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The farmer is looking for TVP’s wife

There are eight of them, but only five will appear in the ninth issue of “Farmer is looking for a wife.” The zero episode of the cult show on Easter Sunday aired on Channel 1 of Telewizja Polska. Who will steal the hearts of the audience and the audience and get the most letters? Meet the candidates for the 9th edition of the “Farmer is looking for a wife” program!

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The production of “Farmer is looking for a wife” on Easter Sunday has prepared a real treat for fans. Just like last year, this time on Easter, the zero episode of the new season of the show “Farmer is Looking for a Wife” was broadcast! Although the announcement will be made in the spring, viewers will have to wait for the next, 9th edition of “Akinchi”.

In the pilot episode, we met candidates who want to fight for love. Martha Manowska was visited by eight women farmers. Five of them will qualify for the ninth season of “Akinchi”. The number of letters will determine whose fate in the fall – only those who receive the most of them will be in the program!

Meet the candidates for the 9th edition of the “Farmer is looking for a wife” program!

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Farmer looking for a wife 9. Tomas, 23 years old

Tomash is not only a farmer, but also a student of finance and accounting. On the farm, he only grows plants that his brother helps him with. – We work well together, we are on a good path. He is such a good brother – Tomash’s brother confessed. In his spare time he is interested in the military – he likes to shoot. In addition, she helps her mother run a fertilizer business. Family is very important to him. – These family relationships are very important to us – Tomash admitted. What are the requirements? – The upper limit is a maximum of 27, and the lower limit, I do not know, is 20 or 19 years. he confessed. The girl must be determined, family, funny and, above all, eager to work in the field. She wants to get married in the church and have children.

Farmer looking for a wife 9. Katarzyna, 37 years old

Katarzyna is a horse riding instructor and horses are her whole life. He has about 60! The farmer is tall enough – he was much taller than Martha Manowska. – I live here alone, so it would be fun to spend the evening with someone. I would like someone to distract me from this worky, he said. There are three serious relationships behind it. He wanted the man to have his own passions and a different job. First of all – he must be taller than her! Katarzina’s height is 182 cm. The man with the child would not bother her.

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Farmer looking for a wife 9. Mateusz, 28 years old

Mateusz is engaged in goat farming. This requires the future partner to be able to look after the animals. He also wanted her to know what she wanted out of life and to have her own passions. Loneliness is the most worrying thing in his life. What does he want? Intimacy and delicacy. Both appreciated. The woman of his dreams must have long hair and not have children. I don’t need third parties.

Farmer looking for a wife 9. Tomas R., 41 years old

Tomash has a failed marriage with two daughters. It’s over after 7 years. He is engaged in breeding cows. She likes to cook after work. There is no woman to spend time with him and help him in his work. The bride of her dreams must be traditional and Catholic.

Farmer looking for a wife 9. Krzysztof, 33 years old.

A kind, sensitive, simple boy from the village – another candidate Krzysztof says about himself. He loves everything about driving a tractor. – It is difficult to find a girl in the city. They are afraid of the village – Krzysztof said. Martha Manowskaya was allowed to drive a tractor! Dream woman? She is gentle and most loving. – I will definitely give him a lot of love, because I am also a very loving and kind boy. Honesty is paramount in relationships he said. Krzysztof confessed to betrayal by his partner.

Farmer looking for a wife 9. Claudia, 25 years old

Claudia knows what she wants. He graduated from Białystok University of Technology, but he consciously chose the village. Engaged in the planting of Christmas spruce. She wants stability, she wants to get married. She is an independent woman and knows that few men are satisfied with this work. He also wanted the man to work. It should be added that Claudia is from the Orthodox faith.

Farmer looking for a wife 9. Tomas, 32 years old

Thomasz is a grower – he grows, among others, cherries. Sport is his passion! He is actively fleeing. He lives with his parents in a two-family house – his parents are downstairs and he is upstairs. He also runs a farm with his parents. As he said, he is a cheerful and positive person. Raises pigeons other than fruit! He has never been in a serious relationship. He claims that the girls are afraid to live in the village. A girl like him dreams – a positive attitude to life. He preferred women to write to him on a blank sheet of paper – his priority was to get married in the church.

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Farmer looking for a wife 9. Michał, 23 years old

Michał is the youngest candidate – he is only 23 years old. He is also interested in a blank sheet of paper. She helps her parents on the farm, but she also has a few acres. He deals with pedigree animals – cows and horses. In his spare time he likes to walk and ride a motorcycle. Behind him is an episode of living in the city! Eventually, he chose a village, and therefore the only serious relationship was broken.


The farmer is looking for a wife 9. Will you look at the zero section?

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