Not only birds but also dogs fly. The Dogfrisbee 2021 competition continues in Kolibki

High flights, competition, talented dog athletes and their owners from all over Poland and, above all, a lot of fun and a family atmosphere. The “Flying Dogs” competition is held over the weekend in Kolibki Park in Gdynia. Admission to the event is free.

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The first weekend of October Kolibki Park in Gdynia Orłowo In the fight for the title of Polish champion in dogfrisbee turned into a magnificent arena of dog-human struggle. These competitions have been held in Poland since 2006. This season, pandemic plans have been somewhat upset, and the Gdynia competition is the third (after Poznan and Wroclaw) and the last this year.

Dogfrisbee is one of the most popular disciplines among dog sports and the number of its fans all over the world is growing every year.

Effective shots of dogs at great heights and even more impressive jumps to catch the flying disc attract crowded observers. This also happened on Saturday in Kolibki, where, despite a cold, cloudy day, all the families appeared in the morning to welcome the talented pets.

What is a dogfrisbee?

In this discipline, the dog’s task is to catch the appropriate disc thrown by the manager (this is the name of the throwing guardian) and deliver it to the owner. This is a suitable technique that distinguishes the sport from ordinary retrieval. During the Gdynia event, human-dog couples will have the opportunity to showcase the diversity and versatility of their talents. four events:

  • Free style – Dogfrisbee shows in free style with background music. One (technical) tour is on Saturday, the second (demonstration) is on Sunday. A beautifully crafted free performance can be very exciting, arousing admiration and much applause;
  • ThrowNGo – withdrawal by a Frisbee dog thrown into the relevant end zones. The next and middle zones score higher, and the most interesting part is the ending, during which you can earn a lot of points by planning it well;
  • Curls – Mixed competition of frisbee and agility. An incredibly spectacular game in which the dog and the opponent repeatedly move from agility to frisbee and vice versa. Emotions are provided by the end of each round;
  • Bending of time – The aim of the competition is to collect as many points as possible by performing three tricks as soon as possible in the designated areas. The so-called fourth throw Sweet Spot in the allotted time gives you a chance to fight for the highest places

Each race is played on two levels. Level 2 requires more skill, and dogfrisbee are not just for dogs acquisition of skills – It is also important shape and agility. The skills of the employee are also very important, because they must be accurate and controlled. The success of the dog-human team here is the result of good understanding and close cooperation. But the most fun. Smiling from ear to ear after holding a plastic plate, the dog’s mouth and the thunderous applause of the gathered observers are the greatest pleasures.

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Everyone can take part in the competition, whether the dog is small or large, purebred. The only condition is that your pet is healthy. As a result, not only border collie – born dog athletes, but also terriers, poodles and hybrids of all shapes and colors are fighting for the judges’ points on an equal basis. Entrance fees for team participation (dog guide) vary between 30 PLN (ThrowNGo, Frizgillity, Time Warp) and PLN 60 (Freestyle).

Interesting fights and other attractions

Welcome to the racetrack with all the fans – children and adults, as well as dog companions. You can take advantage of the break between races mini gastronomic zone and eat hot food (grilled dishes, meatballs, loot) or drink coffee. There are also several stands with accessories for pets (including hooks, trailers, bowls, freezes) and dishes. Volunteers from the Ciapkowo hostel in Gdynia are also waiting at a special stand with gadgets.

On Saturday, the race will last until 18:00. On Sunday, the race starts at 8:30. Entrance to the area is free.

8:00 Registration
8:30 Curvature Level 2
9:30 Curvature Level 1
11:30 Free 1st level – effective round
13:00 Throwing 2 Level
15:00 Freestyle 2nd level – effective round
Masters – Top 10
– Frizgility lvl 1
– Time Warp lvl 1
– ThrowNGo lvl 2

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