bullet wounded dogs came to us; The most severely wounded were going to Poland for surgery

We had dogs with bullet wounds and shrapnel in their bodies; The most seriously injured immediately went to Poland for surgery – says PAP Dagmara Dymarska from the Centaurus Foundation, which helps animals. The organization, which began operating in Ukraine shortly after the start of the war, today aims to evacuate dogs and cats from the most vulnerable parts of the country.

The point, created by Russia in response to the Ukrainian occupation and constantly expanding, is the Sacred Animal House in Lviv, which cares for animals that are unable to live on their own due to injuries or illness. wild.

As Orestes, one of the center’s permanent staff, admits, “we accept animals from all over Ukraine; we accept them and serve them – some of them are later returned to nature, while others remain with us. Abandoned or injured foxes, badgers, wounded eagles and other birds of prey have taken refuge in the rescued Animal House. “Before, we didn’t deal with dogs or cats before we started working with Centaurus,” he says. “Our work is based only on donations from donors and volunteers,” Orestes added.

Answering PAP’s question about the origin and development of the organization’s activities in Ukraine, the co-founder of the Centaurus Foundation said: “Our dogs and cats come from around Kyiv – for example, from Irpyan – Mikolajov, from Cherkasy – from all over Ukraine. We have volunteers who go to such areas in search of abandoned, stray animals. We also bring dogs and cats from shelters. from most regions or places already affected by the war, “explains Dagmara Dymarska.

“We have set up checkpoints in several cities where animals are brought in and transported by bigger vehicles. The next point is Medica, where the mayor gave us a building, where we set up a base and parking on the road to Lower Silesia, where animals are quarantined. “- says the co-founder of Centaurus.

Currently, the center has about 200 dogs and 110 cats. On the day of the interview with PAP, 23 dogs were brought to Lviv from near Kyiv, and 62 from the Dnieper in central and eastern Ukraine. Dozens of people visit the Rescue Zoo’s dogs for a walk in the surrounding park every day. “As a result, the animals are in a hurry and calm down, and at night there is an amazing silence,” – said the researcher. The girl, who was recently rescued from the war, gave birth to seven children at the Rescue Animal Home.

“The center also has a transfer base for products imported to Ukraine. Today we have, for example, fodder, hay and horse feed to be transported to Odessa,” he added.

When asked how many people are interested in adopting animals rescued from Ukraine, the co-founder of Centaurus said, “he receives 15-20 messages a day; the interest is really high.” “The adoption clause states that if the owner of the animal is found and the fighting stops, the dog or cat will return home. In other cases, the animals will remain with their new owners permanently,” he said.

“But there are also unpleasant cases. A woman who fled from Irpian to Belgium has a complaint that we took away a dog that grew up on the street. The animal is already in Poland, and negotiations with the owner are underway.” – Dagmara declares Dymarska.

Although most of the animals in the center clung to people hanging from pens, “in most cases, dogs and cats were scared and hungry when they were taken away,” the researcher admits. We have animals left in shelters for three weeks. They start gaining weight here after a week, trust us. We also had dogs with bullet wounds and shrapnel in their bodies; “We immediately took them to Poland for treatment.”

Anyone who wants to support the work of the Foundation can do so through a fundraiser organized at https://www.ratujemyzwierzaki.pl/centaurus-irpien.

Jakub Bawołek from Lvov

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