“The farmer is looking for a wife.” We met new participants. Everyone wants the same thing, except for “wife”. TVP is not surprising

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On April 17, 2022, the zero series of the popular TVP show – “The Farmer is Looking for a Wife” began, where the heroes shared their long-awaited dreams of love. The audience had a chance to meet with eight candidates, two ladies and six grooms, who spoke about the requirements that the other half had to meet. The five letters that collect the most letters will appear in the ninth issue of the program in early autumn.

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Many participants of “The farmer is looking for a wife” have found the love they longed for!

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“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Candidates from the 9th edition are looking for partners

Tomas, who studied finance and accounting, first spoke about himself. He works on a farm with his brother and father. He is a very warm person and wants to get married. Looking for a girl with long hair. The preferred age for her is a woman aged 19-27.

A smiling and ambitious girl can attract his attention – the host of the program summed up his demands.

“Farmer looking for a wife” TVP SCREEN

Katarzyna then spoke about herself looking for a responsible person who would feel safe. He loves horses and his dream wife must also love animals. Her passions and work are good, but she could also find time to relax so that the couple could spend the weekend alone. As for height, she has special requirements, because she is also a tall woman – men are only 182 cm tall.

Mateusz said he asked the next woman to feed the goats. He is looking for a beautiful, young, well-groomed and childless woman. He wants to have a happy relationship with her.

“Farmer looking for a wife” TVP SCREEN

Then it was the turn of Tomas, the father of two girls. He is looking for a woman who will be happy. The man is behind two relationships: marriage was one of them. He is 179 cm tall and did not want his wife to be bigger and taller than him. She dreams of starting a family, and she is not worried about her future lover having children.

Krzysztof, in turn, raises cows. He loves to drive a tractor and wants to persuade his wife to work in the village. He wants his future partner to be hardworking, sincere, loving and supportive. He said he had betrayed in the past, but was now ready for a new relationship. The age limit for his future partner is 25-35 years. She would like to be a virgin, but she is also interested in women with one child.

Claudia is looking for guys who are neat, handsome and smiling, who do not complain and know a lot about working in the village. She is mainly looking for men under the age of 35, but if she was young, she should have been very mature. Certainly not divorced or having children. He also wanted her to be of Orthodox faith.

Thomasz is looking for slim women between the ages of 23-33. A man wants a younger woman who does not need unnecessary kilograms and has a watermelon structure. He preferred women who wanted to marry from scratch and have children together in the future to write to him on a blank sheet of paper.

The youngest participant, 23-year-old Michał, is looking for gentleness and warmth in women. The necessary condition for him is that the woman wants to live with him in the village. I am looking for a lady between the ages of 20-25. She would like to have a big family with at least three children. He hopes that his participation in the program will end with a wedding carpet.

The candidates are different – there is a farmer, there is a cow breeder, there is a goat breeder, there is a girl with a spruce plantation – but in addition to the fact that everyone is looking for love in the program, one topic is especially emphasized. publication. The trust of participants and potential candidates is mandatory. Everyone wants it to be “traditional”, “church wedding” and “go to church every Sunday.” It is so clear that viewers have noticed this fact in the posts on Facebook, where the latest issue is actively commented on:

The most important thing for everyone is that the future chosen one must be a traditionalist, a Catholic and raise a child. I lose interest in watching this issue …

I would suggest that the title of the program is “Looking for a Holy Wife” … Pure Catholics are looking for a perfect virgin, God bless, without the devil in the form of a child from the previous relationship … Many times “practitioners”

What do you think about the participants of the love show? Will you send applications?

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