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Between life and death is a combination of American melodrama with the effects of science fiction, telling a beautiful but very short story of young people. Their love affair begins with a chance meeting at the cinema, where the ideal lover Skylar (Kyle Allen) proposes to marry teenage Tessie (who plays the famous girl in the series). Kissing booth – Joey King) assists in the translation of the French film into English. Chemistry is developing rapidly between the two teenagers, which becomes a real feeling in the next meeting. Their relationship is delicate and the foundation is love and mutual support. Of course, there are arguments and misunderstandings, but the bond between the couple is so strong that differences in worldview can destroy them. The only obstacle to their eternal happiness is the tragic accident that killed Skylar. It turned out that the love story of the two young men takes on a new dimension immediately after the death of the boy. They all try to communicate with their living lover because their souls stand together “between life and death”.

The right choice of characters was crucial for the perception of the whole film. Contrasts from the characters’ different perceptions of the world contributed to the vitality of the changes that took place in Tessa’s head – first under the influence of beautiful love, then under the influence of tragic events. Initially an introvert, the girl turned to the world of photography, her safe haven. Known for his ability to see things that are generally invisible, he rejected all definitions without believing in his abilities. He looked at the world with pessimism in his eyes, saw only its depravity, and condemned his true love to eternal torment. On the other hand, Skylar, a young romantic who is engaged in life and devotes himself to sports passions, appeared. The boy was kind and did not believe in the beauty of love. Thanks to her, Tessa was able to reveal real feelings. After getting acquainted with the teenager, his world acquired a full color palette, and he was finally built to bloom with her. Both Joey King and Kyle Allen have found their way perfectly with their characters, and the feeling they create on screen is unquestionable. The chemistry between the heroes appeared in the first meeting.

Ever since Skylar took root in Tessa’s heart, her life has changed beyond recognition. As viewers, we can see how important this attitude is for a teenager, not only in the story itself, but also in the way it is delivered. The filmmakers decided to combine the happy past of the young lovers with a difficult period of mourning and an attempt to conquer their souls, so we can see how much space was left by Skylar. The film is not kitschy, a love story of teenagers, setting the rhythm of the whole story, with a fragmented plot and the choice of colors suitable for a certain stage of Tessa’s life. It is very impressive to emphasize the transition from a happy period to a moment of trauma through the changing nature of colors on the screen. When her daughter is in love and her world is colorful, the image is filled with warm shades. On the other hand, the period full of great sadness and pain after the accident indicates the roughness of the cold colors.

However, keep in mind that Between life and death It is not only a tickle story of a wonderful relationship between young people, but also a movie with the addition of science fiction. While the paranormal events in the film initially evoke really positive emotions, the effects used at the end of the story no longer work in favor of the production. The source of the supernatural motives was the power of the emotions shared by adolescents. Their relationship was so special that after the boy’s death they would not let him see him again. As a result, the spirit tried to find opportunities for spiritual reconciliation in various ways, which helped the Sky to send signals from the ends of the earth. The initial characters were not exaggerated, but rather created tension and sometimes increased fear. The idea of ​​sending photos taken after the death of a teenager was sensational and could cause a really strong excitement. However, the bright manifestation of the presence of the spirit slightly exceeded the barrier of good taste. Shameless signals from the post-death zone, along with the development of the movement, stopped making an impression. Undoubtedly, this moral zone can be better reflected by investing in more convincing means. However, the presentation of the last meeting of the lovers is commendable. The surreal journey with the dreams of two lovers ended with the most positive ending. Of course, you may be a little dissatisfied, because the girl’s final decision had a great impact on the future of the couple.

The realities of life in it added the greatest attraction to production. The two extreme views of the feeling of love were lovely. One full of black scenarios and disbelief in the possibility of a happy ending. The second is romantic, calling for an endless struggle to maintain and develop relationships. The image of love seen from such different angles has become a beautiful feeling for life and death. The reality of the bond between the teenagers was reflected in their gradual involvement in the relationship. The great advantage of the production is to get rid of the plot based on physical fascination and thus cover the delicate youth garden with animal sex scenes. In this film, sexual intercourse is shown very delicately, and it is not accidental that it is set in a certain place in the plot. It stems from a blossoming love and is a symbol of confirmation of Tessa’s feelings. Along with the feeling of love and its power to divide the world of the dead and the living, a difficult childhood issue was raised that contradicted a full and loving family. According to the characteristics of the protagonists, we can observe how the human psyche is formed after the experiences of childhood. Lack of self-confidence, mistreatment of parents or fear of their own dreams, as well as a hobby to release their emotions – he talks about all this. Between life and death.

Between life and death not every fan of decent science fiction movies will like it. Similarly, not every fan of touching romance will be amazed by the touch of special effects on a love story. However, it cannot be said that the production had negative consequences. The plot is interesting, and despite the fact that the relationship of young people is adapted to the typical example of the initial love story, the subsequent action is surprising and really has the potential of everything. If the creators had given up kitschy special effects, if they had only put it in an atmosphere of paranormal events and gestures thrown at living objects, the film would surely have evoked better emotions. But I am glad that at the first meeting it was decided to present the accounts of teenagers in such a mature way without revealing all the cards. With the flood of youth production where sex is currently the dominant topic, this is definitely a beautiful springboard, and as you can see, you can get a decent job without relying on bed scenes. Thanks to such a serious presentation of the power of love, this film is suitable for all age groups because of its high morale. The concept is active Between life and death was really good, only the performance sometimes falls slightly below expectations. However, it is definitely worth taking the time to research the story of Tessa and Sky to show their sincere feelings.

Between life and death

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