has another observation about these traumatic events. “Everything happened in the middle of the day, in a crowded place – but no one reacted, no one helped …” he says sadly.

Agnieszka Groń

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