Save with Plus. Excellent offers for subscription, card and fiber optic internet started

They are really attractive.

This year, Plus has launched a real attack on fiber-optic Internet offers, its prepaid offer and subscriptions that can be used on this network for 1 zlotys per month for a year. The speed leader in the 5G network, according to independent tests, RFBenchmark has a really strong argument to win the sympathy of many Poles. Why? Let’s take a look.

Plus subscribe to PLN 1, even for 12 months

The first campaign belongs to the Plus subscription and was created with both individual customers and companies in mind. You can use the number by copying it from another operator or buying a new one. It seems to be an ideal solution, especially for families and small businesses. The full amount of the subscription is paid only for the first card. When choosing an offer by phone, you pay 1 PLN per month for the next cards for a year. When choosing a phoneless offer, you pay 1 PLN per month. For a 6-month subscription.

Terms of use of the campaign are not high. For individual customers it is enough to have a telephone subscription for a minimum of 44.90 PLN per month or to buy a new one for a minimum of 55 PLN per month and to choose another subscription for a minimum of 55 PLN per month:

  • with a smartphone – The customer receives 1 PLN subscription for 12 months
  • no smartphone – The customer receives 1 PLN subscription for 6 months

After 12 or 6 months, the customer will pay less than 25 PLN under the smartDOM program and will pay only 30 PLN per month until the end of the contract instead of 55 PLN per month.

The main subscription for companies is a net 39 PLN per month, for which you need to subscribe to 45 PLN per month. After 12 or 6 months, companies will receive a discount of minus 25 PLN under the smartFIRMA program, which will reduce the subscription from 45 PLN to 20 PLN per month.

Among the smartphones dedicated to this proposal, there is no shortage of flagships that can be obtained with 0% installment, including the latest devices of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

Good offer for a refund card

The best prepaid offer? You will probably like the Plus network. People who buy a pre-paid Plus starter can get up to 100 PLN in cash at an ATM. It is enough to spend more than 100 PLN on unlimited packages. Not everything. It is enough to buy any two packages to collect 50 PLN cash. The only requirement is to pay the money by August 31 this year.

plus 2

To take advantage of the campaign:

1. Get a Pre-paid Plus starter and subscribe to the campaign by sending an SMS with the text CASA to the number 80100 until April 30, 2022.
2. Activate any Unlimited package regularly for 30 PLN or 40 PLN.
3. Withdraw cash from ATMs if the amount spent on packages is more than 50 PLN or 100 PLN. You will then receive an SMS code at the ATM and a PIN code that allows you to withdraw cash.

Fast Fiber? Check out the Plus offer

Did you know that Plus offers fiber optic internet? no? Be sure to check out the new offer. 1 Gb / s for 1 PLN per month for a year or 6 months. Sounds good? Of course! The campaign offers the Plus Światłowód service, which is implemented using Netia’s multi-family infrastructure.

plus 0

If you do not have other Plus products, you will be able to use high-speed internet for 1 PLN per month for half a year. If you sign a new contract or pay a current phone subscription for a minimum of 50 PLN per month, you will pay a symbolic PLN per month for a year at a rate of up to 1 Gb / s for Plus Światłowód. Taking into account the PLN, it will be 60 PLN per month.

Not in the coverage of the Netia network? Be quiet. The campaign also covers fiber-optic networks using Inea, Nexera, Tauron and Orange infrastructure. In these cases, the monthly subscription to optical fiber with a speed of 1 Gb / s within the campaign will be 26 PLN per month for 6 or 12 months.

In addition, from March 21 this year, Plus has reduced the subscription fee for all fiber-optic internet speeds offered on networks outside Netia by 10 PLN. It is worth taking this into account in your calculations!

The subscription price includes an additional SIM card with internet router and Plus mobile internet access with 5 GB package. Such equipment and cards are useful during business trips, with friends … and much more.

No matter which offer you choose, you will win – and much more!

Created in collaboration with the Material Plus network

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