“Hotel Paradise”. Marika’s beautiful turn

  • Marika’s return was a surprise. The girl had a friendly conversation with Jay
  • A new participant has appeared at Hotel Paradise – Laura. After reading the descriptions of the gentlemen, he had to choose three of them so that he could mate.
  • The participants faced each other in a tense struggle. Who won?
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Marika returned to the game. The participant of Hotel Paradise was surprised by many locals, especially Eliza and Jay. The couple did not have a good relationship with him. In addition, a new girl came to Panama – Laura, who had to create a new couple on the first day. Which gentleman had to change his partner?

“Hotel Paradise”. The two couples felt threatened

The participants of Hotel Paradise did not hide their surprise when they saw Marika return to the game. This is especially true of Jay and Eliza, who do not know what to expect from their friends. Jay, who was instrumental in Marika’s departure, knew that she had not forgotten the situation so easily.

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But Eliza tried to calm him down.

The next participants who felt a little insecure were Dominica and Cuba. The girl was afraid that Marika would want to return to Cuba. Instead, he decided that he would not be worried and would take a closer look.

Fortunately, some things were resolved in the evening. Marika spoke with Jay. It was a very difficult but cleansing conversation. The participant wanted to give him another chance.

Jay could breathe easily. He was glad that things did not go wrong.

“Hotel Paradise”. The girls’ lists affected their future on the show

In the afternoon, it was time for another party at the Hotel Paradise. This time he had to trust her girls who write letters describing their partners. There was also a smile and creativity. None of the participants knew that everything on the page went to Laura, Raj’s new resident.

The girl, who was with Claudia El Dursi, had to look at the pictures of all the grooms and show the three that caught her attention the most. It turned out that Laura had bet Jay, Cuba and Grzegorz. Therefore, the residents he showed had to fight for their partners in a duel. Everyone was very worried about their couple.

Fighting was not the easiest battle. Gentlemen had to keep their partners on swings. Unfortunately, the task was so tiring that after a while he began to run out of energy. Despite great perseverance, Cuba lost the competition.

So the participant had to go to meet Laura and pair with her. Dominica was very disappointed. He did not hide his tears.

Will Cuba and Laura find a compromise? We will learn soon!

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