Catherine’s happy chickens

Chickens had a special place in Katarzina’s heart many years ago.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a chicken, a dog, a duck or a cat,” Khavyerovka asks rhetorically. – Everyone feels the same pain, needs care, care. My father built the chicken coop with our help. I had a lot of space in the yard. I fenced the area. I could not adopt because of allergies.

Katarzyna is a graduate of an art school, goes her own way and speaks uncompromisingly about animal rights. He has been a vegetarian for more than 30 years. He healed, tamed, and housed the chickens that fell under his wing.

Lola, Doris, Stasia and Gloria are Katarzina’s first birds to come to her 11 years ago.

– Unfortunately, they are no longer alive – he admits. – The program of chickens has a short life. If someone tells me that he has lived for more than ten years, I open my eyes wide. In my case, after a maximum of five years, they start to get seriously ill and leave. Under breeding conditions, the hen lays eggs for two to three years and grows in the slaughterhouse.

Katarzina’s pet will never face such a fate. When they get sick, they receive veterinary care from the nurse and an extra dose of love. He then took the accused home, gave him medicine, and even learned to inject, even though he fainted while taking blood. Sometimes, if necessary, prepare them for special inhalations and baths.

– Chickens are difficult to treat, sometimes it just prolongs their life by a few months, but you should always try. They often suffer from cancer, tumors are not uncommon, and recently one died of smallpox – adds Katarzyna. – Chickens catch diseases from pigeons. When it rains and the ponds are visible, they will no longer drink clean water from the container.

The herd is well cared for by a veterinarian at the Animal House clinic in Lodz. There they know their belongings, and every day experts take exotic and fur animals, reptiles, birds, as well as dogs and cats into the hands of specialists. But everyone is surprised to see a chicken in the waiting room.

Chicken on the bike? Why not

The chicken in the doctor’s office is an unusual event. A chicken on a tram, on a bus on a nanny’s lap, on a bicycle in a basket or in a backpack is an unusual sight and event for observers. This is normal for Katarzyna and her herd.

– How else can I go to the doctor? So I recently bought a fantastic chicken backpack. But please don’t confuse it with a backpack for small dogs – it adds with a smile. – In front of the bike I also have a special shelf where you can close the container to make it comfortable and safe for the birds.

Katarzyna’s chickens are birds with a load of unpleasant experiences and often sad stories in their lives. Unfortunately, Canchitka, Puchatka and Balbinka, who are no longer alive, were taken by Katarzyna from a very bad situation, from a man who did not care about animals. The chickens were depressed, their paws were covered with bark, and itching bothered them.

He took the flock out of the forest

For almost a year, Katarzyna has been caring for “chickens from the forest.” The term describes the condition of the birds before they came to Xavier.

“Just some pseudo-farmer, a lowly man, who laid eggs and kept them as long as they were healthy.” Then he threw the whole herd into the woods, says Katarzyna. – Most of them did not survive. Those who did so were sick, bald, and single-headed. They were picked up by volunteers from one of the Wroclaw foundations and brought in by order within two months. The chickens had several diseases and probably all possible parasites.

Katarzyna learned about the fate of the chickens from Facebook, where a video of their rescue operation was posted. He contacted the foundation and said he could adopt several birds.

– A girl from the Wroclaw Foundation brought them to me and left them in the yard – says ksawerowianka. – I was stunned because I knew that they were wild chickens, I was afraid I would not catch them. However, there was no problem. Everyone approached me as if squatting. They were not afraid, they allowed me to stroke. When they sit in these cages, they do not see people and therefore do not have any unpleasant experiences with their participation. I got six. Unfortunately, after a while one of them died – MISS VANJIE – but also the drag queen.

The chickens were quarantined for several weeks.

– I isolated them from the herd for fear of diseases and I was right, because the treatment took two months. At the time, they were living in a cell, the guardian added. – I made a wig for them and fenced part of the garden. These chickens didn’t know anything, didn’t land, didn’t know that you were sleeping high. They could not jump or jump anywhere, even from low altitudes. They ate nothing but ready-made food. But they immediately intervened, it was a strong instinct.

They are not stupid

Contrary to popular belief, chickens are not stupid. Surprisingly, they run to the guardian in his name.

“Chickens can be taught tricks, of course, they need to be repeated often, because birds forget quickly,” says Katarzyna. “I don’t, why?” They have enough attractions with me.

They are very beautiful and interesting animals. They especially like to rub on the face, behind the ears and on the comb.

“Valentina is coming out of here,” the nanny added. “But I just have to hold it and wear a warm woolen coat, because it’s a hairless, naked chicken.” I waited for the feathers to grow. Unfortunately, none of this. Our lady vet will fix it soon and Valentina’s chicken will be fleece.

Each of them is different. There are those who are more obedient and have a stronger character, who like to take control.

“It seems that one of them will have a headache,” Katarzyna added with a smile. – The oldest who have been with me for a long time are the highest in the hierarchy. Each has its place in the nest. The herd is run by Jackdaw.

Chickens are not friends, they are individualists.

“Only I am the most important, all the food is mine, this is an example of their work,” says Katarzyna. – There is no great sympathy in the herd. Each of them fights for the best bite, the best sand bath, the most worms under the stone.

They fall asleep in a certain way. Jackdaw walks first to the chicken coop, then to Conchita. Sasha and Clement go to sleep for the last time.

“You always have to take Conchita in your arms and take her out of her rivet,” says the caretaker. – He is a prince, he will not go up the stairs.

Edgar stars

However, Edgar is the star of the chicken coop. Big, strong cock, the horror of the yard. Surely he is a rude boy. He came to Ksaverov in November 2018.

“The previous owner threw chickens out of the boxes the woman bought after he was angry with alcohol and arguing with his wife,” says Katarzyna. – He trampled them.

The survivors left Kalisz for the Free Animals Foundation.

“I immediately approached them to receive one of these cocks,” he added.

Edgar grew up to be a beautiful little grass.

– She is worried, there is always amorrhea in the brain, and she wants to prove to me that it is the most important – adds ksawerowianka. – He kisses me. He already cut the sticks I had additionally cut with a nail file. I do not give him anything to eat, because he immediately attacks me.

Chickens are not easy either.

“The side of his favorite concubine, Matilda, was built twice,” says the owner of the birds. – He had no hair, he could not walk in clothes. Edgar hurt her with tweezers or a paw. Sometimes I have to lift him up and hug him tight to prevent him from going crazy.

Edgar sets the rules.

– Baby pots! – Katarzyna adds with a smile. – I am in my place when I clean the chicken house. He allows me to do it, but he goes crazy as I try to approach the cock or caress it. I do not think there is any help for this. Once upon a time there was a doctor’s ax and a grandmother’s ax. Probably everyone knows fairy tales from childhood, one day the rooster chased the child, the next day the grandmother killed the rooster for broth. Edgar and I reach him. I will not respond to aggression with aggression. Should I kick him? I know what it is, sometimes I take blankets, towels … and he attacks them. I will not fight him!

Edgar also has a softer face.

“When we’re alone, put the cock in the wound,” says Katarzyna. – She likes to caress her face and behind her ears. I can do anything for her when I feed her legs. I can even take his baby from his nose.

Chickens are not human, but they have their own tongues.

“I understand if I can distinguish some of the sounds of their rattles,” Katarzyna assures. – I know when there is a cat nearby, it is our cat or some alien. Or they squawk when there are birds of prey in the sky. Edgar impressed me recently. I knew he was talking to me, but it was neither a cat nor a predator. Edgar, what do you mean? – I asked. And it looks up. A crow flew over us.

The distinctive feature of Katarzyna Kaleta is the “Chicken with a hat” logo. For years, the artist has been weaving colorful hats and sticking such labels on them. They are not only worn by our poviat residents. They include, for example, Maria Peszek, Cuba Wojewódzki, MPs Robert Biedroń and her fiancé Krzysztof Zawodek, journalists and travelers Martyna Wojciechowska, Przemek Kossakowski and artist Martha Frej or Jurek Owsiak. It was recently worn by Piotr Gusowski. Catherine’s hats have already reached the ends of the world – Australia, Chile, the Himalayas, but the summit of Dablam, Italy, Germany, Finland, the United States, Iceland! These rainbow hats are masterpieces that the artist has put his heart and soul into, and the money from their sale is spent on the treatment of the rooster.

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