How was the career of cat eaters? It was not a dream career …

The popularity of the youngest series, in which the protagonist has become a unique example, is gaining more and more popularity, more and more “Do not do it at home!” As in one of the episodes, Alf, unaware of anything, tries to fix the Jacuzzi by placing an electric mixer in a bath full of water. Despite the final information about the dangers of such experiments, NBC received information that one of the children – after watching the episode – tried to repeat the experiment in the apartment, and it almost led to disaster.

It was not an easy task to work on the production line of “Alpha”, and almost all the actors who took part in it complained about it. The shooting times were extremely short and could be extended indefinitely due to the great difficulty of working with the doll model, which still had to be operated manually. The creators of the series were very clever about the issue of the next seasons, because they put an extremely exciting gap at the end of each, and the popularity of the series in the following years meant that it simply had to continue. Even after the end of the last, fourth series, the surprise was explained in the 1996 feature film Project ALF, which was an ending to the story of the aliens. Everyone is happy, especially Max Wright, Willy Tanner’s extremely disappointed re-actor.

The double life of a nervous father

Although Paul Fusco himself emphasized in interviews that Willie Tanner and ALF had very good chemistry with each other, Max Wright, who played him, also admitted that the model of the cosmic creature looked really great, but at the same time hated the game. in this series, especially in later years. Not only did he suffer from extremely difficult working conditions in the constant heat, but he was also completely dissatisfied with appearing on the screen next to a doll with the best stroke lines. Playing the role of his wife, Ann Schedeen, he recalled that after the last day of filming, he went to the locker room, changed his clothes, took his bag and left without saying goodbye to any of the crew. Years later, he changed his mind about the series itself, especially as it brought great joy to the children who sent letters of thanks to the team.

The performance in the series “ALF” was undoubtedly the greatest achievement of Wright’s work since the late 1960s. The century was primarily associated with theatrical performances. He later starred in several television series such as “Taxi”, “Buffalo Bill” and “AfterMASH”, but they were mostly episodes. The most important film in his work seems to be Bob Fossen’s “All This Thunder” from the previous classic “Cabaret”, but he also played a supporting role there – albeit memorable. The series’s great success was not a ticket to more exciting productions in the following years, as he performed among others, but these were still small roles in the film Summer Night’s Dream or Stand, based on the prose of Stephen King.

In 1995, he was diagnosed with lymphoma, which he apparently recovered from and was in remission. In the early twentieth century. The actor of the century had problems with the law on drunk driving. He struggled with alcohol and drugs, and a few years later his other secrets began to emerge. Wright became very addicted to crack; he would also invite homeless people to his apartment and pay for sex. The media coverage meant that no one was thinking of hiring him in new productions, especially given how strongly he contradicted his life at the time – the image of the great father created by Alpha. The singer lost a long battle with lymphoma in 2019, two years after his wife, Linda Ybarrondo, who had two children, died of breast cancer.

Angry Kate Tanner

Kate Tanner

Anne Schedeen, who played Kate Tanner, had slightly better memories of the show. The actress admitted that although playing with children is a great experience, collaboration with many adult actors has become more difficult. He also suffered from a very long filming time, which, according to him, can last forever, which is surprising, because it is a 25-30 minute sitcom. Paul Fusco himself recalled the artist as an extremely professional man who did not show that working with Alf was not the easiest job for him.

The birth of a woman like Luane Ruth Schedeen will be an actress, mainly because her parents decided to enroll her in drama courses. She was said to be very shy as a child. The course was useful because he decided not only to acquire the appropriate character traits, but also to work later in the theater in Portland, where he came from. His real acting career began in the early 1970s, when he appeared in several series. The leap occurred in 1976, when he played one of the protagonists in the series “Emergency” and the science-fiction horror film “Embryo”, which is still remembered today. Since then, he has appeared in several typical film productions for the television network, and has been involved in television forever.

The role in the series “Alf” marked the international fame, which the actress often complained about, although the interviews were generally full of humor. For example, he noted that his high vision makes it very difficult to deal with sellers in second-hand bookstores, and he likes to visit when he sees something interesting. In 1989, she married Christopher Barrett, whom she had known since theater and later became a talent hunter. In the second decade of the 21st century, he could still be seen in a few series, but in secondary roles.

Shadows of fame


Lynn Tanner’s seventeen-year-old daughter, Andrea Elson, had no complaints during the production of the series, and her efforts were recognized with two nominations for the Young Artists Award. On the set, she also met her future husband, Scott Hopper, who worked as an assistant on the set. Although Paul Fusco remembers the young actress as an extremely energetic person, he had serious problems during the filming of the second season. He became ill with bulimia, and in the following years he became really interested in his appearance, which was further intensified by the media’s constant interest in his personality. His relationship with Hopper, mentioned above, as well as his temporary withdrawal from productions that required longer shooting times, led him to a straight line.

Alf was not the first, but it was the most important production with him. Earlier, when he was a little over ten years old, he appeared in single episodes of the series, and in turn, immediately after the completion of the NBC sitcom, appeared in several episodes of other series, such as “The World for the Bundes.” “or” Step-by-Step Croc. “In the 21st century, viewers have never seen him on screen, and since 2008 he has worked as a yoga instructor.

And this kid …

Benji Gregory

The youngest of the four, Benjamin Gregory Hertzberg, better known as Benji Gregory, was only eight years old when he began creating Alpha. Her role in the series was played by her grandmother, who is her agent. Unlike the rest of the cast, he didn’t say it was as difficult as working on it, only complaining that it was too hot when the lights were on. The boy befriended his sister from the series, who saw him as an ordinary child, and helped him to return home quickly and skateboard.

Five-year-old Benji has been featured in several commercials and has been on camera since he was a child. In 1986, he managed to play a small role in the famous film “Jumpin ‘Jack Flash”, starring Whoopi Goldberg. After the production of “Alpha” was completed, he appeared in several other TV shows, but did not have much success. In fact, 1993 was the end of Gregory’s acting career, as it was when he starred in his last feature film. He later studied and volunteered for the United States Navy in 2003, where he even earned a special rank (Fellow of the Air Force). Previous press releases show that he does not give up acting.

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