Alexandra, daughter of Maciej Zieliński: volleyball is more interesting …

Alexandra Zielinska, the daughter of Polish softball champion Wroclaw, three-time national champion, famous former basketball player Maciej Zielinski, long-time national team captain and daughter of Schlask Wroclaw, believes that she has more discipline. is more interesting than his father applied.

Zielińska, who made his debut for BSC Rovigo in the Italian second division, came to volleyball by chance, but unlike basketball, he immediately liked it.

“I only played basketball in elementary school, PE. Looking at my bravery, it was impossible to say that my father played basketball … I came to softball by chance, but I liked it immediately. The girls of the Countess Wroclaw team were training on the field in front of my house. I looked out the window and finally went to ask what the discipline was and what it was about, because it seemed + exotic + to me, “Zielińska told the PAP.

The coach of one of the best Polish teams at that time spoke so interestingly about the American game that the teenager accepted the invitation and decided to come to one of the trainings. After 13 years (since 2020) at the Hrabiny / Panthers club, Wrocław Zielińska has won three Polish championships (2017, 2020 and 2021), a second (2018) and four national cups (2016, 2017, 2020 and 2022).

“I came to the first training session and I am still here today. It was the end of elementary school. Before that I was into modern dance, but I was bored. Softball was different from other sports I knew from PE classes. Unusual, not very popular and therefore interesting. The rules are complicated – a fact, but it makes it more interesting. You don’t always have to run like you do in basketball, but I did run at certain times. Above all, concentration is important, “he said.

For two weeks, Zielińska has been training with the Italian club BSC Rovigo, which is less than 50,000. The city of Rovigo in the Veneto region.

“I came here thanks to the coach of the Warsaw team, which has ties to the European scouts. I just came with a half-Hungarian friend who is an American citizen who plays in the capital’s orchestra. The Italians were looking for players in the positions we played: I play offensively on the field, I throw the ball, and my friend is a shooter – this is a very important position in the team. The coach recommended us. In March, we were supposed to try the camp – you had to show your skills and you succeeded. “I was in Rovigo for two weeks as a loan player with the consent of the Polish federation and the Wroclaw club.”

Zieliński’s daughter admits that she sees volleyball as a passion because it is difficult to make money from the sport. He has a normal job in Poland – he is engaged in finance. He had to go on vacation to go to Italy.

“I took four months off work – partly unpaid, partly normal. The Italian club pays us for an apartment and a scholarship. I think there are a handful of athletes in Europe who have professional volleyball contracts and are able to make ends meet. Girls study or work in our team.

– I’m excited to experience something new. We know each other very well in Poland – there are five teams, I know each player. Everything is new here and you can see that volleyball is more popular than in Poland. Our club has dozens of teams in different age categories, “he added.

The Wroclaw citizen also admitted that professionalism in the Italian club is seen not only at the organizational level, but also in training.

“We train four times a week, two games a week. Last year, the club struggled in the playoffs to advance to the next level, but failed. Maybe this year will be better? The softball match, which lasted about two hours, consisted of seven shots. The ball is slightly larger than baseball. “Both games have similar rules, and the difference – apart from the size of the ball – is the way it is thrown, in our case it is thrown from below, and in baseball it is thrown from above.”

The Polish woman hopes that immediately after the end of the season in Italy, she will be able to join the national team for the European Championship in Spain in late July. White and red will play in the game. Along with Italians, Croats, Belgians and Greeks.

“The season ends at the end of July and there are still playoff games to enter the major leagues in September. Let’s see what will happen, because I will return to work in August. We have the European Championship at the end of July. I hope we can go to Spain. In the last championship, we took ninth place, which was the highest position in the history of Poland, “he added.

What can you wish Zielińskaya in the new club? Broken stick?

“Oh, it’s not better, because the sticks really break sometimes. I would add that it is not so easy to catch this big yellow ball the size of a lemon in a glove. I consider my stay in Italy as a fun adventure. I’m glad it’s open for me. “

Olga Przybyłowicz (PAP)

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