Victoria Beckham and Corey Haim. The forgotten attitude of the former Spicetka

  • Victoria Adams joined the Spice Girls in 1994 and became one of the idols of millions of girls around the world. Corey Haim gained the most popularity for his role in the cult film “Lost Boys”.
  • In 1995, the actor and singer began dating. They tried to hide their relationship from the world. A year later, their relationship ended in a big bang
  • Haim officially died of natural causes in 2010, but there were speculations that his death may have been the result of an overdose.
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Toy Brooklyn Beckham and Nicole Peltz was one of the most popular events in the world of show business last weeks. In fact, this should come as no surprise, because the Beckham family wedding is not a summer social event. Thats it will be seen at the ceremony Duchess Kate and Prince William. Although they received an invitation from the groom’s parents, they refused to come to the wedding. Despite this is starting a new lifestyle for my son David Beckham and Victoria Beckham caused an increase in interest in the couple. The parents themselves are in the spotlight. They were married on July 4, 1999., and their wedding was exceptionally lavish, marking the beginning of the couple’s worldwide popularity, which continues to this day. Before saying a sacred “yes” to each other, they both had a carefully marked and sometimes criticized relationship.. The same was true of the relationship between Victoria Beckham and Corey Haim. Especially since their ex-lovers have different opinions about the course of their relationship.

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Victoria Beckham. Before Mrs. Beckham

1994 was the beginning of the road to world popularity for Victoria Adams. The 20-year-old was tested by a new group of women who later became a world sensation. girls with Spice Girls presented to show business, but also more broadly: pop culture, femininity, feminism and candy pop. Their fate was analyzed in various ways, and they themselves became the idols of millions of girls around the world. Acting as a “fashionable spice” on stage, Victoria Adams gave the impression of an arrogant, distinguished and inaccessible woman. 2012 documentary program “Spice Girls’ Story: Live Forever“The artist admitted that he did not complain about the large number of marriage proposals:

These very surprising words did not suit all members of the Spice Girls. However, in the history of Victoria before David Beckham, there are actually very few men. Became the first partner Mark WoodsHe met in 1991. One of the celebrities set up a theft alert and, after a year of dating, proposed to his girlfriend.. For a while, Victoria Beckham even used her name in group-related materials. But the relationship became fragile, and in less than two years, Mark Woods ended up with a broken heart..

Victoria Beckham and Corey Haim. Secret contact and loud splitting

A year after the casting of five female singers, a young Canadian actor appeared in the life of Victoria Beckham.. It was a time when female singers were unsure of their future. Although they rehearsed regularly, the bands were looking forward to their debut albums. In addition, the managers left the whole project. Nevertheless, the singers continued their work, releasing an album in 1996, a The single “Wannabe”, which promoted the album, became a huge hit in dozens of countries.

When Victoria Adams and her four teammates became big stars in almost one night, Posh Spice’s life took a turn for the worse. His relationship with the actor, whom he met a year ago, was coming to an end. Corey Haim was an actor who rose to fame in 1987 with his role in The Lost Boys. A film in a convention that combines horror and comedy in which one of the main roles is played Kifer Sutherlandbecame a hit, not only in the United States.

Haim At the time, he was less than 16 years old and suddenly became one of the most successful teenage actors in Hollywood.. The popularity and wealth he gained on this occasion made the teenage actor a drug addict. He admitted that in 2004 he made his debut in the film “Stacony Boys”, and then began to get drunk on strong drugs.. In the following years, the actor participated in several more box office hits. In 1995, Haim appeared in a London rehearsal room where young female singers were training and sparking love. In one of his subsequent interviews, he admitted:

Although he is a famous actor and he is on the verge of music popularity, the details of his relationship with the world were not disclosed. Over time. Victoria Adams and Corey Haim met for a year. At that time, the singer had quite serious plans with the actor, because he invited him to his parents for the weekend. Their relationship ended as soon as it began. However, unlike the first meeting, their last moments together were very intense. Victoria Adams had to throw Corey Haim’s belongings out of the apartment window and shout in the street. He did not owe it to him, but in public he had to accuse him of treason from the street level.. The singer had to feel enough of her lover’s sick jealousy that … she liked Take That. That was at least Victoria’s version, because the actor said that their relationship just burned down and they parted without sensation.

Photo: Ann Summa / Getty Images / Getty Images

Corey Haim

I’m sure After the separation, the two first tried to keep their relationship a secret. It was only after many years that they decided to admit that they were together. Even then, they were very comfortable talking about themselves. But always with evil. Corey Haim admitted in an interview with Bravo TV in 2008:

Photo: Toronto Star via Richard Lautens / Getty Images / Getty Images

Corey Haim

The singer did not owe him. In his first book, Learning to Fly, he admitted:

In another interview – this time for the magazine “OK!” – He also referred to their proximity:

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham. Dream wedding

The singer has been with the model for a year after splitting with Corey Haim Stuart Biltonbeing friends with her lover’s family. Their relationship lasted only a year and the reasons for their separation are unknown. Perhaps this was due to the sudden and huge popularity of the Spice Girls, which became an international sensation in 1997.. Everyone wanted to get acquainted with the female singers, who were invited to many public events. One of them was the beginning of great love.

During a charity match at Manchester United Stadium Victoria Adams met with football star David Beckham. The couple later admitted that they both pursued their success, which helped them find common ground to talk about only during the acquaintance. In an interview with The Sun, the footballer admitted:

Two years later, Victoria and David Beckham got married, and they quickly became one of the most popular couples in the world of show business. As their family’s happiness flourished, Corey Haim’s life became addicted. He had a heart attack in 2001 and in the following years he went to drug clinics several times until his death in 2010. Officially, the death was caused by natural causes. However, there have been speculations that an overdose of the drug may soon be the cause.

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