Ways to get rid of hair from the apartment. No need to leave the dog

Having pets at home is first and foremost a great joy, love and hug, but also an additional task. Hair loss by dogs and cats is completely natural, but it is not suitable for keeping rooms clean. Here are some simple ways to get rid of pet hair. No, you don’t have to take your furry dog ​​out of the house.

Hair piles, sand from a walk, or pieces of mud on the ground? Do you know that well? If so, you probably know how much trouble this little ugly can cause. Hair loss is not only for aesthetic reasons (dark hair on a bright sofa, light hair in a black dress), but also can effectively worsen the well-being of allergy sufferers. There are several ways to get rid of carpets, hard floors, furniture and clothes.

Automatic robots

The automatic robot is one of the most effective allies in the fight against ubiquitous hair. Thanks to the patented DirtDetect ™ technology, IRobot vacuum cleaners easily find dirt everywhere – especially where we would prevent it with a traditional vacuum cleaner. Roomba robots are equipped with dual rubber brushes that can trap dirt on all types of surfaces.

The biggest advantage of these devices is that they do everything for us. Was it dirty? It is clean and there is no need to get off the couch. Thanks to the Roomba i7 + you can forget about cleaning the floor in a few weeks, thanks A clean base station can contain up to 30 dirty containers. Set a schedule that works for you, and use the time you save on cleaning to play with your pet.

Recommended automatic robots can be found here:

Hair holders

If you can’t afford it right now or don’t want to spend more money – washable hair holders will help you get rid of hair in the apartment. These are well-known gadgets that are smart, meaningless to use, and all the rubbish will stick to the sticky surface. To remove piles of hair and dust, simply roll the roll on a sofa, rug or coat. Hair holders differ from popular rolls with adhesive tape – their adhesive surface is enough to wash under running water, which makes them a long-lasting gadget. With their help, you can also clean the walls before painting, collect broken glass from the floor, or renovate dusty curtains and the interior of the car.

Hair holders can be found here:

Vertical vacuum cleaners

The vertical vacuum cleaner will not find fur on the floor, only on your pet. The advantages of these devices can be multiplied and changed in one breath: they are wireless (they are very mobile and maneuverable), have multi-stage filtration (great news for allergy sufferers!), Work quietly (pets will be happy) and last a long time. after a single charge. Some modern models of upright vacuum cleaners, such as the Philips Aqua 5000, not only absorb dirt from the dust container, but also wipe the floor. Can you ask for more from the vacuum cleaner?

Below you will find vertical vacuum cleaners that deal with animal hair:

Washing the balls

Reusable wash balls (called anti-linters) will help you get rid of hair left on your clothes in a simple and very effective way. It is enough to throw the balls in the drum of the washing machine, and their surface, like Velcro, will attract everyone, at least annoying dog or cat hair. The use of anti-lintels is completely safe – rest assured, they will not damage even the most delicate fabrics. Thanks to special balls, you will not only spend extra time to “peel” clean clothes after washing, but also protect the washing machine filter from clogging.

Here you will find anti-clacks:

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