For Poles, there is nothing more sacred than the protection of the border

Speech at the “Freedom Man of the Weekly Network for 2021”. Prime Minister Yaroslav Kaczynski received the title

APPROACH. Weekly “Freedom Man’s Tower” by Sieci. This year’s winner is PiS President Yaroslav Kaczynski!

Ladies and gentlemen, dear viewers, friends!

Freedom, dignity inherent in every human being – these are the foundations of our modern civilization, humanity and Christianity, which created our world. It’s full of flaws, but there’s nothing better than that, and probably won’t. Utopias and tyranny only result in death, violence, poverty and degradation of the individual.

We see this more clearly today when the Putin regime’s barbaric image is exposed, murdered, burned, raped, and lied to. He uses unimaginable cruelty to stifle the freedom of the Ukrainian nation. The personal freedom of citizens, the freedom of the national community to choose its own path in public life, the freedom to live their culture and use the historical language.

I ask everyone to remember this fight of our neighbor during this meeting and every day. We will not stop our efforts to support this war – we will try our best to take care of the millions of refugees on the front and here, often the nearby soldiers and soldiers. I also pray for all the victims of the war, especially those who were brutally killed by the occupying army, those who gave their lives so that they would never live again, even for a moment. victims.

All of this reminds us that freedom is not given once and for all. Requires constant care, vigilance, constant effort, hard work and intellectual analysis. In every area of ​​our social, state, cultural and economic life. Both in the media. Because the media is a service to society. Bad, stupid, shameful media can do great harm to society, the state and citizens. They can destroy an entire nation. And vice versa: it can be a serious, effective protector of rights, a true “free voice that provides a free voice”, created with genuine concern for the common good, based on original values.

Immediately after the Smolensk tragedy, we try to work like this every day from the moment it was created in our environment, which is formalized in difficult, tragic moments for the whole Polish society. We create our media in this spirit: portal, a monthly magazine on the History Network, television and economics on And of course, this castle is hosted by Sieci Weekly.

We create them with incomparably more resources than powerful media companies, including German media companies. It is a magazine that has been the subject of intense attacks and struggles since the first issue of Sieci – for its constant pro-Polish stance and its fierce defense of the raison d’é disobey false idols and false, supposedly coercive authorities. There is also economic persecution, and sometimes judicial repression.

In addition, I would like to thank all our readers and friends who are with us today and who have repeatedly shown that we can count on them. For example, when the media network shrinks sharply after an explosion. I don’t know if our readers wouldn’t have received so many e-subscriptions in a short time, we could have survived. This is still a great help for us and I still ask for it.


We have a great, selfless team that cannot be broken. They are the real defenders of Polish and European freedom.

Finally, we have strong, beautiful, wise and effective criteria. These are the winners of the Weekly Network’s Freedom Man title from previous years. Prof. Krzysztof Szwagrzyk – boldly fights for the truth about the fate of our heroes, who were first killed by the Warsaw Soviets, and then even deprived of the right to burial and remembrance. late Yaroslav Marek Rymkiewicz, the bar of modern Poland, the poet of Polish freedom. Politicians who strengthened the Polish state and Polish freedom: Andrzej Duda, Jarosław Kaczyński, Piotr Gliński and Mateusz Morawiecki. Judges, as Chairman of the Constitutional Court Julia Przyłębska. PKN Orlen President Daniel ObajtekThe Freedom Man of the Weekly Network for 2020 builds the economic architecture of Polish freedom.

What about 2021? A year of intense pressure, attacks and threats unknown to the Polish state for decades?

At this point, as every year, we should thank you for all the votes and comments we received on the selection of the winner of the title of “Sieci” Weekly Freedom Man for 2021. As we read them during the chapter meetings, we remembered how tense the months were. A period of intense struggle against geopolitical and internal overloads, ambitious changes and the ongoing pandemic.

There was one topic that was most frequently repeated in almost all of the expressions: Protection of the border of the Republic of Poland. For Poles, who in the past were very experienced in the absence of their own state, there is nothing more sacred. Since 2010, there has been no more serious test for the efficiency of our state and the unity of our community.

The attack from the outside, the shameless hybrid war against Poland, was accompanied, at least formally, by shameful media and political attacks on border guards from within.

At that time, we were also convinced that decisive investments in Poland’s security after 2015 were important to stop the collapse of the state under previous governments.

If that line before 2015 had continued, if the nation had not found the strength to break itself, to change, to turn away from the abyss, it is terrible to think about what will happen to us today – this is the most common opinion.

Despite pressure from the West, Poland defended itself. Poland did it. The border guards, soldiers, police, commanders and ministers who oversaw these services passed the test and realized the seriousness of the Polish people (high, but with a few exceptions). Most importantly, there was leadership that did not hesitate for a moment in this defense.

Today we see that those events must be considered in conjunction with Russia’s attack on Ukraine. This was the initial stage. An attempt to paralyze our defense capabilities, to get into a desperate situation, to drown in the resulting internal conflicts. A terrible car drives everything. But we, the Poles, also have effective leaders.

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