Circle around the Vistula route and Łysogóry in the bike route construction program

The concept of walking fourteen bike paths developed Świętokrzyskie Marshal’s Office with the participation of cycling communities. Work on the document began in 2019.

The concept proposes 14 bicycle route corridors for implementation. These include: one European route – EuroVelo 11, two national routes: Vistula Cycling Route and Green Velo and eleven regional routes – PAP Piotr Kisiel, Director of the Department of Education, Sports, Tourism and Foreign Relations of the Marshal’s Office in the Church, gave information.

The concept includes the construction of sections that will connect existing roads to those planned. This will allow for the creation of an interconnected network of cyclists in every corner of the province. We want new bicycle investments in the region to be created in a slightly broader perspective so that local governments, such as municipalities and regional routes, can be connected at the planning stage. The document we have created is to facilitate this he added.

Vistula Bike Route

The length of one of the bicycle lanes to be built in the region is more than 140 km Vistula Bike Route. About 80 percent. is to flee to the top of flood dams. The route will run from the town of Błotnowola in the commune of Novy Korczyn to the border with the province of Mazowieckie near Ostrow in the commune of Tarłów.

We hope that we will be able to implement this investment, for example, as part of the co-financing of the East Poland program. In the case of other tasks, the amount of performance, including the amount of funds received from others, which will depend on it, from the EU. We hope that the concept we have developed will be useful for local governments and will help to develop good projects Kisiel added.

Grants from government programs can also help. As part of the Polish Boys’ Strategic Investment Program, a regional bicycle route No. 160 will be developed – the only bicycle route designed in the form of a ring. Its main task is to unite the most famous cities around Łysogory, the highest range of Świętokrzyskie mountains.

The Association of Świętokrzyskie Mountains Communes received 20 million PLN from the Polish Bargain to implement this investment. It is planned to build about 20 km of bicycle lanes. Finally, the length of the route will be more than 50 km.

The concept shows that the geographical conditions of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship: topography with large forest areas and numerous hills can contribute to the development of mountain biking in the region.

Single tracks

In Świętokrzyskie mountains the first so-called traces. In 2021, thanks to the cooperation of the Ostrover Association with the Lagow Forest District and the commune of Vashnyov, the project “Jeleniowskie Ścieżki” was created.

There were two of them low runs: “Swist” and “Trzygłów” and a driveway “Strumyk”. Their length is from 1900 m to 2100 m and the height difference is about 200 m. The length of the climb is 2600 m. Routes are located in the western part of the Jeleniowski range of the Świętokrzyskie mountains in the commune Waśniów.

There is no such place in the central part of Poland. Although our mountains are not high, it is really fun to ride on the prepared slopes. Their great diversity is their advantage: from smooth surfaces, fragments filled with natural roots and hard rocks of Świętokrzyskie Gołobórze, to bridges and jumps made of nearby materials. Another positive aspect is that such an infrastructure has been created in the center of Poland, we can already see that there is great interest among fans of this activity from different parts of the country. – Member of the Ostrover Association Tomasz Kosiak told PAP.

The unofficial premiere of the routes took place last autumn. The official opening is scheduled for April 24, which will be accompanied by the first Jeleniowskie Enduro MTB sports event. The new Świętowit route will also be presented during the event.

As part of the concept, 103 bicycle routes with a total length of about 4,000 meters were inventoried in the Swiętokrzyskie Voivodeship. kilometers.

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