All eyes are on the transition head. “Girls are afraid of him” Tennis

Iga Świątek has been on the lips of all tennis fans for some time. He made a sensation in six weeks by winning WTA tournaments in Doha, Indian Wells and Miami. Apart from the Grand Slam, no other competitor has won the first three races of the season in the 1,000 most prestigious races of the year. The 20-year-old can now boast of winning 17 games in a row and secured the top spot in the world rankings during his fight in Florida.

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Iga Świątek is excited to perform in Poland. “I want to draw energy from the tribune”

All eyes are on Swiatek

David Kelt captained the Polish national team in the 2018 Fed Cup (now called the Billie Jean King Cup) and appointed Świątek for the first time. The performance of the Roland Garros 2020 winner has been closely followed for a long time.

– In other words, the refrigerator did not hit him. It has not changed in this sense. He undoubtedly developed as a rival – technically, tactically and mentally. In recent tournaments, it has become clear that he is better at coping and controlling emotions. But as a human being, he is still the same. The fact that he is currently number one has not changed him much, and in two years – when he last met for the national team – he was in 50th place – the coach emphasizes.

Previously, Świątek appeared in the national team in February 2020, that is, before the start of his career at a dizzying pace. A year ago, he introduced himself to the Polish audience for the last time in a competition for shares. Zielona felt the nerves of the then 141st young tennis player during the Fed Cup in Gora. Now, three years later, he will play for Radom in a match against Romania to advance to the Billie Jean King Cup final.

– A lot has happened in Iga in the last two years. He beat himself in the largest courts and had to face various situations. However, this speech will be a test for him. When all eyes are on him, he will see how he will cope in front of his audience. When everyone is waiting for him to win. This will no doubt be difficult for him. In addition, it is part of the representation here, says the Celts.

Swiatek returns to the national team. His tennis life turned upside down

According to her, it is still unknown whether the current position in the WTA rankings and the experience gained by the Polish woman is enough to completely eliminate the nerves of the game in the country.

– It will be clear in two days. When it comes to individual tournaments, Iga has made a lot of progress and copes better with emotions. But for two years he did not compete in the national team, and for a long time did not play in front of his audience. So here’s a little question mark. But I believe it will be better. The captain of the whites and reds sums up that he is already quite experienced and has the tools to deal with it.

Take advantage of the fear of your opponents

In an interview with Lukasz Jachimiak, Piotr Wozniacki, Caroline’s father and longtime coach, analyzed the problems surrounding the role of world ranking leader. He also noted that many opponents will now join Switzerland, who are paralyzed for fear of heavy defeat.

– Peter was one hundred percent right and Iga should take advantage of this. She now has a big advantage in the locker room. The girls are afraid of him. He should try to apply his style of play from the beginning to increase this advantage. Take advantage of it and remove all doubts about whether it will be defeated, “said the Celtic.

According to him, it is very difficult and tiring to gain an advantage over the rest of the share, but you can fall off the top very quickly.

– You really have to work to build a position that everyone is afraid of. Reconcile, prove, and affirm over and over again. You lose matches two or three times that you shouldn’t, and that’s a problem. Confidence is lost immediately. At the moment, Iga is in a winning position, but we will see how it continues. I hope it will stay on for as long as possible – he concludes.

Does he consider 20-year-old Świątek a winning car? – For me, he has all the documents to become such a person. When it comes to character, mental side and serious tennis instruments. However, this is just a sport – different things can happen. But Igan’s inclinations and talents are astonishing – he is judging the Polish captain.

The match with the Romanians in Radom will start at 13. Magda Linette will face Irina-Camelia Begu, after whom Świątek and Mihaela Buzarnescu will appear on the court. The end of the competition on Saturday.

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