“My brother gave birth to a friend who has a husband and two children. Their relationship has always been sick. ”- From real life

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The wise say: an innocent child. I would listen to them in this way before judging these newborn crumbs. But what good is it, such a complaint. I know I have to act. AND I promise myself that I will not be indifferent to this issue in my life.

It started many years ago

It is hard to believe that we have lived in this property for a long time. My father was one of the first to buy his apartment here. His company was profitable, and his parents were on top. To this day, many still envy them for doing so. Today, they will probably not be able to pay for their roofs over their headstimes have changed, and the bags produced by my father’s factory are no longer as profitable as they were in the early 1990s. In eighth grade, my parents and I moved to one of Warsaw’s first protected properties. It was something. Now people are great at buying apartments in such places, but then when I passed through the gate with security, I felt like a kind of minister. It sounds ridiculous now, but I didn’t know we were rich then. Maybe that’s a good thing, because I haven’t learned to raise my nose about it.

The property was located in the center of a partially demolished former housing estate. Only those who could not pay extra for another building remained. Now I know: They were the poorest families and, to be honest, pathological. Like Tereska’s family. At first I didn’t pay attention to him, he lived two blocks away and was in the eighth grade of elementary school. One day my younger brother Franek showed me this:
– Look, beautiful baby, huh? He asked when he got home from school.
I just shrugged then. What a little brother, I even thought. He thinks that a girl like him will go out with a boy like him.

Tereska has already attracted attention with her childhood appearance. A very short skirt for a blonde and decent girl with big breasts, she could be sure of the interest of men. In addition, he seemed unaware of it, he was so innocent, gentle, kind. Because you have to admit – Teresa was born into his family.

And it was not easy from the beginning. Six of them had built a nest in a dilapidated room. His father was drinking, his mother couldn’t stand him, and eventually he joined her in dressing. This situation frightened me. Unlike my brother.

His interest in his charming neighbor was not limited to watching him on the street. One day, and probably already in high school, he decided to talk to her. I remember as today. It was raining hard, and Teresa was late for class, of course, in an umbrella and very high heels – even as she was dressed as a mature woman. Franek stood like a gentleman in a movie, took off his jacket and covered the alien Tereska. He protested, but finally allowed himself to be escorted to the school gates. Franek couldn’t stop talking about it for the rest of the day, and I felt it would be a problem. Because my brother “befriended” Tereska from that day. That’s what he said.
– She is not my girlfriend, we are just friends.

As if to confirm these words, a few weeks later he met his first high school lover Sylvia. More girls followed, but my brother’s friend Teresa was always there. He had dinner with us and even my mother took him on a class trip. In short, he slowly became a member of our family. I could not fully accept it. I wasn’t jealous, but everything seemed crazy to me.
Just admit that you are in love – I harassed my brother more than once. “It’s impossible to treat such a charming girl like a sister.”
And again, it seems so, because time passed and Franek and Tereska were still just … friends.

There had to be a secret understanding between them, because at the same time they got to know their valuable others. Tereska started dating Rysiek, a friend of the mansion, and my brother met Danka during his studies and told us that it was something more serious. Of course it seems so It is difficult to find a more natural end to a man-woman friendship than the wedding of one of the partiesbut this time it was completely different. Admittedly, Tereska and Rysiek soon decided to get married (no doubt helped Daniel’s appearance in the world) and lived in a rented cabin next to my brother’s friend’s parents’ apartment, but that didn’t change much. After Tereska’s wedding, Franek becomes friends not only with her, but also with her husband.

They became inseparable

Rysiek worked as a car salesman, and my brother began to neglect his education to help him in this work – eventually leaving him. The boy, who once did not know what a candle is and could not change the wheel, suddenly became a car enthusiast. He did not miss any old car rally, and it was not long before he had such an accident! Even my parents had to admit that something strange had happened.
“You have to understand, France, Tereska now has her own life,” my mother once said carelessly to my brother.
She will soon have a child and will have to take care of her family. You have to take care of your life, because if it continues like this, Danusia will leave you. This is also an excellent candidate for a wedding dress – he sighed eloquently.
But these words went through my brother like water from a duck:
“I don’t understand what you all mean,” he said angrily. – It is probably normal for me to help Rysiek start his business. In these times, lessons are a waste of time, a specific profession that is important. What about Tereska? After all, we hardly see each other!

Unfortunately, this was not true. My parents, who were involved in the company, had no idea about it, but as a student at home, I knew what had happened. Rysiek went to work very early. I had to admit that a simple but dignified boy did his best. When his old Opel left home, my brother went to Tereska. With any excuse: and it felt bad, and he should go shopping. In time, I stopped asking him why he was seeing me, and I didn’t want to hear any more lies.

What happened to Franke terrified me

He continued to deceive himself because he was not in love, but I knew what was happening. Still, I hoped he would recover. After all, Rysiek was his best friend when he returned from work. They traveled together, cooked, and went on four walks when Daniel was born. You may ask why Rysiek was not against such an arrangement? I was curious about it myself. Maybe he just got used to my brother’s existence, or maybe he was so sure of his attractive wife that he didn’t suspect her betrayal?

“It’s a sick arrangement,” he said, and my brother’s fiancé threw it. “You’re cheating on me, that’s the most important thing for you,” he shouted. “Even if you don’t really sleep with him, it doesn’t change anything.” This is a patient arrangement.
Then he left. We thought it would shock Frank, he would want to keep him at any cost, but he patiently accepted his departure:
“We didn’t get along,” he told his parents. – It was not a girl for me. You wanted to force me to marry her at any costI didn’t like him.
– Who do you love, who is the girl for you ?! – My mother could not stand. – A happy married woman with a child who is said to be her husband’s friend ?! You’re ruining their marriage!
– This is nonsense! Franek defended himself. – I do not break anyone’s marriage. I have been telling you for many years that Teresa is my only friend.

Frank really he did not see anything inappropriate in his behavior and he could not foresee that everything was heading for a catastrophe. A few weeks later he told us that he had found a job in Germany and was leaving. It may sound silly, but we breathed a sigh of relief.
“Maybe she’ll forget everything about Teresa there,” I told my parents.

Then something else happened, and my brother’s business took a back seat. I met Sławek and started preparing for the wedding. Franek spoke and wrote e-mails. He was satisfied and saved money for his apartment. He didn’t ask about Teresa, and although I knew that she had given birth to her second child and that her marriage was probably not going well, I did not tell her alone because I saw Rysiek less and less at home. I even asked him about it once:
“Ah, no, everything is fine,” he assured me with a smile. – Rysiek sometimes goes to Germany for a few weeks. Your brother gave him a seasonal job there, didn’t you know?

I was surprised. Then a warning light came on in my head. So Franek did not forget him. I shared my doubts with my mother:
“You know, it’s not wrong for him to get a job,” he reassured me. – The main thing is that he stopped breaking up this marriage. Maybe he will meet someone there, and in time everything will be fine.

However, I had a bad feeling

As you know, it is not unfounded. The bomb exploded a few days before Christmas. Then Franek suddenly came to his parents, sat down to dinner, and said to them:
I will have children.
Not so, I thought. “It’s not. It’s impossible.”
– Is this a German girl? The father asked after a pause.
But for the first time in my life, I saw Franke confused, and I knew better than to find time to answer.
– No, he is Polish. And you know him.
Everything was clear. But at that time no one wanted to believe it. Because it was very scary.
– Teresa? The mother whispered, “How is that possible?” After all, she … the children … and you … her husband … – she didn’t know what to say.

Then Franek told us everything. Yes, Rysiek got a job in Germany. But in its place. When the latter left for Frankfurt, Franek returned to Poland. He did not look inside the house, but went straight to Teresa. Now she did not hesitate to call him her lover. For months, Rysiek did not understand that Franek was sure he had come to his parents. Finally, Teresa demanded a divorce and sole custody of the children. They will meet in court. Only then did he hit her.

– God, you broke up the marriage, deprived your father of two children, we didn’t raise you like that. You betrayed your friend, you did well, my father shouted. – You are no longer allowed in this house.
And Franek, of course, left, shouting something else about hypocrisy and how happy he would be to be free of us.

Two years have passed since then

Frank and Teresa’s baby was born in January. This is her daughter, her name is Dominica. I saw her once, and Teresa ran with her to the wall of her parents’ house. I called him instinctively, but maybe he didn’t know me, or he didn’t have time because he didn’t come back. My parents rejected my brother. None of us were at their wedding, no one says the name of their child. It was as if neither he nor Frank had ever been. So far, I have participated in this uprising.

But recently I read an ad on a pole. I know that Teresa hung them up and got acquainted with her careless writing – Their daughter has a heart defect, they save money for surgeryworth every penny. I already knew what to do. Offense is a loss of life. I am rich enough, I have a good job. I think I can help the girl. But the most important thing is that I will restore my relationship with my brother. As they say, the child is not guilty. I bought the biggest teddy bear in the store. I hope Dominic will like it. Yesterday, Teresa said on the phone that a small child loves teddy bears. Either it seemed to me, or my sister-in-law had a lump in her throat when she spoke to me … but maybe it’s just a bad combination.

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