Looking for 5G. We are considering offers from operators in Poland

You have a 5G phone, but you do not use this feature because it is very expensive? Change the operator! In this list, we will check where it is profitable to move to use cheap super fast 5G Internet. The submitted proposals are valid from April 8, 2022.

5G mobile internet

High-speed 5G mobile Internet is probably something most of us forget. Well, where is he? Two years ago, it was advertised a lot and boasted. What about? The only thing you can really see is 5G in the specifications of the phones in the stores, because the operators have done nothing to convince the customer to use the new technology, mainly due to the prices of 5G offers. Ba! The prices of 5G offers even scare us, because until recently they were at least twice as expensive as their analogues, only with 4G LTE. And again, there had to be a technological revolution. Virtually unlimited Internet is available in super-fast and even the least urban areas, with conflict-free service for a large number of subscribers in a small area without having to slow down and be cheaper because it is energy efficient and generally. And there is nothing here and it is expensive! In addition, most phones sold with 5G have very poor specifications, often differing significantly from models with only 4G. After all, when LTE 4G was introduced, no one did such circuses. It was just. Well, the new standard is that if you have a 4G phone, you use it. Nothing is beautiful. But when it comes to the fact that operators want to make extra money mainly from new technology and the size of gigabytes of packages in terms of quantity, we get in practice, as in LTE 4G offers, why the customer has to pay an additional fee? Paranoia.

5G transmitter / photo pixabay.com

Anyway, let’s check what the operators offer us. In this review, we will only look at phone offers. Our hypothesis is a customer who is not interested in buying a weak and expensive phone, does not want any restrictions for calls and messages, and has a secure supply of 5G mobile data, ie more than 20 GB.

What’s on Play?

As part of the subscription, we have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. We will pay 60 PLN for 60 GB, 80 PLN for 120 GB and 90 PLN for 150 GB and 200 GB home Internet. In addition, all three offers include Internet TV, ie 40 channels, do not spend a data package to watch in Poland. There is a promotion on Play when shopping online, where we get 3 months free. And this gives us 52.5 PLN for 60 GB, 70 PLN for 120 GB and 80 PLN for 350 GB in the first offer. Of course, there are discounts for additional numbers, depending on whether we get a new number or transfer an old one. The contract is for 24 months.

The prepaid offer also includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. We will pay 35 PLN for 40 GB and 40 PLN for 50 GB at full speed. The condition for receiving such packages is to recharge the phone through the Play24 program. If we fill them with other channels, internet packages are halved. Play deceives the customer by advertising itself as the “Best Prepaid Offer”.

What does Orange offer?

As in Play, we have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in the subscription. In the case of the Internet, there are two options: 60 PLN for 60 GB and 80 PLN for 120 GB. Online shopping in Orange is free for 1 month, and when transferring the number we have an additional 3 months. This gives us 50 60 GB PLN and 66.66 PLN for 120 GB. In addition, as part of the offer, you can choose HBO Max from 25 PLN per month for the first offer and 5 PLN for the second offer. Here, too, the contract is for 24 months.

SMS and MMS on the calling card are unlimited. We will pay 39 PLN for 40 GB and we have unlimited social media applications. The condition is the activation of the campaign Unlimited 5G and Social Pass.

T-Mobile offer

T-Mobile does not write anything about 5G on its website. If they do not write, it means that it does not exist. 😉 At least that’s how I understand it. Their loss. The prepaid Internet offer is similar to that in Orange – for 39 PLN we get 40 GB. However, instead of social programs, we have chosen unlimited streaming programs.

What do we have in Plus?

I recommend it as standard – subscriptions, SMS and MMS and prepaid offers are unlimited. But mobile internet is absurd. Hahahahaha. This is a phenomenon! 35 PLN for 4 GB and 55 PLN for 30 GB! Hello Plus! What is the matter with you? This is a bad joke! The contract, like its predecessors, is 24 months. In case of prepayment, we get 35 GB for 40 PLN, and the use of applications such as Facebook, Messenger and Viber does not download data from the package.

What happens to virtual operators?

Virtual operators also have 5G offerings, and surprisingly, only those who use Plus coverage. So, I included Lajt Mobile, Plush, Premium Mobile, a2mobile and Otvarta in the list. In turn, there is no such thing as Viking Mobile or nju. The first is for Play, the second is for Orange, and both have nothing to do with 5G. I would like to note here that all virtual operators have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with any offer. Therefore, it is more important what conditions are available for mobile internet using the capabilities of the 5G network. What does it look like?

Lajt Mobile

This operator does not have a 5G prepaid offer, but the subscription includes two interesting options. For 24.99 PLN we get 30 GB and for 44.99 PLN we get a big 300 GB! No obligation agreement – as much as you want.


The subscription includes 30 GB for 30 PLN, unlimited selected social media programs and 4 months free for those who transfer the number. After taking into account the discounts, we have 25 PLN for 30 GB. The contract is for 24 months. The terms are similar to the prepaid offer, but the price and the number of gigabytes to be used vary. For 40 PLN we have 20 GB.

Premium Mobile

Premium Mobile does not have a prepaid offer, so we must be satisfied with the subscription. Yes, we will pay 39.70 PLN for a 50 GB package here. We conclude the contract without any obligation, as long as it suits us.


This operator has very clear rules. Well, there is no 5G subscription offer and we will get 50 GB for 44.90 PLN.


In “Open” we can not use prepaid 5G, but we can choose one of three packages as part of the subscription fee. The cheapest is 18.99 PLN and we have 21 GB (unlimited MMS), 29.99 PLN for 31 GB and 49.99 PLN for 300 GB.

Comparison of 5G offer. These prices include discounts from operators after fulfilling the above conditions.

Of course, choosing an offer with 5G is a real challenge

The fact that a new standard is not included in each proposal from each operator further complicates the issue and expands the search. What is the result of all this statement? There is no need to hurry to replace the phone with a phone that supports the new standard. It is also worth looking at the offers of virtual operators. The subscriptions of the best players, as always, pay an average for an individual customer, and the devices they offer are often more expensive than the free market.

In addition, it is worth looking at 5G coverage maps in Poland. Now it seems that T-Mobile has the widest network in Poland with the new technology, then Play follows it very slowly, and finally there is Plus. Undoubtedly, 5G is aimed at customers living in large agglomerations and cities. Rural areas will probably have to wait a little longer. It is possible that the situation will change after June 2022, when the new DVB-T2 terrestrial television standard will be available throughout the country, which will release the additional frequencies allocated for the development of 5G Internet, which we are writing here.

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