“Every second I spent with Angela was torture. He killed himself and his uneducated children took me home. ”- From real life

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My mother convinced me to invite my cousin Angelica with her little daughters.

– He is very tired. And his Edek did not go on vacation again … Take him to the country, let him rest.

– Well … I don’t know, mother. We are not friends, we don’t even like each other … – I was not interested in occupying relatives.

Thank God, I live in a “boring” village in Wielkopolsk, not by the sea or in the mountains, because my friends and family would flock to me during the holiday season. However, sometimes someone dreamed of agrotourism weekend, so I tried to avoid such visits as a horse.

– Do you remember what Aunt Stas said when she gave us a solitaire? We didn’t get along with Angela, we stayed away from each other, because it would end in a big quarrel in the family.

– Córuś, stop repeating these stupid things. First of all, you were a child then, so you know that sometimes you tear cats. Second, Stash’s aunt, with all due respect, was terrified of old age and thought she was a kind of fairy. Third, you are your cousin, your family, and you need to help each other in the family.

– He will miss me in the village – I caught the last argument.

“From where!” He asked me if he could come to you.

– Aha … that’s right …

Damn it. Since the “bidulka” wants it, if I refuse, I will be a bitch. -Well, let him stand next to you. I will invite him for a week, I am on vacation in the first half of September.

– Maybe two people, right? The girls will enjoy the fresh country air.

– Mom, don’t overdo it!

“Well, well,” he agreed with a theatrical breath.

So I called Angelica and invited her to my home. He was very happy and had a strokedid not thank me.

– It will be great, you will see! Finally, we will talk as much as we want.

After a while, the first scream came

I was not so enthusiastic. We really didn’t fit together. Conversations with Angela usually focused on close and extended family members, which I did not like. But her little girls, five-year-old Iza and six-year-old Hela, always gave me the impression of sweet angels, and I loved playing with them at family gatherings. Something will happen, after all, it’s only been a week, not a full month, I thought.

The greeting was sweet: hugs, whistles, kisses, gifts to each other. The first scratch occurred a few minutes later. The girls were happy with my wife Nora. They hugged him, stroked him and hung him around his neck.

He stood firm, so I did not react. I am in favor of the thesis that children and animals are self-aware and should not be disturbed. The little ones seemed to be swollen with their caresses, for suddenly Nora was sobbing loudly at them.

– Not a good dog! Angelica shouted. – Bad dog, run! And he hit Nora lightly on the back with a folded newspaper.

– What are you doing? – I was angry.

– He grunted at the children!

– And good. The dog growls to understand that the limit has been exceeded. Do not rebuke the dog for barking!

“For some, dogs are more important than children,” Angela inflated like a balloon.

– It is an important lesson for children, they learn how to treat animals.

– Thank you for learning so.

I answered sharply on the tip of my tongue, but little Iza burst into tears and asked Hela:

– Stop arguing!

I hugged the girls and changed the subject:

– Shall we go to the lake after lunch?

– Yeah!!! A chorus of three voices answered me. Angela didn’t swell anymore, she had a smile on her face. The conflict has been resolved.

At the lake, Angelica lay on a blanket with a book, and I looked at Hela and Iza. When I returned, the girls wanted to play with me again. In Hawaiian dances, in pirates, in “Frozen” Elsa, while cooking mud soup …

I was tired after three hours. In addition, Angelica’s constant remarks weakened me: don’t do it, you’re wrong, girls are not allowed to do that. To make it even more funny, I couldn’t give them a square of chocolates (because they are fat and spoil their teeth), but it was as if he had never given his daughters chocolate just before dinner – because he was polite all day. So, what is allowed for the mother is not an aunt.

After dinner, Angelica started washing the girls, and there were Dante scenes that I watched with my eyes wide open. The girls were crying and shouting that they didn’t want to wash, and Angelica was shouting at them.

– Your teeth will rot and fall out! Do you want it Yes ?!

– You are an idiot! Oh, damn it! Hela withdrew from her tears.

“Enough discussion,” said Angelica, taking Iza’s hand and pulling her into the bathroom, tearing at her.

Helenka reached out to her sister and kicked her in the ankle. He received a flog for this. I looked and couldn’t believe my eyes … I was surprised, scandalous and confused. I could not see whether I should react. It happened in my house. But she was their mother.

Are all mothers so martyrs?

After forty minutes of trouble, the girls went to bed without washing. Angelica read my mind because she said:

– Follow and learn. Motherhood looks like this. No woman who is not a mother will understand how great a sacrifice this is.

For a moment, I wanted to ask my dear cousin whether all mothers are martyrs, or just weak in education, but I forgave myself. I asked him a completely different question:

– Do you want a drink?

– Yes!

Enjoying the happy silence, we sipped vodka with orange juice. But Angelika soon broke up with him and started talking about our common cousin, Ania:

– I saw him recently, at Kashka’s wedding. He came alone, imagine!

– So what?

– It’s a shame to go to a wedding alone!

– Because I know …

– He is a complete loser. Thirty-two years, no husband, no children.

– I do not have a husband or children.

-Well, yes, but you are not yet thirty, maybe you can find a man. And at least you have boys.

– I have … children? – I drew. – What does that mean?

– Some transient relationships. Marriage will not be possible, but at least you have fun. Well, I’m not judging you, I’m modern.

– Fast? I have had two serious relationships. If that’s what you’re proposing, I’m not going to have fun!

“Ah, come on, you don’t have to explain to me, you’re an adult,” Angelica smiled at me.

I finished my drink quickly. I went to bed saying I was tired.

The next morning at breakfast came another scream. Nora sat down at the table and watched our meal, whimpering.

– Why does that dog want to eat? This is unbearable! Angela was angry.

“Ribs, because he wasn’t raised,” I said. “Why do Iza and Hela talk so much?” – I withdrew.

“It’s something else entirely,” my cousin replied arrogantly, although I had a hard time understanding him because … he had a good bite of jam in his mouth.

I could hardly contain my laughter. But after a few minutes, I stopped laughing.

“I’m going to sunbathe by the lake, take care of the girls,” Angela said.

He ordered me, did not ask!

I should have told her to fill myself up, but I thought I would rather be alone with the children than with her and her.

“You can’t watch fairy tales, you can’t play with a tablet, you can’t have sweets,” Angelica instructed me. “And don’t miss them for a moment!”

I sighed deeply.

-We will be fine, do not worry. Go to the lake and relax.

It’s easy to say, “We’ll be fine,” but harder. At first, Iza and Hela were very polite. I mean, in the first few hours, they fought a few times, and once they stopped the hysteria because they thought it was POSSIBLE to watch a story. But I have a problem.

The girls quickly realized that when I said no, I meant no. But after six hours of babysitting, I was fed up with them. They could not look at themselves for a moment.

– I have to have dinner. Draw now, okay?

– Well, but you shoot with us!

“I have another job, my love, really.” My mom doesn’t always play with you, does she?

– No, mom is playing a fairy tale for us!

Angelica returned from the lake eight hours later! And immediately after his return, he sat the girls in front of the tablet and gave them a bar of chocolate. I bit my lip not to say what I thought about it.

Immediately after breakfast the next day, I told Angelica that I had to go to the post office, the library, and my friend’s.

– Have fun! – I sent him a kiss in the air and quickly rode away on a bicycle.

I did not go to the post office or the library. I have just embarked on a very long, relaxing bike ride to take a break from my favorite guests. I walked through the forest paths, smelled the trees and enjoyed the peaceful peace.

When I returned, Angelica was sitting on a chaise longue, and her daughters ran after Nora with buckets and poured water on her. When I opened the gate, Iza poured water on the dog’s head.

“What’s going on here?” what are you doing ?!

– We play with a dog.

“But Nora doesn’t like it!” Don’t you see? Angela, why do you allow children to torture animals?

– Do not overdo it, they did not do such a thing to him.

Then I took a bucket of water from Eli’s hand and poured it directly on my cousin’s head.

– Aaaaaaaa !!! – he tore.

“No, I didn’t do that to you,” I said with a sweet smile.

– You’re crazy! We will not stay here anymore! – Angelica probably thought I would apologize to her. Nothing more.

– Well, I’m not keeping you. I will check the time of the return train on the Internet.

That same day, Angelica left. It did not bother me, on the contrary, I felt a great relief. It is true that, as predicted by the aunt of the late Stash, it ended with the whole family, but I did not care. Certain people should stay away from each other. Even if the same grandparents.

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