They pour the flour before using the drill. Only then do they break the locks on the doors. This is how cats are rescued in Ukraine [WIDEO]

As a result of the war, not only adults and children, but also pets suffer. Many of them were abandoned, disappeared during the evacuation, or were trapped in apartments where their owners could not return. In Kiev, such cats and dogs are assisted by 13 patrols who document their hard work on Instagram.

  • As a result of the Russian incursion into Ukraine, some residents evacuated and left dogs and cats in their apartments, which are in danger of starvation and thirst.
  • ZooPatrol has launched in Kiev, trying to reach as many trapped animals as possible, which is their only chance to survive.
  • Volunteers determine whether a cat or dog uses non-traditional methods, such as not only forcibly opening doors and digging walls, but also pouring flour.
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Kiev-based ZooPatrol was founded on March 3 by Dmitry Rewniuk and his wife Ghana. They both wanted to help the hungry cats and dogs who were terrified of losing their owners in the chaos of war. Other residents of Kiev have not been indifferent to the fate of animals that are in danger of death.

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The group, formed by the Rewniuk family, currently consists of 13 patrols and 20 coordinators, a manager and an assistant. The Kyiv Zoo Patrol carries out its activities on a large scale, but the number of appeals to its organizers shows the enormous scale of the problem they have to solve in order to save the remaining animals. Applications are accepted in the online form, via text and messages on the ZooPatrol profile on Facebook and Instagram, as well as by phone to the emergency call center. How do volunteers work?

Kyiv ZooPatrol saves dogs and cats from starvation

ZooPatrol’s main mission is to protect animals locked in their homes from starvation. After receiving a message from a cat or dog that may still be alive in a locked apartment, the patrol goes to the scene and usually knocks on the eye socket on the door. In this way, an opening is created, thanks to which it is possible to insert a special pipe, through which food is poured and water is poured. Volunteers, who often use heavier equipment, make a hole in the door, which not only feeds the animal, but also allows it to leave.

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The hole is a practical solution, as it allows you to quickly check whether the abandoned animal is still alive. If the cat or dog does not leave the opening immediately, the patrol puts the flour in the apartment and puts out the water and food containers. If there are other neighbors in the neighborhood, they are asked to observe whether the animal has left the apartment. traces of white flour from the apartment .. emphasizes who benefited from their help.

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In extreme cases, ZooPatrol volunteers act like Alexei Rawovs from Irpien and break the locks on the doors to get the animals out. They then try to replace or weld the residents to secure their property. In order to carry out such activities, those who want to help ZooPatrol to save their animals must send the relevant documents and open the door, write a video message to enter the apartment, confirm their identity. legal side.

Some of the animals go to the neighbors who agree to take them until their legal owners return, while others stay in their apartments and are under the care of neighbors who care for their welfare and food. In critical situations, when cats and dogs cannot rely on the help of the neighborhood, ZooPatrol places them in a shelter or looks for a temporary home for them. Some pets stay with volunteers who decide to take care of them in their homes or apartments.

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According to Vogue magazine, ZooPatrol has so far rescued 138 animals (mostly cats and dogs) and announced that it will continue its activities. The Instagram account of Kyiv ZooPatrol has opened an account for payments in the PayPal system for people who want to support the feeding and rescue of animals trapped in apartments.

Source: Vogue, Instagram, Vogue

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