5 new productions from Netflix and Dr. Seuss Enterprises

Netflix and Dr. Seuss Enterprises, Dr. Seuss 5 new series and cartoon program.

Netflix and Dr. Seuss Enterprises announced that they are Dr. Seuss in five new series and animated programs for preschool children. Their creators will be inspired by the American author’s acclaimed and adored stories, such as “Hears Like Horton!”, “Sneetches”, “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” or “Stupid Wednesday”, and many on-screen viewers. will be able to follow the fate of favorite characters – for example, a really big-hearted moose.

Executive producer Dustin Ferrer (“Esme and Roy”, “Shine and Shine”, “Tigger Daniel and His Neighbors”) will be the showmen of all five productions, and information about the remaining showmen will be announced in the coming weeks. This project Netflix and Dr. Seuss Enterprises, the partnership resulted in a series of critically acclaimed animation from 2019. “Who will eat green fried eggs?” The eagerly awaited premiere of the second season of this cartoon is scheduled for April 8, 2022.

New production catalog Dr. Seuss aims to provide a solid foundation for Netflix’s future development in the field of content for preschoolers. Thanks to these completely new series and programs, they will be able to gain important powers, discover the richness of diversity and learn that everyone deserves respect.

All of these concepts will touch neatly on an entertaining and engaging story, and each production will explode with unusual humor, and Dr. Seuss.

Many favorite fairy tale characters have already found their homes on Netflix. In turn, Dr. Seuss has fascinated generations of children for many years. These favorite stories have long been important in family libraries, so I’m glad that we will soon add them to the Netflix catalog in an updated form, so that they will go directly to the hearts of today’s viewers. Heather Tilert, Netflix’s director of preschool content for preschoolers, said.

Projects inspired by the books listed below have already received the green light.

  • One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish
    This series is about the adventures of two sweet fish that are different in every way. Together, they take part in many funny situations that provide an opportunity to teach preschoolers the opposite.
    Format: series; seven-minute episodes and two-minute music clips
    Animation: 2D
  • The Sneetches
    The question of the umbilical cord has always been something that separates the two groups of bird-like creatures. However, due to the unexpected bond that brings the two young people together, the two groups learn that the differences are not wrong, but can be something to be proud of.
    Format: 45-minute program
    Animation: 3D
  • Tuesday
    In a city where things are usually completely normal, every Wednesday brings you complete madness. Fortunately, one of its residents is a 10-year-old boy who knows that humor stimulates creativity and does not stop solving crazy problems using equally crazy solutions.
    Format: series; 11-minute episodes
    Animation: mixed technique
  • Horton Kimi hears!
    In this series, Horton travels through the jungle with two best friends and has fantastic adventures, hurrying to help others and learning to fight for justice.
    Format: series; 11-minute episodes
    Animation: 3D
  • Tidvik Big Heart Moose
    When the angry elk leader decides to be the happiest animal in the herd, he turns to Sweet for help. A cosmic adventure begins for these two, and during this adventure it becomes clear that the key to happiness is calmness and kindness to others.
    Format: 45-minute program
    Animation: 3D

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