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Although the match between Metalika Recycling Kolejarz Rawicz and Texom Stali Rzeszów, scheduled for April 16, is listed in the schedule as the match of the 2nd round of the 2nd Speed ​​Road League, both teams showed themselves to the fans on the track. for the first time this season. The players of Rawicz, who won with a score of 46:42, had a minimal advantage.

The match between Rawicz and Budmax-Stal Polonia Piła, which is to take place in the first round of the league on the track. The long-awaited return of plans to Bydgoszka on April 10 and the league competition did not take place on the first date due to delays in the modernization of the Piła facility. The day before, Rzeszów residents would open their performances at their facilities, but the weather prevented them from playing against OK Bedmet Kolejarz Opole.

Last year, Polonia Bydgoszcz’s Viktor Przyjemski, who forcibly broke down the doors of the first league halls in Ravich’s squad, had the opportunity to appear as a “guest”. He started the race in style, winning his first start in the second race. He showed his class throughout the match, beating his opponents, regardless of age.

Starting this season, we have a significant change in the 2nd Speedway League – foreign competitors can compete in the junior races, so Tom Brennan and Gustav Grand went on the track. However, they had to recognize Victor Przyjemsky’s class.

The whole match was overshadowed by Operation Desert Storm, as the ruthlessly dusty track created a lot of problems for rivals, at least in the first start series. While the first series was dictated by the hosts, in the second series the guests tried to pull the strings in their favor. The real problem for the rivals was the fourth race, which turned into a real tape. The first part shows the fall of Tom Brenna, the British individual junior champion, who fell on the track after contacting Edward Krcmar. The young Briton was found guilty of stopping the race and disqualified from the race again. In the second attempt, Damian Balinski crashed into the wheel of Gustav Gran on the first corner and fell on the track. The situation happened on the first lap, so all three started the next race. The third attempt began with a promising advantage from the Krcmar-Grahn duo, but the 18-year-old fell from the second lap after the Swedish champion lifted the wheel. Probably, it was caused by the player’s distraction. He was removed from Approach No. 4. In the fourth and, fortunately, the last match, only Krcmar from Rzeshov and Balinski from the home team stood under the ribbon. The top turned out to be the Czech, a new club player from Podkarpacie, who signed a contract with Poznan.

The second and third series were an equal distribution of forces – both teams won the competition, and there was a draw. After a long break, in the eleventh race, the Krcmar-owgowik duo from Rzeszow started with a promising advantage, but the latter had to give second place to the well-thought-out Daniel Kaczmarek, so Żurawie won “only” 4: 2.

The twelfth pass was interrupted at the starting line due to uneven operation of the starting line, so all four opponents appeared on the starting line. Victor Przyjemski was once again amazed at the repetition.

In the thirteenth heat, Damian Baliński from Rzeszow fell out of the first corner as a result of contact with the rear wheel of his opponent, but the experienced opponent was good. Kevin Woelbert received a second warning, so he could not start the next part. Finally, only two opponents scored in the race, Damian Dróżdż and Dawid Lampart.

Victor Balzymsky, who replaced Balinski after his fall, had a chance to prove himself in the race. The Rawicz team proved its strength in the 14th race, winning twice and sealing the victory before the final race. As a result of a double victory in the 15th heat, Rzeszow residents minimized their losses, and in the end the scoreboard showed the home team a score of 46:42.

2nd round of the 2nd Speedway League

Metal recycling Kolejarz Rawicz 46-Texom Stal Rzeszów 42

Metal recycling: Daniel Kaczmarek 7 + 1 (3.2 * 0.2.0), Damian Balinski 7 (2.3.2, w), Nik Skorja 1 (0.0.1), Ryan Duqlas 8 + 2 (3, 1.2 *, 0.2 *), Damian Dróżdż 9 + 1 (0.1 * 2.3.3), Tom Brennan 2 + 1 (2 *, w / u, 0), Wiktor Przyjemski 12 (3, 2,3,3,1)

Texom Stal: Hubert Łęgowik 5 + 1 (1 *, 0,3,1,0), Paweł Ay 10 + 1 (2,3,1,2,2 *), Kevin Woelbert (2,2 *, 3, in, 1 )), Eduard Krcmar 13 (3,3,1,3,3), David Lampart 3 + 1 (1 *, 1,1), Qustav Gran 1 (1, w / u, 0), Mateusz Majcher 0 (d , 0, d)

Avoid running after:

1. KACZMAREK, Woelbert, Łęgowik, Skorja (3: 3) (3: 3)

2. PRZYJEMSKI, Brennan, Grahn, Majcher (d4) (5: 1) (8: 4)

3. DUQLAS, Moon, Leopard, Dróżdż (3: 3) (11: 7)

4. KRCMAR, Baliński, Brennan (w / u), Grahn (w / u) (2: 3) (13:10)

5. KRCMAR, Woelbert, Douglas, Skorja (1: 5) (14:15)

6. MONTH, Przyjemski, Dróżdż, Łęgowik (3: 3) (17:18)

7. BALIŃSKI, Kaçmarek, Leopard, Majcher (5: 1) (22:19)

8. WOELBERT, Dróżdż, Krcmar, Brennan (2: 4) (24:23)

9. ŁĘGOWIK, Baliński, Ay, Kaçmarek (2: 4) (26:27)

10. FRIENDS, Douglas, Leopard, Grahn (5: 1) (31:28)

11. KRCMAR, Kaczmarek, Łęgowik, Douglas (2: 4) (33:32)

12. DOSTLUQ, Ay, Skorja, Majcher (4: 2) (37:34)

13. DRÓŻDŻ, Leopard, Balinski (3: 2) (40:36)

14. DRÓŻDŻ, Duqlas, Woelbert, Łęgowik (5: 1) (45:37)

15.KRCMAR, Ay, Xoş, Kaçmarek (1: 5) (46:42)

The competition was played according to the second starting set.

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