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The finale of the 5th edition of The Voice Kids is fast approaching. In previous episodes, Cleo and David Kwiatkowski’s accusations presented their skills. Now it’s time for Thomson and the Baron team! Who will qualify for the grand finale of The Voice Kids? Watch the live broadcast of the last episode of Sing Off “The Voice Kids 5”!

The Voice Kids 5: It’s time to read! We will meet with three finalists of the team soon …

“The Voice Kids 5” is slowly coming to an end. On Saturday, April 23, we will see the final of the next season of the children’s competition for the title of best voice in Poland. Meanwhile, it’s time for the last episode of the Sing Off scene. Coaches do not let go! Interesting details of their lives are revealed during the conversations on the set! To be honest, the baron who kicked his love out of class broke his elbow this time!

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The Voice Kids 5. Behind the Baron is a painful struggle for love!

It turned out that Cleo, like no other, can take stories from his fellow coaches that they have never shared in public. Recently, David Kwiatkowski, Baron and Thomson spoke about their fears. This time, the coaches went back to the time when they broke something for the first time.

My elbow is broken, but not from sports – began the story of the baron. – Out of stupidity, out of love and joy. All at once. While studying, I ran after someone in Wroclaw. It was a little dark. Do you remember such inscriptions and chains between them? I saw two posts but did not see the chain. I fell on my elbow – The coach of “The Voice Kids” admitted that this was one of the stupidest stories in his life.

We invite you to the live broadcast of the last issue of the fifth issue of “The Voice Kids” before the grand finale. This time, Thomson and Baron from Afromental will select three finalists from their 18-man team. Which participants will be given a chance to compete in the final game? Watch the broadcast live – on Saturday, April 16, from 20:00. Only on SE.pl!

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The coverage of “The Voice Kids 5” series can be found below

Baron is about a “painful” struggle for love

22:07 We already know all the finalists of this year’s edition of The Voice Kids. A week later, a spectacular final!

22:05 Finala … Tosia, Maja and Ida.

22:03 “T.it was a feast for our eyes and ears“- The children summed up all the speeches.

22:00 It’s time for the most important decision! Will Thomson and Baron make it to the finals?

21:57 Sing Offs should be closed like this! The last participant – Maya Cembrzinska sang the song “Superhero”, Vicky Gabor.

21:53 What a sound! Tosia Zakrzewska again managed to force everyone to sit. Girl Jessie J, Fri sang “Who Are You”.

21:50 There is power! Cornelia Markuszewska demonstrated her vocal skills in the song “This is my life” by Bon Jovi.

21:48 Maja Janowska once again delighted the coaches and fans of The Voice Kids with her beautiful voice. He sang Ariana Grande’s song “Breathin”.

21:44 In your own classroom! Next row – Marcel Kotuła, sang Michael Buble’s song “Remember the last dance for me”.

21:41 A great start. Ida Sing Zone began with an emotional and elegant performance of Elvis Presley’s song. “I can’t stop falling in love”!

21:37 Thomson and the Baron Team Start Reading! In a few minutes we will meet the first three players who will reach the final. In the Sing Off zone, participants will perform the same songs as in the blind hearings.

21:24 The most important stage is at once – Sing Off, stay with us!

21:20 This is how the fights in this year’s “The Voice Kids” end! Maja Thomson and the Baron became the last member of the Sing Off team.

21:18 Excellent performance! The girls destroyed the scene of “The Voice Kids 5”.

I look forward to such performances in The Voice Kids“- David Kwiatkowski admitted his joy

You all wiped me off the ground that bothered me!said Cleo

21:15 The last battle of this issue is ahead! Three powerful voices – Carolina, Maria and Maja, will make you cry while performing a demanding piece. “I don’t want to miss a thing.”

21:09 Then it passed … Tosia!

21:06 Surprise! Wow! The girls captured the stage of “Voice”, enchanted the coaches and put everyone in their seats. Undoubtedly, it was a beautiful, harmonious and mature performance.

Girls, what was that! One hundred percent admitted!“- David Kwiatkowski commented on the speech

This sign of The Voice Kids should be changed to The Voice Poland. He was extremely mature“The Baron said.

“Jand I’m sure we’ll meet on the big stage, it’s a matter of time“Thomson admitted.

21:00 Another battle awaits us. Julianna, Martyna and Tosia will compete for a place in the Sing Off. The girls will sing Anna Karva’s song “Fools” on Friday.

There will be a fire that will destroy all the children!“Martina confessed confidently.

Let’s hope that this participant’s statement will come true and the girls will capture the scene of “The Voice Kids”!

20:57 Cornelia won the battle!

20:54 What energy! The trio smashed the scene of The Voice Kids 5. The smiling coaches admitted that the performance brought them a lot of smiles and joy.

20:50 These are the real kings of the stage! Witek, Basia and Cornelia are about to sing a song from “The Lion King”, Friday. “I really want to be that king.”

“Two Lions and a Lion who wants to be king before you!” – announced the speech of the baron.

20:45 Thomson and Baron Maja took it to the next stage!

20:43 What a sound! Thomson and the baron’s accusations were shaken. The girls showed strength and maturity in their voices. Although each of them did a great job, Maja showed the best results in this battle. The participant overshadowed his opponents with his unusual voice.

20:39 The next three people – Maja, Magda and Victoria Rita – will sing Ora’s hit song Friday. “Everywhere”.

This is a duel of big voices“- Thomson announced the performance of his daughters.

20:32 Sing Off moves … Marcel!

20:30 In your own classroom! The children presented themselves very well on the stage, they showed not only their beautiful voices, but also remarkable musical maturity. The coaches were delighted.

I can be your inspiration“Cleo said with a spell.

20:25 During another battle! We are waiting for a trio of real gentlemen – David, Marseille and Mieszko, who will perform the song by Andrzej Zauchy. “Be my inspiration.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to the battle of gentlemen. The class is full of erudition and knows how to treat a woman. You will see it soon.” – Thomson and Baron announced the play.

20:20 Iga won the battle!

20:17 Before the show began, Thomson said: “Our world is sick and needs to be healed.” The girls managed to do it for a while! The elegant and graceful participants presented themselves beautifully on stage and began to fight with a very wise and important message.

20:13 We start fighting! Soon Patrycja, Ida and Oliwia will sing “The Voice Kids 5” on stage, a beautiful and moving song by Michael Jackson. “Heal the world”

“I think the audience will have tears” One of the participants said before the show.

20:04 What a start! The coaches of “Afromental” started today’s match with a speech. The team performed a religious song called Joe Cocker in a phenomenal way with a little help from my friends.

20:00 It’s time for the final battles! This time, Thomson and Baron will compete for a ticket to the grand final.


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