Will Ralph, who had an accident, ruin Christmas? No, only the internet! During Easter, the stations focus on children and young spectators

During the holidays, children often get bored, squirm between their legs and sneeze. So how can you take them? Even if you’re not in favor of spending time in front of the TV on a daily basis – exclude Easter. On the first day of Easter, the stations focus mainly on young viewers. On Sunday, April 17, it will be possible to provide them with entertainment in front of a glass screen, as the youngest viewers will find something for themselves in virtually every station. What was prepared?

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We all know how the main characters of “Harry Potter” have changed. You will not recognize the supporting characters today!

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The day will begin with “Gnomeo and Juliet”. Then it will be more interesting

Easter Sunday will be celebrated with fairy tales and movies for young people. Everyone can easily find something for themselves on TV. What will we watch on TV?

  • 6:05 – TVP2 – “Gnomeo and Julia. The Secret of Lost Gnomes” – The first fairy tale that children can watch is the story of dwarfs Gnomeo and Juliet, who will travel to London. There they will find out that someone is kidnapping their people en masse! What will the dwarf research lead to?
  • 6:10 – TV 4 – “Swan Prince: The Secret of the Castle” – Cartoon for lovers of romantic stories. This is a free adaptation of the Swan Lake ballet.
  • 7:45 – Polsat – “Demolka Ralph on the Internet” – The second part of an interesting Disney animation. This time, Ralph Demolka of the same name goes to the unknown world of the Internet with his friend Wandelopa. There they will have many adventures, unexpected meetings (including with Disney princes) and difficult decisions.
  • 7:55 – TVN – “Dad, class pig” – Christmas is a favorite family comedy that you can enjoy watching at breakfast. A small, orphaned pig named Babe grows up on a farm, where he is “adopted” by the shepherd dog Mucha. Babe decided … follow in his footsteps!
  • 9:45 – TVN – “Madagascar” – Residents of the New York Zoo have a problem when one of them decides to travel to Africa! Finally, an adventurous journey awaits them, meeting an unusual King Julian and a group of penguins.
  • 10:00 – Polsat – “Ice Age 3: Age of Dinosaurs” – the third part of a popular cartoon for the youngest. In this part, the lazy Sid becomes the father of small … tyrannosaurs. It turns out that he needs the help of his loyal friends to face new challenges.
  • 10:50 – TV PULS – “Magic” – Thanks to the evil Queen Narissa … A family story about a beautiful, fairy-tale girl named Giselle, who goes to New York. And it’s pretty real.
  • 17:25 – TVN – “Secret life of pets” – a story about pets, or more precisely, a cartoon about how people live when they leave the house!

Krzysztof Krawczyk in the small film “Dancing with the Stars”? He clarified this

Programs and movies for young people. What is it worth looking at?

Tales and cartoons are rich, just part of the Christmas TV offer. On Easter Sunday, a little older audience will also find something for themselves. Undoubtedly, more young performances have been prepared for them.

  • 8:05 – TVN 7 – “Cinderella’s story” – a comedy with cult status today. The story of Cinderella, but with a modern twist. Starring Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray.
  • 8:40 – TV PULS – “The Princess Diaries 2” – The second part of a funny comedy about Princess Mia of Genoa, starring Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews.
  • 10:00 – TV 4 – “Back to the Future” – A complete hit for kids, teens and adults, the production for them is a real comeback, but it’s a thing of the past!
  • 11:35 – TVP2 – “The Voice Kids” – a replay of a popular television show featuring the youngest. Who will be in the final this time?
  • 12:10 – Polsat – “Transformers: the era of extinction” – produced since 2014, when one of the main roles was played by Nicola Peltz.
  • 12:35 – TV 4 – “You or I” – Comedy with Olsen twins. The two girls, who are completely identical, share the look, but they share everything else. Will they be able to find an agreement?
  • 14:10 – TVN 7 – “Golden Compass” – The story of an orphaned 12-year-old girl living with her uncle in Oxford. With the mysterious disappearance of his friend, his life changes.
  • 14:55 – TVN – “Step Up III” – the production of a dance in which the feet themselves want to move to the rhythm of the music. Perfect for young people who admire this field.
  • 15:35 – TV PULS – “Asterix and Obelix against Caesar” – An adventure film from the production series about the warlike Gauls who had to face the invaders from Rome.
  • 16:35 – TVN 7 – “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” – The second part of the screen adaptation of JK Rowling’s famous books. This time, Harry Potter and his friends will face the mystery of Hogwarts and a mythical creature that terrifies students. Whose name is not pronounced behind everything?

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