Emirates … flew. Millions of dollars in NFT and metaverse flights

Another giant company is introducing NFT and investing in the metaverse market. In addition, Emirates’ new plans cost tens of millions of dollars.

Emirates in Metavers. Even on Web3, fight for the best seats on the plane

An airline based in the United Arab Emirates has announced that it has entered the market for non-exchangeable NFT tokens and metaverse. The company plans to guarantee an amazing experience in metawiverse.

As part of its Emirates Web3 strategy, it continues to liaise with industry partners and recruit talent for its projects. At the moment, it’s hard to say what it will look like – will it be just a flight simulation in the virtual universe, or will it actually allow you to move to another part of the meta-universe? The situation is so complicated to explain that we still do not know how Web3 works in terms of size, location and traffic.

At this point, the metaverse theme in general raises more questions than it answers – however, the idea of ​​Emirates seems quite interesting. There is only the issue of execution, but at the moment there is not enough information to make any assumptions about what will happen.

This is not the first such move by Emirates. Airlines have previously invested in technology solutions

However, it should be noted that for Emirates to enter the metaverse is not to go to an unknown place, but to develop existing technological achievements and skills. For more than five years, the Emirates website and program have provided a three-dimensional 360-degree view of the cabin’s interior. As a result, customers can check their prospects from the seats inside the plane before registering online. Walking around the three-dimensional digital cockpit, we can also choose the most suitable place for us – Emirates has won many awards for this technology.

Last year, Emirates became the first airline to publish its application in the Oculus store for Oculus Quest VR headphones from Meta. This is, in fact, a showcase of the flagship Emirates A380 and Boeing 777-300ER Gamechanger aircraft. In the application based on virtual reality, we are engaged in a truly relaxing, natural measurement and interactive experience from inside the cabin. In addition, users can collect items from the on-board waiting room, open the water in the exclusive shower in the SPA zone or close the door of a private apartment behind, capturing the moment of privacy. The whole cockpit is open to us, so we can freely explore the best planes of the line.

For these reasons, I am confident that if any line enters the metaverse market, Emirates will do its best for its experience. It remains only to wait for more information about the project.

Along with Metaverse, Emirates also joins NFT. The development of the company coincides with the progress of Dubai

Everyone has their own NFT tokens and they have Emirates. The airline has also announced it will invest in tokens that cannot be exchanged on a blockchain basis. Most likely, the metaversion will be useful both purely collector and useful options. The first projects are already being implemented and are expected to open in the coming months.

It should be noted that the development of the Emirate is in line with the progress of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in building a digital economy, including virtual assets, artificial intelligence and the latest technology initiatives in the business environment and everyday consumers. services.

Announcing the news, Emirates also acknowledged that its pavilion at Expo 2020 will become an innovation hub – attracting talent from around the world and focusing on future airline projects – of course, only for new solutions in the form of metaverse or NFT. Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President and CEO of Emirates Group, said:

It is good that our Futuristic Expo pavilion has become a center for the development of best practices based on the vision of the UAE digital economy.

Are you waiting for flights in Metavers, or are you more interested in NFT tokens? Personally, I am most interested in how Emirates achieves its goals and how everything will turn out in practice – but first it would be good if we could easily enter this world of metadata.

Source, photos: Press release

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