“I secretly came to the club from my husband to admire the mysterious masked dancer. I didn’t think … I know him “- Real life

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I was very tired. Negotiations with the French took several hours and required real steel nerves. When I finished, it was as if I had just returned from a difficult mountain climb. Leaving the conference room, I dreamed of only one thing – to go straight home, soak in a hot bath and then eat comfortably. for a late dinner with my wife.

I had just packed the last things in my briefcase and wanted to go when the manager breathed a sigh of relief into my room.

– Mariusz? You are still lucky! He called from the doorway.

What could have happened that the boy had this strange madness in his eyes? Have the French withdrawn from all agreements? But no, that’s something else.

“Listen, there’s no one to take them somewhere to have fun tonight,” the director sighed. and looked at me pleadingly.

– Jurek had to do it! I reminded him. – What kind of advertising is he?

– There was, but he doesn’t do it because he is sick – the chief shook his hands helplessly. – He has the flu, it seems, it looks terrible. We do not follow him.

– Then who will replace him? – I would ask this, I suddenly realized that … probably me!

– Mariusz, please! – The manager rarely said these words, so I was really impressed. – Everything is ready, Jurek got tickets. You just have to take them there, and will have fun alone …

I dreamed about him at night

Having fun meant a sea of ​​drinks. I was ready for it. But I didn’t expect to end up together, what pole are you dancing on! I’m not modest, but when I see the girls on the head of the guests, lustfully bent on the stage I felt a little uneasy. If it depended on me, I probably wouldn’t go there, but … our guests were just happy!

Not surprisingly, girls they performed on stage quite boldly. They thanked the sweaty men and filled their backs with glittering bras and shorts. It was terribly vulgar and suddenly I got tired of everything …

He took the stage. Mysterious girl in a mask. He was strangely fragile and delicate, and at first glance he did not fit into these depraved bodies. When I started dancing, I felt like I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Wrapped around the pipe, a There was something fascinating about his actions. She didn’t look naughty at all, she was just sensitive and beautiful. Even the French stopped joking, just fell in love with him.

“How beautiful,” they whispered.

When I finally left the place, I was swaying on my feet. I was dizzy. I went home and went under the blanket next to my wife.

It seems that everything in my life is the same, but outwardly. Because from the moment I saw this sensational dance of a stranger, I dreamed of him while at night and awake. When I fell in love with my wife, I had a picture of her sexy body under my eyelids – and it gave me an unusual orgasm. I could not forget that dancer. No! I had a terrible, obsessive desire to see him again. I struggled with myself, but in the end he became stronger than me.

And one evening I went to the go-go dance club again. I sat next to the stage and ordered a drink. I was just waiting for him. When he appeared, I felt a tremor flow from my body. She danced better than I can remember. I fell in love, I was happy, I fell in love. Yes, I think I’m in love This is a lovely stranger, although I didn’t even know his face. Until now, I did not think such a thing was possible, meanwhile … it really happened.

After this visit, I was strangely confused. I was a regular guest of this place. I went there almost every day, and I lied to my husband that I should stay at work longer.

“The boss is getting more and more demanding, baby,” I lied like a dog, looked into his eyes, and was horrified that I didn’t feel remorse.

At the restaurant, Monica always drank one drink to keep me from smelling of alcohol, but it still cost me dearly. When I spent four hundred zlotys on these single drinks, I told my wife that she had stolen money from her purse as soon as I took it out of the ATM.

– I really do not know at what point it happened. Maybe at work … Now you can’t trust anyone! – I lied, and he believed everything.

He thought I wanted to release him

The following weeks passed … The girls of the restaurant already recognized me and laughed a little when they saw me. They knew very well why I was coming. What about my choice? I didn’t know what feelings he was hiding under his mask; never took it out. Sometimes it seemed to me that he was a little distracted when he saw me. Then I thought about what that meant. Does he want me? Today I know it is paranoid, but it seemed so then.

Every afternoon when I left work, my feet would take me to a place I knew. It was the same on that fateful day. It was only halfway through that I remembered that my wife had asked me to return earlier, as some of her family were visiting.

I wondered for a moment if I could lie about not being free. fired, but it seemed too risky to me. I got angry and went back. Instead of a group of relatives at home, only Monica’s cousin was waiting for me. Such a gray, inconspicuous mouse that I once met at our wedding. I didn’t know much about him. All I knew was that he was an only child.

We talked about it a bit. He looked strangely tense and frightened. “Stupid provincial gas” – I judged, I was dissatisfied with his deception of the evening. And it was even more disgusting that Monica left us alone, because she flew to the store for something. The conversation was not sticky at all, so we sat opposite each other like idiots, and suddenly Olga asked me in a loud voice:

– When will you tell everyone about me?

– Listening? – I thought I heard wrong. – What did you ask me?

– When will you hand me over? He repeated, and so did I. I still did not understand what he was saying.

I had a very stupid face, and in the end I couldn’t stand it and exploded:

– Don’t play innocent! If you don’t give me up, why do you come to the club every night? – he was silent, And seeing my confusion, he added: – Well, where I danced!

I would probably be less surprised if I suddenly saw a burning bush in the middle of our spacious room …

“Are you dancing?” You? – I stuttered.

– And who? Still you watch me every night! You come, you sit in front of the stage, and when I speak, you look at me with that guilty look! He raised his voice. “You have no right to judge me, you know?” Dancing on a pole does not give you the right to believe that you are superior to me! I just want to live well and be strong enough to support my child. I’m not doing anything wrong!

“You’re not …” I replied unconsciously.

“If you think so, why are you watching me?” Not to hand me over to my father? He asked. – If you were he knew everything, he would probably kick me out of the house! So where would I do it with the little one? – I saw tears in his eyes, I gave him a box of napkins.

Then I asked curiously:

– But you look so different on stage … You have long hair.

– It’s a wig. Boys love long hair. ” He shrugged.

I didn’t know what to say, so … I decided to tell the truth.

– I did not know you in that wig. I’m not here to expose you, just I enjoyed your dance. You could even say that I was a little addicted to it.

– Seriously? He was surprised.

I shook my head.

– I’m not going to teach you that you have talent and you have to dance somewhere else, because life is life. You earn your money honestly and no one else has anything to do with it.

– Do you think so? he smiled.

When my husband returned from the store, Olga and I sat down to talk. and even a joke. There was a smile on his face. Finally relieved. And I realized that he is now in my hands. I exposed myself to it and admitted my addiction. So my secret will be safe as long as I keep it a secret.

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