Summary of the 24th series of the PGNiG Women’s Super League: One step away from the sensation of Kozalin. Victory of the teams competing for medals

Młyny Stoisław Koszalin MKS FunFloor Perła was close to a big sensation in Koszalin, where he lost a bit to Lublin. The favorites also won in other matches.

One step away from the sensation in Koszalin

Młyny Stoisław Koszalin was close to creating a sensation and defeating MKS FunFloor Perły Lublin. In the first half, the visitors advanced by five goals, but before the break, Kozalin drew. In the second half, the home team was ahead in the score, but in the end, the Lublin team turned the scales into their advantage. Hanna Rycharska (Młyny Stoisław Koszalin) and Roman Roszak (MKS FunFloor Perła Lublin) scored five goals each. – What we played is a shame. If we play like this, we can dream of a championship. We have to gather ourselves, because we can’t play like that, – said Roszak. – When the Lublin team played with “number one” in defense, we did not have a little composure. Maybe we tried to play 7v6 too late. It was a mistake, it’s a pity for the result “- concluded the coach of Koszalin players Valdemar Schimanski.

Favorites with some wins

Only in the beginning EKS Start was the leader in Elbląg Lubin, then Miedziowe took the lead until the end with full points. Katarzyna Cygan from Elbląg scored the most nine goals. – Three happy points. We knew we were playing against an opponent who had nothing to do. The Elbląg team was comfortable, we had a problem catching shots from the second line at first. However, as the match progressed, it looked better, said Zaglebie’s head coach Bożena Karkut. – We did not come here as a favorite, we were waiting for a difficult match, we came for a good result. The first half was optimistic. We wanted to keep a good game throughout the game, but a few mistakes, unsuccessful shots and Zaglebi went away. As a team, we can be satisfied, the girls struggled – admitted Elbląg coach Marcin Pilch.

From the beginning of the match in Yaroslavl, the home team had the advantage, in the second half they were already ahead by twelve goals. However, later MKS Piotrcovia compensated some losses, but Eurobud JKS Jarosław enjoyed the points. – I was very scared before the game, because many girls were infected with the virus, the flu, and when the news came hour after hour that it was not a game, it was not a game, this anxiety was growing. I’m glad we won and the points stayed at home – said JKS Yaroslaw’s most influential winger Magda Balsam (11 goals). – We did not expect such a form from Yaroslav with goals. How many of us did not take advantage of the situation is scandalous, said Patrycja Królikowska from MKS Piotrcovia.

During the match, the KPR team of Kobierzyce Commune Suzuki Korona was the leader with Handball Kielce and won by eleven goals. The most impressive Zorica Despodovska scored eight goals. – I am glad that each player came on the field and played the same number of minutes. Such easy meetings are also important for our team. I hope that the fact that each of them will play a lot will be a big argument for us in the next matches, – concluded the head coach of KPR Edyta Majdzinska. – It was a difficult game, because we came with a reduced staff, three playmakers. I think we stood up and fought to the end. I am glad that despite these difficulties and failures, we are heading straight to the field – Magda Więckowska from Suzuki Korony Handball Kielce admitted.

Prominent matches for KPR and MKS Zagłębia Lubin of Kobierzyce Commune

Debts were also seized last week. The KPR team of Kobierzyce Commune was away from MKS Piotrcovia from the beginning to the end of the match. Zoricia Despodovska from KPR was the most influential in the whole match. – The team that produces better results and shows it on the field is the winner. Unfortunately, we lost the attack, the Kobierzyceli girls did a great job in defense, we could not pass the ball to each other – admitted Piotrcovia winger Patrycja Królikowska. – I must admit that I did not expect such a match. We focused on intense competition, the match was our dictation from the beginning, the girls competed wisely. It was a good start as we were able to play more calmly and control the outcome until the end, said KPR coach Edyta Majdzinska.

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