“Anatomy of the Scandal” series on the Netflix platform

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The style icon of the 2000s, Sienna Miller, returns to the screen on Netflix in the film Anatomy of Scandal. David E. Kelley, producer of “Big Little Lies”, “Again” and “Nine Strangers”, is the creator of a mini-series about patriarchy, politics and privileges.

During the screening of David E. Kelley’s new Netflix mini-series Anatomy of a Scandal, I sat in front of the screen with a notebook in my hand. I’m just setting up a new apartment, so I’m getting inspiration from the interior. There are enough of them here – after all, the heroes are representatives of the London establishment, the upper class and political leaders.

James Whitehouse (Rupert Dost from the Homeland) lives in an apartment where his wife Sophie (Sienna Miller returns to the screen) and her two children meet a restrained elegance with effortless luxury. A green lamp on the lady’s bed, transparent doors that allow you to see the kitchen from the living room, comfortable, large sofas – everything is visible from the designer warehouse.

In Reese Witherspoon’s “Big Lies,” Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep, who love to portray degradation, sin, and the corruption of a privileged percentage, showed a nuanced view of wealth – California residents hid secrets and lies, but the end was good. In “Again,” starring Kidman and Hugh Grant, evil was punished, albeit extremely attractive. In “Nine Strangers”, the author did not make any judgments. The Anatomy of Scandal is perhaps the most subtle series by former creator Ally McBeal. Perhaps this was due to a misunderstanding of English traditions – after all, an American, even one with a title like Kelley, has no idea about the high society of London. Or maybe he just took the easy way out of the moment – in the end, each of his works is great to watch, so the writer writes five series at a time.

(Photo: press materials)
(Photo: press materials)

He has worked on “Anatomy” with Melissa James Gibson (“Occupation: The American”, “House of Cards”) and Sarah Vaughan, author of the mini-series Netflix. The former Guardian journalist specializes in best-selling novels on crime, custom and law. Like the literary Robin Hood, he points to the mistakes of those who consider themselves innocent, tarnishes cynicism, and exposes hypocrisy.

This time is no different. Whitehouse, a close friend of the British Prime Minister, a minister and a favorite of the electorate, began an extramarital affair with MP Olivia Lytton (Naomi Scott). Expect loyalty from his wife. And from the head of government – he finally saved his life by hiding his past shortcomings. Everyone, of course, met in Oxford – in the workshop of the elite, where the children of wealthy parents study. Invisible Holly did not fit their company. Not surprisingly, he disappeared after his first year … Years later, when he enters the White House, he will reveal a secret that could end James’s career. Because when Litton accuses her of rape, Sophie stays with her husband, unable to believe that he is capable of violence. Only when he hears from his mother-in-law does he begin to doubt her: He was always overconfident. He cheated in every board game.

The creators of the series thus explain gender and class theory very clearly – there is nothing worse than men who consider themselves impunity from the establishment, refuse to protest and eventually run away from everything. The task of women in anatomy will be to punish sinners. It is rude because it is based on critical slogans of privileges and patriarchy. When Sophie asked her nanny if her husband was a “good man,” she replied: He is a person. The least obvious figure is prosecutor Kate Woodcroft (Michelle Docker from Downton Abbey), who plays hard with men.

(Photo: press materials)

Anatomy is already in the top ten on Netflix, and it’s worth seeing first for Sienna Miller. The style icon of the 2000s almost disappeared from the screens after a strong debut. He tried to return several times. Failed so far. The scandal’s fame followed him. Maybe that’s why he chose a series about those on the border between public and private. – At the beginning of my career, the paparazzi treated me like a predator. I did not have a life – he said in a recent interview with the Guardian. Jude Law’s lover, the dog-girl, who revealed her boho style and was a frequent visitor to the most fashionable parties, was more interested in the media than a talented actress. After a maternity break (her daughter Marlowe goes to school over her relationship with Tom Sturridge), Miller prepares to rewrite the rules of the game. – I enter the room and negotiate like a man he says. The style is still great – in “Anatomia” she wears cashmere coats, restrained dresses, luxurious accessories, and in particular, she has become an inspiration for designers from the daughter of Glastonbury. She wears Saint Laurent costumes and Khaite costumes, and can be found on the streets of London in jeans and knitted cardigans like Edie Sedgwick, who plays her Factory Girl. She has regained her dog-girl status, has plans for two years, she meets 15-year-old actor Olim Green. In her world, as in Anatomy, women ultimately dominate.

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