“I’ll make you cry.” The mysterious story of the Polish Stomach Jack

The mysterious story of the Polish Stomach Jack

It is said that there is a truth in every legend. We learn from the documented history of Poland that about 30 serial killers lived in our lands. But not all stories can be believed. One of them is the story of Lucjan Staniak, a man who probably never existed …

“Red Spider” was the name of Lucjan Staniak. The man was born in 1920. He was a Polish serial killer He was convicted of killing six women in 1964 and arresting them in 1967.. Staniak himself confessed to more murders and often similarities he was compared to Stomach Jack (Serial killer operating in London in 1888).

The media called him a “Red Spider” because of his handwriting and red inkhe corresponded with the press and the police. In his first letter to the newspaper, he announced his first murder: “I will make you cry.” In later letters, he described his crimes against six young women.

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The first attack of the “spider”

On the same day, when the Przegląd Polityczny newspaper received a mysterious letter written in red ink, in the evening in the park in Olsztyn The body of 17-year-old Danka Maciejowicz was found. The girl’s body was removed from her intestines, and Danka herself was raped before her death.

The second victim of Chervoni Pajak was 16-year-old Anita Kaliniak from Warsaw. On January 17, 1965, the killer’s daughter was strangled with a metal wire. Staniak defiled the woman’s body.

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“I did it again”

In the following years the killer attacked several times. On the eve of 1966, three soldiers traveling by train from Krakow to Warsaw found the body of a young woman in a carriage. Despite a quick search of the compartments, the perpetrator could not be found. Officials found only a piece of paper written in red ink on the train “I did it again,” he says.

The investigation revealed that the victim on the train was his 14-year-old sister, who was killed three years ago. Investigators determined that both sisters belonged to the Krakow Art Amateurs Club.

More and more members of the club began to be removed from the circle of suspects, because this was the only clue in the hands of officials.

Was Staniak a translator?

Their attention was drawn by the translator. This man often traveled the country.

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In the drawer of that translator, in the club, Many paint peeling knives and several of his paintings were found. One of them showed a woman with a bouquet of flowers cut from her abdomen. As it turned out, all the letters previously written to the press and the press were written in ink by the translator.

On January 31, 1967, police were sent to the killer’s apartment, but no one was found inside. The same day, this time in Lodz Staniak had to surprise 18-year-old Bożena Raczkiewicz with a bottle of vodka.. He tore his clothes and underwear, as he did with other victims, and then stabbed him with a knife.

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Arrest of the Red Spider

He was arrested on February 1. During interrogations, he confessed to all the crimes, but described only six of them in detail, so it is likely that he was forced to confess to 14 more. The perpetrator has never been arrested.

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The Red Spider was sentenced to deathHowever, after a psychiatric examination, he was considered insane and imprisoned at a mental hospital in Krakow.

The legend of the serial killer

Did Staniak really exist, was he created by a writer, or maybe the special services? If, in fact, his character is just a myth and legend, what was the opinion of those who created his image?

We can be sure of one thing, though Staniak ps. The “red spider” may have never existed, and similar crimes were committed in Poland.

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