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There is increasing resistance to the eastern corridor of the north bypass of Olsti. Gardeners are protesting – and if the animals could speak in human voices, the cats and dogs in the shelter in Olsztyn would be protesting.

More than a hundred applications and comments have already been received by the General Directorate of National Highways and Highways and the designer of the Olsztyn northern winding road. This is not much for the “sixteen” from Mrągowo to Ełk, as the Regional Directorate of Environmental Protection received almost two thousand comments and comments, but the interest in the side transition is very high.

Work is currently underway to select a corridor, ie it is decided whether the bypass will pass on the west side of Olsti or on the east side. The Western version is gaining more and more votes.

Behind him, for example, are the gardeners of several garden complexes located northeast of Olsztyn.

– In total, there are about 800 plots – says Tomasz Zmudczyński, president of one of the gardens of ROD “Słoneczna Polana”, which unites more than 270 shareholders. The garden has been here for 40 years. – We all protest, because several variants of the proposed bypass in the eastern corridor pass through our territory. This means the abolition of gardens. We do not agree with this and will protest. We have already collected more than 200 applications that we want to submit to GDDKiA after Christmas. Some of our gardeners even wanted to protest in front of the municipal building, but the municipal building has nothing to do with it, because President Grzimovicz says that the city is also against the winding road in the eastern corridor.

“Choosing the eastern option means not only the abolition of our lands, but also the cutting down of much of the Urban Forest, Europe’s largest urban forest,” President Zmudchinsky added. – What about the animals living near the land? There are badgers, longhorns and others. Due to the peasantry, the eastern corridor is probably the most expensive solution. Therefore, we prefer the western version of the detour.

If the animals could talk, they would probably support the president of Słoneczna Polana and, of course, the dogs and cats in the animal shelter.

“One of the options in the Eastern Corridor is about 50 meters from our fence,” says Anna Baranska, director of the Animal Shelter in Olsztyn. – We may not be afraid of having a shelter, but it would be very difficult for the facility to work. The forest around us is a great treasure of the shelter. Here you can go for a walk with our dog. If the lane is nearby, I don’t know if anyone will want to walk the dog on the expressway. In addition, this is due to the animals themselves, which are already under great stress, because they live in cages when abandoned by their owners. Now they would be exposed to additional traffic noise. I do not know how to access our facility. The bypass would be a big concern for us. Therefore, we pray that GDDKiA chooses the western version.

The decision is until the end of the year

No decision has been made yet. “By the end of the year, we will show the corridor through which the bypass will pass, and then we will start working on the selection of a specific option,” said Carol Gubocki, a spokeswoman for the OLSTIN branch of GDDKiA.

According to the schedule, road workers have until April 30 to comment on the bypass. All of them will go to a designer who will analyze them and maybe take them into account in future design work. GDDKiA, comments and feedback will be collected and presented in a synthetic study to be published on the project website in May.

Preliminary plans were presented by the designers at the first meeting dedicated to the study of the Olstin and Dyvit winding corridor. In both corridors, both Olsztyn and Dywit marked 14 variants of the bypass. Five variants of the Olsztyn bypass and four variants of the Dywit bypass have been designed in the Eastern Corridor. On the other hand, there are three variants of the Olsztyn bypass and two variants of the Dywit bypass in the western corridor. The designers’ analysis, based on traffic forecasts until 2051, shows that the closer the ring road to Olsztyn, the more traffic it will take.

Five communes – the western direction

The five municipalities near Olsztyn jointly supported the western route of the Olsztyn bypass. However, as noted in a letter to GDDKiA, they were surprised to find that the planning materials currently submitted for public discussion did not include the Olsztyn bypass and the Dywit WD3 bypass option on the west side of WO1.

– Meanwhile, the combination of these options, presented at the 1st Technical Meeting on October 19, 2021, was recommended by the municipalities, – we ask for their restoration – appealed to the mayor and mayor.
The Olsch bypass belongs to the accelerated main road class, which means that Olscht will have to bear the cost of road construction within its administrative boundaries. Therefore, the mayor of Olstin first of all asks to change the road class to S and, consequently, to change its technical parameters, because – as he wrote – to work on options for corridors without additional considerations and corridors. This change does not give the city a chance to do so.

The northern winding slogan involves three major investments: Olsztyn’s northern winding road, Dywit’s second and smaller winding road, and most importantly, the reconstruction of road 51 from the bridge over the Vadag River to the crossing over the Vadag River. ul. Along with the expansion of this intersection Sybiraków. According to plans, the Olstin and Dwight Ring Roads should be completed in the second quarter of 2031.

Andrzej Mielnicki

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