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For several months, the Canadian team, led by coach Marek Ploch, is preparing for the first and most important test in Valc – the qualifying regatta. Therefore, the whole group celebrates Easter not at home, but in a training camp.

Eight canadists and five canoeists polish their uniforms at Walch, where the qualifying regatta will take place on April 23-24. This is an extremely important competition, as poor performance can lead to a lack of space in the team and the opportunity to participate in international events. This year there will be up to four – two World Cups (one of them in Poznan), the European Championship and the World Cup. For more experienced players, the lack of space in the team calls into question their future careers.

Ploch did not let the players on vacation, because, as he admits, these next days are extremely important in training.

“The holidays are so close to the qualifiers that I can’t let the players go home because I don’t know what mood they will be in to get back to training. I have a family and I would like to spend Christmas with them. But we have to sacrifice it.” the coach told PAP.

Not far from Valj, Kadrowicz (including Poznan, Gorzów Wlkp.) Will be able to leave the training camp for a day.

“On the other hand, the players’ families, partners or partners could invite them. There are no contraindications for them to be together at the center,” Ploch said.

This year, his team has already attended two training camps in Portugal. At the end of March, they returned to Wałcz and will spend about four weeks there. Ploch could not invite all the best to cooperate with him, including. Michał Łubniewski, Arsen Śliwiński and Mateusz Kamiński train individually.

“Coaches may take such situations differently, but it’s definitely a lack of confidence. At least I accept that. If a player doesn’t want to come to a training camp, it means he thinks he can do better. With another coach.” – Ploch rated.

However, this does not mean that those who work in a different mode during the training period will not be able to participate in the World Cup or the European Championship.

“I hope that the players I have trained since November will prove that they can beat those who train with their coaches outside the national team. If that happens, it means that my team and I are going in the right direction. There are regulations adopted by the Polish Canoe Federation. If they do not achieve the desired result, they will not be able to represent Poland in the international arena. I think these players are aware of this, “said the team’s coach.

According to him, as a modest staff, it was a great concern for him. Due to limited financial resources, he was able to appoint only eight players.

“It’s a problem, mostly because of the four people who won silver medals at last year’s World Championships, I only have one Canadian – Alexander Kitevski. Norman Zezula was still suffering from injuries and Slivinski and Lubnievsky are training separately. New and I have to admit that In this case, I will appeal to the players of the youth team that trains with us, “he said.

The leader of the group is 28-year-old Viktor Glazunov, the 13th athlete at the Tokyo Olympics.

“Tomek Barniak, who won the second world championship with Victor a year ago, also did a great job. And I think they will fight for medals at the World Cup again. It was 200 m, but now he has to extend this distance to + 500 m, ”said the experienced coach.

Ploch is looking at a group of Canadian women in addition to Dorota Borowska, who is training with coach Mariusz Szałkowski. His closest aide is Krzysztof Noter, and the youth groups are led by prominent representatives – Daniel Jedraszko and Marcin Grzybowski.

“We only started working with women in January. And that’s the biggest problem for me right now, because we lost the winter of general training. The girls didn’t make any progress in the gym this winter. I have a comparison, because in China I’m a women’s team and that’s it. I worked with players. But they were stronger. I see it in training at the bar, parallel arms or bench – there is a big difference. My daughters definitely use less. Weights + throw + more than Chinese women in the gym. It will take time for them to compete for medals in Paris, “Ploch said.

She makes no secret of her interest in the rivalry between her accusations and Borovska, the undisputed leader of a Canadian women’s group for many years.

“As far as I know, Dorota is mainly preparing for the first 200 m. This is her crown race, because she was fourth at the Tokyo Olympics. It is interesting for me to meet Dorota and my daughters in the 200 m line. This competition is only in the country. raises the level of Canadian women, ”she said.

He sets high goals not only for this season, but also for the Paris Olympics.

“When I took over the team, I promised the new president that I would win two medals in Paris. One was two in the women’s group and one was two men. You have to be confident, otherwise nothing will be achieved,” Ploch concluded. (PAP)

Author: Marcin Pawlicki

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