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Director: Valeri Lemercier

Rectangle Productions and Gaumont Film Company
In cinemas 04.15

I must admit that I have not liked the biographical film about the famous musician since then walk the line. This genre rarely goes beyond the main melodrama, which aims to win an Oscar and sell an album, and I don’t care. But I didn’t seem to hate anyone until I saw them aline.

Although described as a “fantasy of a freely inspired life,” Celine Dionaline In fact, it is nothing more than a biography with a name change for legal reasons. The film tells the story of the life and career of Alain Dion (To Be a French Dio for God), a Quebec girl with a strong voice. aline He watches the girl’s humble beginnings – singing with her family at small parties – a meteoric rise in her fame. It was discovered by Guy Claude Gamar at the age of twelve.Silven Marseille), this is a very convincing version René AngelilAllen is a real middle-aged producer / director who had a romantic and sexual relationship only eight years later and married in 1995. This must be the most frightening and disturbing aspect alinebut surprisingly, it appears within a second.

Allen plays the role of director and co-author Valeri Lemercierand not by anyone else between the ages of five and fifty. Although he was almost 56 years old when the film was made, Lemercier is 45 years old, thanks to the magic of digital age removal methods. In the early years of Allen Lord of the rings Whether you’re shooting at a creative angle or using effects to make it smaller than everyone else, styling techniques are used to make it smaller. To say that this idea will not work completely seems insulting to some really promising concepts that have been mistaken in some way, such as artificial bacon or the spread of Christian-flavored cheese.

Strange, reluctant courage is such a big mistake that it causes it in the worst case. aline It’s completely invisible, and at best, it turns into a terrible wreck of a car that you can’t get away from, especially for fear of losing something scary. Lemercier’s most amazing moments come when he adapts to the sound of his mouth Victoria SiuIt does an amazing job of capturing Dion’s signature vocals, and I got the whole movie in those moments – as long as I closed my eyes.

To be honest, I don’t want to be harsh with Lemercier doing his best, but the only level in which he succeeds is helping director Lemercier make the Aline-Guy-Claude relationship almost perfect, because despite the dialogue, they seem to be the same age. Yes, Lemercier captured a younger woman’s gait as a girl, and there could be something on stage as a one-man show. But he doesn’t play here. A painful mix of experimental self-absorption with a scenario that is not as eventful, comprehensible or exciting as the films made for television family of partridges or monkeys Since the 1990s, this has been combined in 2022 with the worst film experience I’ve ever had. On the other hand, you can hear different versions nature boy Almost 38 times.

Lemercier completely abuses high technology to play Dion’s mature voice and grandeur perfectly in a very young person, or in a role he can’t play, even though it simply doesn’t work and feels “inappropriate.” , aline This is the sweetest and most embarrassing movie I’ve ever seen. After just two hours, it’s shockingly long for a movie where nothing interesting happens. You may think that I spent most of this review focusing on performance, but there is nothing else worth mentioning about production. Reading the translations was the only thing that allowed me to do something and prevent me from looking the other way.

aline One bad note goes to another, and I usually hate it in ways that are limited to business M. Shyamalan Night or John Wayne Gacy. As much as I hate regression to such a cheap signal, yes, I will continue to hate it. –Patrick Gibbs

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