Confusion about Dead by Daylight in Hellraiser; all thanks to NFT

October 22, 2021, 2:52 p.m.

Dead by Daylight recently caused a scandal over the Hellraiser Chapter DLC. All this thanks to the cooperation of producers Boss Protocol and Park Avenue Entertainment. As part of this, NFT must be sold along with the content from the supplement.

In short:

  1. Content from DLC Hellraiser Chapter down Dead in daylight To be sold as NFT;
  2. this is the result of Behavior Interactive’s collaboration with Boss Protocol and Park Avenue Entertainment;
  3. the developer, however, denies that he will sell the NFT on his own;
  4. The issue of brand licensing is also under threat.

NFT has been a popular topic lately. This is a very controversial way for various tangible or intangible objects to make money. It also appears in games soon. Now Dead by Daylight and its DLCs are under fire Hellraiser Chapter. Thanks to the message about the sale of the contents of the entire application in the form of the above-mentioned, unchangeable token.

Interactive collaboration with Behavior Boss Protocol and Park Avenue Entertainment

On the official account four days ago Dead in daylight in service Twitter There were reports that the developer of Behavior Interactive had partnered with two companies to create the NFT Boss Protocol and own the rights to the brand. Hellraiser Park Avenue Entertainment. As mentioned, his goal was to adapt the models in the game to the possibility of selling them in the form of an unchangeable token.

Confusion about Dead by Daylight in Hellraiser;  all thanks to NFT - illustration №1
Confusion about Dead by Daylight in Hellraiser;  all thanks to NFT - illustration № 2

Source: Dead by Daylight via Twitter

And about the existence Dead in daylight On Steam?

Recently, the world was informed that Steam has begun to ban games that allow cryptocurrency or NFT exchange (you can read about it here). case Dead in daylight Sales are made through a foreign company and the game itself does not have blockchain technology. The chances of the title being removed from the store are therefore low.

It is important that in addition to the above information, there is a link to the page Boss Protocolwhere we can see the details of the proposal. Indicates that there is 10,000 NFT in the pool. They will guarantee, among other things, access to the DLC Hellraiser Chapter in Dead in daylight Pinhead character model on PC (only selected merchants will get it) and included in the expansion. People who choose to buy will also get non-game content.

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The fans were very critical of the situation. The post on Twitter and Reddit was full of comments that they did not hide their frustration with the Behavioral Interactive attitude. In the second of the above websites, even a special big rope has been created that summarizes the whole situation.

On Steam, however, consider the so-called bombing. Immediately after the announcement of the collaboration, hundreds of negative comments appeared on the card dedicated to the problematic DLC. This phenomenon looks very good in the graph below.

Confusion about Dead by Daylight in Hellraiser;  all thanks to NFT - illustration №3


Uncertain position of Behavior Interactive

Looking at the whole situation on Twitter, it does not help to conclude that Behavior Interactive does not have a clear position in NFT. Prior to the announcement of the partnership with Boss Protocol and Park Avenue Entertainment, an article appeared stating that the creators are not involved in all activities and only leave the content of the game to licensees.

Confusion about Dead by Daylight in Hellraiser;  all thanks to NFT - illustration № 4

Source: Dead by Daylight via Twitter

After all the confusion, there was another entry that emphasized that the studio did not sell NFT and that the game did not have blockchain-based technology.

Confusion about Dead by Daylight in Hellraiser;  all thanks to NFT - illustration № 5

Source: Dead by Daylight via Twitter

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Obviously, an advertisement for the sale of NFT Hellraiser Chapter still hanging between the two posts. This creates a certain inconsistency in the story of the studio. On the one hand, we are trying to cut ourselves off from NFT, and on the other hand, we are working with companies that sell them. However, keep in mind that Behavior Interactive is not licensed, so developers may have no choice but to participate. This can be evidenced, among other things, by the fact that NFT contains content that is not related to it Dead in daylight.

Confusion with the license Hellraiser

It should be noted that Park Avenue Entertainment lost the lawsuit with the creator Hellraiser Clive Barker. As a result, in December, they will lose brand rights. However, the verdict covers only the territory of the United States. But we do not know what it will look like in other countries. So, the company tries to cash it out as soon as possible before losing control over the IP.

One thing is for sure – Behavior Interactive continues to be criticized by fans. Some even call for a boycott of the game. However, the situation is so complicated that it is difficult to judge whether this is the right approach.

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